Halloween 2015 – Bat and Witch Flying in the Red Moon Light

[Clearing Throat] Well…As much as I don’t want to admit it…I guess I may have placed my expectations up just a teeny bit too high when it came to how quickly I would be fully set up in my new Kolor Korner and back to nail art & blogging again. Because, of course, there is no un-packing fairy; there is no easy-button for transplanting one’s life to a new state; and then, there’s general life stuff that gets in the way too. I digress.

This week I was determined not to let Halloween slip by without any nail art and managed to find small windows of opportunities to eek out this design. It was done in stages…

From the time I started it until the time the photos were taken three days had elapsed – but I got it done. And even though it is not to my satisfaction, I’m posting it anyway – reminding myself that it will take a few sessions or so before I work out the kinks and I’m back to the skill level I was at earlier this year.

Design Details

Unlike my usual process, there was no planning or testing for these. I just grabbed Rica‘s red metallic shard polish, Blood of Lilith, and went to town. I don’t think this polish is available on her Etsy shop any longer (sorry), but it might be found in a swap or de-stash sale if you look for it. It reminded me of a glowing red moon and I thought that was a good Halloween image to strive for.

As I mentioned I didn’t have a block of time to complete the whole thing at once – so please ignore the wear showing in the photos. As per usual, more product information is included later in the post; but first, here is a quick rundown of the design process.

The first day, I applied a latex coat to all my nails (in lieu of a peel-off base coat) and then 2 coats of black on all my nails, sealed with top-coat.

During the next day, I sponged the glitter topper on my thumb, index and pinky and a silver chrome on my middle and ring fingers. To smooth out the glitters, I added a couple coats of Gelous over the glitter.

Finally on the third day I added the stamping – red moon, red witch and black bat. After a few pictures were taken, I added a matte topcoat.

I wanted to go outside and get some shade photos – and apparently squooshed my index nail getting out there (didn’t even notice until uploading the picture – woops!). Maybe you didn’t notice either…?

Of the choices I had in my stamping plate stash, I liked this image of the witch as it was edgy which I thought went best with the whole look.

Polish Palette

  • peel-off base coat and skin protector: Purple Nurple by So Much Goodness
  • black creme polish: Black Expressionism by Finger Paints
  • red glitter polish: Blood of Lilith by Rica
  • glitter food: Gelous by American Classics (not pictured)
  • silver chrome polish: Platinum Silver by China Glaze
  • black stamping polish: regular black by Konad
  • red stamping polish: #32 Reddish by Mundo De Unas
  • top coat: Rapid Dry by OPI (not pictured)
  • matte top coat: Matte Top Coat by OPI
  • moon stamping image: stamp plate VL013 by Vivid Lacquer
  • bat and witch stamping images: stamp plate EJB-04 by Ejiubas


Inspiration Source(s)

This image was roughly the basis of the design idea I was after (found on Giphy.com)



Happy Halloween!!!

Do you have anything planned for Halloween? I have company coming for the weekend – yay!! (Hence, I am rushing to post this today…) Do you plan to do anything spooky or holiday-like with your nails this year?

Till next time,