And, Sometimes Life Interrupts Nail Art … Blog Update August 2015

Hi dear readers! It’s been a while. Absent choice, I’ve been kept away from nail art and blogging for far too long – I miss it sooo much!! But, the good news is that I’m still alive, kicking and back! This will be just a quick post, but you can expect to see more soon.

Interested in what’s been going on? Keep reading after the break…

It is not my intention to leave the blog unattended for so long, and yet, when I don’t have any nail art, polish related posts, and/or my life is not that great…I don’t want to drag this blog down with the mundane or negative “stuff” we all have to deal with at times. As you likely noticed, my posts became farther and fewer between during the past winter and then my most recent post was 5 months ago – Gasp!!


So, for those of you that want to know the summary of the bad – here it is (if not, skip this paragraph). Sadly, my physical limitations have worsened of late as a result of my degenerative spine issues. And, adding insult to injury, the other factor in my absence was because of a small, but uncomfortable heart condition. My heart heart rate skyrocketed and I experienced a couple scary series’ of “like-heart-attack-but-not-heart-attack” episodes. Yes, that is the technical term given to me by ER doctors, my Primary doctor and 2 Cardiologists. The good news is that whatever was causing them (most likely the high level of pain that I had been constantly in) has stopped and I’ve been episode free for a couple months now. My heart rate is mostly normal now….except when I longingly gaze at my nail polishes and get too excited to use them again – LOL.

We’ve Moved

On the good news front – Mr. Kimett was relocated for his work to a better position. And, for the past few months, we’ve been readying for the move from Massachusetts to Ohio (about 800 miles for my non-American friends). Phew! It was a whirlwind for sure. My Mom, aka my #1 fan – CurlyGirl66, was able to be with me during the craziness and help make it bearable. (Thank you very much, Mom!!) She even packed my nail polish collection!!

Mr. Kimett found and bought us a house, all while working a new job away from home – and it’s wonderful!! I didn’t see it until last week! It is a single floor home – so I won’t have any issues doing stairs to get to my beloved Kolor Kave any more. Thank you, honey, you are truly the best husband ever!!

Settling In

We moved in to the house just this past weekend. And like I teased on Instagram, my polish room is neck-and-neck with our kitchen as to which area of the house gets unpacked and functional first!! (Yes, I’d rather be using my travel toiletries than unpack those boxes before my nail polish! My priorities are just fine, thank you. LOL) The furniture is situated in my new Kolor Kave. Very soon I am going to unpack the nail polishes, etc. In fact, I just might make my next post about the move as related to nail polish with some pictures – maybe it will help some of you should you need to move a semi-large nail polish & paint collection. 😉

So, to end this wordy post – let me just say:

Till next time,