Grey and Pink – Argyle Sweater Outfit

Hello gals & guys! How are you today? It’s brutally cold here in Ohio today, so it’s a good thing I have a sweater on (some of) my nails – LOL.

I’m excited to share this post with you! It’s my first nail art post of the year…AND it’s my first time joining a fabulous Facebook bi-weekly challenge group – When Colours Collide (all the details included in this post – keep reading!).

KimettKolor #whencolourscollide grey pink nail art
Indoor window light and flash, glossy top coat

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a big and long-time fan of Marta of ChitChatNails. She cleverly coined the Skittlette design (two different accent nails) and posted the best how-to posts here and here. (EDIT Feb-2017: Marta is no longer blogging, links removed from this post.)  For this design, I used her analogy of dressing your nails literally. I pictured a fashionable person (aka, NOT me) wearing beautiful modern grey woolen pants, a pink silky blouse and a fabulous grey and pink fuzzy argyle sweater.

KimettKolor whencolourscollide grey pink nail art
Indoor window and flash light, matte top coat

Can you envision the outfit?

The Challenge

As I eluded to earlier, the first inspiration point was a result of being invited to join a fun Facebook challenge group by the very sweet and talented Mary, aka DreamyMM on IG and online. Remember wearing yellow for Seth – she invited me then too. 😉

When Colours Collide hosts bi-weekly color themed challenges – the most recent being Grey and Pink. It is a inspiring and supportive group run by terrific admins. On Monday they announce the colors and give the participants 2 weeks to post their entry within the Facebook group (only). Then, 2 weeks later, these fantastic collages are created and posted. I can now say, the participants are waiting ever so patiently (like waiting to eat the chocolates you know are hidden in the cabinet for Valentine’s Day…) for this final reveal!

Here are the 3 collages from this go round – 66 fantastic designs in all!!

Pretty cool – eh? Did you find mine?

It was fun and I’m very hopeful to keep participating in as many as I can. Colors are very inspirational to me (duh! I named my blog with them…oh, yeah, spelling – my blogger dictionary has 3 entries: colors, kolors, and now, colours.)

If you’re on Facebook and like to paint your nails – this is a great group for all skill levels! You can find them by typing When Colours Collide in the search, or ask me to invite you. They re-post everything on their Instagram account too @whencoloursollide (after the big collages are revealed, of course). They have a hashtag to follow as well: #whencolourscollide.

KimettKolor Vivid Lacquer stamping grey pink nail art
Indoor window and flash light, glossy top coat

Mantra Time

Last year, I had tried stamping over a textured polish and failed miserably. This was my second attempt – and, well, it was better. I found that I needed to go slower, but due to high pain my hands were very shaky that day – so they’re not perfect.

“Done is better than perfect.” ~ The Nailasaurus

I have so much ground to cover to get back to a comfort level with my nail art and photography due to time without and a new set-up for my pictures…so I’m frequently chanting Sammy’s mantra above. It’s still with me after 2 years.

Outdoor indirect sun setting light; matte top coat


While wandering my yard taking pictures of my hand, scaring neighbors, I snapped this pretty cloud picture just before the sun set.


Design Details

Polish Palette

  • basecoat: (not pictured) Beauty Secrets Base Coat by Sally Beauty Supply
  • grey crelly with glitter: Turbulence by KBShimmer
  • pearlescent pink: Exceptionally Gifted by China Glaze
  • textured glitter pink: Shell We Dance? by China Glaze
  • stamping grey: #34 Dark Grey by Mundo de Unas
  • glossy top coat: Glossy Glam by Rica
  • matte top coat: Matte Top Coat by OPI
  • skin protector: Purple Nurple by So.Much.Goodness
  • stamp plate: VL 010 by Vivid Lacquer
  • stamper: XL Gold Stamper by FAB UR NAILS

Steps I took:

  1. Applied base coat to all nails.
  2. Turbulence on thumb & pinky
  3. Exceptionally Gifted to ring
  4. Shell We Dance? to index & middle
  5. Applied Purple Nurple (liquid latex) around index & middle
  6. Stamped the argyle pattern from VL 010 with #34 Dark Grey using XL Gold Stamper
  7. Peeled off Purple Nurple with tweezers
  8. Cleaned up with acetone and Jolie blue clean-up brush (not pictured)
  9. Applied glossy top coat to thumb, ring & pinky
  10. Took some photos
  11. Applied matte top coat to thumb, ring & pinky


  • I did not topcoat the textured/stamped nails for these photos. Therefore, the image only lasted a few hours before the stamping started to come off (from using my hands, not because of defective polish). If you want it to last, you can apply topcoat (you just lose the textured feeling).
  • At the time of posting this, Vivid Lacquer shop (Anni) is on break. Her Etsy page says she will be re-opening. EDIT JUN 2019: Shop has since been closed permanently.

Inspiration Source(s):

Well….I think I already covered this section previously in the post. The awesome When Colours Collide group. Grey and Pink!!

One more photo for you…recognize this from the third collage?

KimettKolor China Glaze grey pink nail art
Indoor window and flash light, matte top coat

So that’s all for today folks. I hope you’re having a good one. And, if you’re in an area affected by this frigid cold I hope you’re warm!!

Till Next Time,