Kolorful Skittle Nails with Heart Tips – with Pictorial

As the month of L-O-V-E comes to an end, I have just one question for you. Do you like hearts? I do! I know it’s girly and maybe immature, but I can’t help myself. I do! And, what a better way to show some hearts than with lots of Kolor!!

Many folks subscribe to the idea that we don’t need a specific day or month to show our loved ones some extra attention – and I agree. However, it sure is a fun excuse for a Valentine’s Day nail art challenge! Here is the design that I painted for the Facebook group centered around love for the awesome Indie brand, Polish My Life.

KimettKolor Heart-Tips Skittle Nail Art

Lots of #livelovepml in the photos and details that follow!

In planning the design, I wanted to go relatively simple to show off some of Shaneka’s famous creme polishes. When searching Pinterest, I was reminded of this design by The Crafty Ninja done three years ago and my design idea was formed.

KimettKolor Heart-Tips Skittle Nail Art
Bottle shown: Le Top Coat, which of course I used.

Remember my last post when I said fuss-free undies are a must? I mentioned that if you’re in need, you should get this Bare Undies Collection. Well, I’m going to edit my statement now.

[Enabler Alert]

If you want any polish that goes on superbly with no need for clean-up (and looks fantastic of course), then you should buy ALL the Polish My Life polishes!! After my recent undie crisis and subsequent purchase, I now own 22 and I need more… 😉

KimettKolor Heart-Tips Skittle Nail Art
Instagram share of #nailartinprogress

NO CLEAN UP!! Not even around the cuticle line!
The polish goes and stays right where you put it. Amazing!

So yes, I started with applying various coats of these five polishes:

Thumb: Blueberry Breezer
Index: Kiwi Coolata
Middle: Watermelon Waves
Ring: Mango Tango
Pinky: Breakfast on Fifth

I am NOT good at applying polish to my nails. I struggle to get the coats even and apply the polish close to my cuticle line. So, take my word – if you struggle too – get some of PML polishes STAT.

OK, back to the nail art design. I was going to use striping tape, just like my inspiration (mentioned above) did with her mani. But…I got a wild hair and decided I wanted to play with my nail art brushes. Because, heck, if I could apply the polish this well to my whole nail, then I could do the art by hand too! So bold, I was!

KimettKolor Heart-Tips Skittle Nail Art
Black polish used for tips and heart is Commando

Aside from a few woopsies with my shaky hands, I think they came out pretty darn good. If I don’t say so myself. The woopsies were really only visible in these close-up photos anyway. 😉 I was twirling my fingers around enjoying the look for days.

Oh – I made a pictorial step-by-step too! (Excuse the different/weird lighting – outside there was every kind of weather while I made these, including snow, cloudy, sunshine and dark sky with thunder!!)

KimettKolor Heart-Tips Skittle Nail Art
Four-Step Heart Tip Skittle Nail Art
  1. Base coat. Apply color polish to each nail. I chose a skittle design with 5 different colors, but you could use any polish or combination you like.
  2. I used a striping brush to mark 3 spots on each nail – marking the points of the outline of the V. Then using that same striping brush I painted the outlines.
  3. Then I used the polish brush to fill in the rest of the tips. I used black polish, but any opaque polish will work for other looks. If the polish you’re using doesn’t have as awesome of brush and polish formula, you may want to use a nail art brush for more control.
  4. Taking a dotting tool, I made two dots so that they touched and aligned centered over the point of the V. To complete the hearts, I used a detail brush. Wait for it all to dry. Top coat.


KimettKolor Heart-Tips Skittle Nail Art
That’s a container of PML Perfectly Paired Hand & Cuticle Cream under my thumb.
I just got it and can’t wait to try it for real, not just as a photo prop. 🙂

I worked my way from thumb to pinky. Started out strong…fairly straight edges…but as my body tired I got a little wobbly. Plus my darn nails have such deep curves that by the time I got to my pinky…well, it was harder. (Not surprisingly, I don’t think I have any good hand-model genes in my family…) Everything aside, it was fun to get reacquainted with my nail art brushes.

KimettKolor Heart-Tips Skittle Nail Art
I know, the hearts are updside down…
I haven’t mastered standing on my head while taking pictures…yet….

This design received Mr. Kimett’s hearty approval (hee, hee). I think he prefers designs with crisp lines over the abstract blending like I did last time. I will admit, they really did make a statement. What do you think of them? Would you try this design?

KimettKolor Heart-Tips Skittle Nail Art
See those curvy nails!! Told ya’.


Polish My Life Info:

Website: www.polishmylife.com
Facebook: PolishMyLife
Instagram: @polishmylife

I hope you’ll check this brand out if you’re in need (or want, or just cuz I said so). Coming up in March, they are launching a new line of birthstone inspired monthly duo’s. Each quarter will feature 6 new polishes (3 cremes and 3 holo’s)!! Blogger swatches are starting to post and Shaneka posted some on IG today.

When you become a PolishMyLife “addict” like me, consider joining Peace & Love, Polish My Life Facebook group for the inside skinny on anything and everything PML.

I’ll leave you with some more photos including these beautiful polish bottles….I just can’t get enough of all this KOLOR!!


KimettKolor Heart-Tips Skittle Nail Art


KimettKolor Heart-Tips Skittle Nail Art


Also, worth mentioning again. I don’t always gush this much about polish brands, but like in my last post, I just had to! Everything has been purchased by me and this post was not done as a PR review or solicited in any way.

Thanks for visiting today!!

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