Neon Jelly Dry Brush – featuring Doctor Lacquer Kaleidoscope World Neon Jelly Polishes

Hi all!
I probably shouldn’t be working on this post right now as my head is stuffy & achy (as is the rest of me) – so I’m a bit of a dim bulb right now…

However, these nails inject lots of brightness, that’s for sure!!
I believe the doctor, aka Angelyn of Doctor Lacquer, has prescribed just the right cure!!

#whencolourscollide purple_organge_pink nail art KimettKolor

Now, if your eyes aren’t too seared by the blinding beauty (LOL), I hope you’ll read on for all the fun details, polish & challenge info, and MORE photos. Maybe….grab your sunglasses? 😉

The challenge

I made this design as an entry to what is fast becoming my favorite nail challenge of all time – #WhenColoursCollide. My dear readers, you already know my love for colors so the theme of this bi-weekly challenge is incredibly inspiring for me. Sadly, I missed out on the last one (someday I might still do what I had planned for Purple & Green)…and this one was a quickie.

#whencolourscollide purple_organge_pink nail art KimettKolor
My photo entry to the group’s collage. Bottle shown is Betalain.

The admins of this group set this challenge’s colors: Purple, Orange & Pink. What a fantastic and nice focus for those of us enduring an extremely cold patch of weather. Having these bright and fun nails has provided a bit of warmth, even if just to my eyes these last few days.

Challenge Info:

  • Facebook group: When Colours Collide
  • Fantastic, hard-working admins and terrifically supportive members
  • If you’re interested in joining, please read the group’s rules to make sure it’s right for you
  • Follow the talented participants and see the entries twice a month on their Instagram page: @whencolourscollide 
#whencolourcollides collage orange_purple_pink
Just look at all that wonderful nail art!! Can you find me?


KimettKolor Neon Dry Marble Nail Art with Doctor Lacquer

Design Details

I’ve done one other dry-brush design with patriotic colors (seen here), but this was even more fun because I was using jelly polishes rather than opaque ones. I wasn’t successful in getting a cohesive look with all five nails, but….they’re still interesting – right?!

KimettKolor Neon Dry Marble Nail Art with Doctor Lacquer
In-progress cell phone picture

As I mentioned in a previous post this year, I am happily embracing, and hoarding even, the Indie polishes almost exclusively over those of store and salon brands. This was cemented in my head when I foolishly used OPI’s Alpine Snow as my white base. OPI has some great polishes, no doubt, but I’m going to grab a different white that isn’t as streaky and difficult to work with next time. (It’s not THAT bad, I just prefer my undies in polish life to be the same as in real life – no fuss, no muss.)

**If you’re looking for an Indie recommendation: Polish My Life has both white and off-white (as well as black) award-winnning creme polishes!! In fact, there is a bundle just for us nail artists: appropriately named the Bare Undies Collection.

KimettKolor Neon Dry Marble Nail Art with Doctor Lacquer
Bottle shown: Purple Nurple

Oh – that purple stuff around my nails (two photos up), that was my next step. It is Purple Nurple by So Much Goodness – a latex barrier to aid with clean-up. After drying, it peels up taking all the errant polish away from the skin area with it! Genius idea that is taking over the nail art world by storm.

I used the polish bottle brushes and a small fan brush to apply the colors. Per the dry brush method, I would wipe the brushes so that only a little polish was left (although, a varying amount is a better description of my actual execution here, hence the different looks especially on my pinky). I think I should have rotated/applied the colors three times to each nail for better photo coverage. (I only repeated the application rotations twice here.)

KimettKolor Neon Dry Marble Nail Art with Doctor Lacquer
Look at those gorgeous bottles of neon jelly delight!!

Product Pick

Speaking of Indie awesomeness – one of the brands I have recently and very happily tried is Doctor Lacquer. First, please know I am not paid or were sent these polishes – I only speak from my personal experiences. (If I ever do receive polish or have an affiliation of any kind, I will note that at the end of my posts.)

I’m wanting to spend extra words boasting for this brand because I asked for and received extra customer service with my first order to which I am extremely grateful and super impressed. And…of course, most importantly, the polishes are amazing! Great formula, color, bottles, etc.!! The Doctor Lacquer IS the best medicine. 🙂

Doctor Lacquer Info:

  • Website/store:
  • Secondary purchase site: Etsy store
  • Instagram page: @doctorlacquer 
  • Facebook page: Doctor Lacquer 

EDIT 6/24/19: It looks like this brand is not coming back as previously indicated…

KimettKolor Neon Dry Marble Nail Art with Doctor Lacquer
Bottle shown: Annatto

Doctor Lacquer’s Kaleidoscope World collection includes eight colors – in BOTH jelly or holographic formulas – as well as a reflective silver and glitter topper to complement these fantastic polishes. (Eighteen glorious bottles in all. They can also be purchased in smaller groups or individually.) Thinking about it after the fact, I wish I had used a silver polish for my undies….that’s OK – another fun entry on my To Polish List!!

KimettKolor Neon Dry Marble Nail Art with Doctor Lacquer
Bottle shown: Lycopene

Parting Thoughts

I’m looking forward to playing with all of my Doctor Lacquer jellies. The formula is not only great for painting the whole nail (I tested on my other hand), but they are perfect for nail art. Lead lighting with these is going to be awesome!!

KimettKolor Neon Dry Marble Nail Art with Doctor Lacquer
Happy belated Valentine’s Day from me and this cute little rubber ducky-unicorn!!

 Although I didn’t feel my nails were quite finished – I had planned on stamping and/or decorating them a bit more…sometimes it’s fun to have the lesser option and just enjoy it. What do you think of these? Would you wear them alone? Or would you need to stamp over them?

KimettKolor Neon Dry Marble Nail Art with Doctor Lacquer

Thanks for reading!!

Till next time,

Oh – and PS – I incorporated all of the details into the body of the post, unlike my previous posts where I list the polishes and supplies used at the end (examples here and here). Do you have a preference? Should I do both?