Welcome 2016!

Happy New Year to all!

By now, 2015 is over and this week was the first full week of the new year. Like so many, I’ve created a few goals for blogging this year; mostly hoping to make up for some lost ground due to such a busy non-nail life last year. I am in no way giving up on this enjoyable and therapeutic hobby!

So – here’s me jumping into the new year…by first taking a look back. This post is not quite as nail-art photo-heavy as last year‘s review; even so, I hope you’ll read on.

Kimett Kolor Welcomes 2016
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2015 Review of Nail Designs

  2015 Nail Designs by KimettKolor.com

Yeah. I posted 4 new designs last year. I guess I went quarterly? Well, some is better than none – right? (Here is where we say “yes” loudly and in sync.) The titles below are links to the posts in case you missed it the first time or want to re-visit. 🙂

  1. Wear Yellow for Seth
    This was such a fun and rewarding collaboration; I’m so glad I was able to join the never ending compassionate and giving ladies in the nail art community. I am proud to have included a stamping decal…these are so fun to do and all the rage now. And, re-reading the post reminded me of a few things to keep in mind as I push to get back into nail art more frequently.
  2. October Opal and Marigold-Theme of the Month
    Phew! This design had a lot of creative energy rolled up into it and I still enjoy looking at it now. If you re-read the post, try not to get stuck in the time warp going on…the design is for October, I completed it in December and posted it in February. Ah, the memories…
  3. Neon and Glitter Excitement
    This post definitely focused on that last word in the title. Following the big move, I couldn’t wait to get more thoughtful polish on my tips – just a step beyond “what bottle to grab today”. I surprised myself with the joy of centering the skittlette on a key polish – something I plan to do again for sure.
  4. Halloween – Bat and Witch Flying in the Red Moon Light
    Again I chose my spotlight polish which is a glitter topper. And, it felt good to be stamping again. Also, enjoyed getting raised eyebrows from my new neighbors as I wandered around outside looking for just the right outdoor light and taking pictures of my hand. This might have caused a mother to call her children inside (seriously!).

Often, it all starts with the polish…

© Can Stock Photo Inc. / designfgb

For me, 2015 marked the peak of my nail polish collecting savvy. Four plus years ago, like so many new to the nail art world, I started by buying in the so-called traditional way – physically purchase in a store. Drugstores, department store beauty departments, and Sally’s Beauty stores was my progression. And I bought feverishly and often impulsively. I also won an entire collection of China Glaze in a giveaway – that was just surreal! Then over the years of reading blogs and questioning how many bright medium pink polishes would be enough…I ventured into online buying inching my way toward the stockists of not only international brands, but the beloved and revered Indie polishes.


This past year I devoted my purchases to almost entirely Indie polishes. These folks, by and large, do some amazing magic with colorful chemistry. And, I’ve found this leads to a more personal (duh! I know) connection with the process of choosing and collecting. I enjoy reading, researching, and list writing. There are so many ways to learn about Indie polishes and their makers now. So I’ve approached the collecting of polishes with more relaxation than I did in my earlier days. I know that might sound odd as many think of Indie polish buying as the frenzied fight at the online shopping cart at the precise moment the maker stocks her or his shop. But – I’ve found that even if I miss one or two here, most of the rare beauties are available when I’m ready to buy.

And, in case you thought I was eluding to less purchases – hah! Not exactly. I’m still in the running as a NPA: Nail Polish Addict. No, I’m not in denial. I’m not.

KimettKolor.com swatching new nail polishes
All the polishes purchased before, during and after our move – finally all swatched and ready to put away.

The Stats

I finished the year’s purchases coincidentally marking exactly 500 polishes (not including the top coats, base coats, etc.). If you are at all interested in checking out the contents of my collection, here’s a link to the list. And here’s a little bit of trivia about my stash’s current state:

  • 58% Commercial Brands
  • 42% Indie Brands
  • My collection has 13 polishes made by Lucky 13 Lacquers
  • Of the 81 brands, only 5 letters of the alphabet aren’t in the first letter (Q, T, U, X, and Y)
  • 5 Polishes have names of women in my family, 2 polishes are nicknames for me, and 2 polishes are pets’ names from the past.
KimettKolor nail polish collection wordcloud
The 81 brands represented in my nail polish stash. Size of lettering in relation to quantity owned.

Um, yes, I have lots o’ polishing to do! So many polishes – all very beautiful!! Also, new stamping plates and stampers, some new brushes — yay!! Anything you’re looking to see? I would love to have requests!

Welcome, 2016!

Last year included some physical lows, but also some very exciting life highs. Mr. Kimett was rightly recognized for his professional value and given the opportunity to branch out in his industry. This meant a whirlwind move to a new area of the country. I don’t think we’re alone in facing the fact that the older you are, the more moving becomes a bigger and bigger deal. Fortunately, we welcome change! Except from moving farther away from family, it has been a positive experience (even though it took away from nail art & blogging…grumble, grumble).

So, what to expect in this up coming year? I am extremely devoted to fitting more nail art into my days than has been. I need it. Among updating my blog template and catching up with others’ blogs, I am pushing to upload 50 posts this year. Optimistically I will be pleased as punch if I do it, but realistically it is not a promise or pressure. When all is said and done, the biggest and most important thing is to have fun! If I do that, I’ll be a very happy Kimett.

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It can never be said too often that I’m so thankful for all of you who have been with me over these few years. Your comments, likes, encouragement & support have been invaluable!!! It is with immeasurable sincerity that I wish you and all you love a terrific and colorful Happy New Year!!!

Till next time,