Pink Spring

Here in the US, Memorial Day is just around the corner, reminding me I had a Spring color scheme in mind for nails. Fortunately, I was able to bring to it to fruition before the Summer season gets kicked off. Soon enough the really hot weather will be here…but for today, it’s still Spring on Kimett Kolor! 🙂

Kimett Kolor Nail Art Abstract Floral Spring Glitter
Abstract Flowers and Glitter Explosion

This skittlette is feminine and soft – a contrast to my most recent posts. It’s nice to “go girly” from time to time. 😉

Kimett Kolor Nail Art Abstract Floral Spring Glitter
The glitter topper was my focus for this design. Look at that sparkle!

I know I sound like a broken record, but it really is a blast to be able to express different emotions and feelings through nail art. In many ways it is so much more personal than with clothing or jewelry or hair styles or make-up. Mostly because it is something unique each time it is created. Further, unlike hand-crafted jewelry or clothes – nail art has a short and finite life. Getting to record each of these designs in this blog gives me a wonderful sense of satisfaction. Hopefully, I keep it enjoyable enough for you as well!

Kimett Kolor Nail Art Abstract Floral Spring Glitter
Speaking of hand-crafted clothing; this kitted-just-for-me wrap made for a great prop before it is tucked away during the warmer weather.

Do you do a major clothing/bedding switch for the seasons? For me it’s just a matter of rearranging really. Mostly I just hang the real heavy winter coats in another closet. Otherwise, I’m pretty much an all year round girl. This skin isn’t made for shorts & tank tops! 🙂 LOL

Anyway – back to the nails…

Kimett Kolor Nail Art Abstract Floral Spring Glitter
Beautiful outdoor morning light! Check out the reflection of the skyline in the bottle.

I started by painting this pretty muted pink creme on my thumb and index. Then, I used a pale pink for the middle and ring fingers as a base under the glitter topper. And, for the pinky I used a very pale pink (it looks almost white in the photos) that has a very subtle amount of very teeny tiny glitters – that are extremely camera shy.

Kimett Kolor Nail Art Abstract Floral Spring Glitter
Depending on the light and angles, you can see the complexity of this glitter topper. It has specks and shards, golden flakies, holographic glitters, white satin squares and pink reflective hexes.

Lastly, I added some flower-like shapes using dotting tools and filling in the centers with a gold holographic polish. I was ambivalent with the result. One moment I look at them and like them, the next moment I’m not at all happy with them.

Once again, a bunch of my wonderful nail friends on social media had positive reactions and that helped me to enjoy these despite my conflicted feelings. I am truly grateful to have stumbled upon such a fantastic group of ladies (and a few men too!).

Thanks to some insomnia…I had finished these nails just before sunrise. After
shooting them in my Kolor Korner “studio”, I had a lovely morning stroll
around my yard…finding flowers that fit the color / design theme for


Kimett Kolor Nail Art Abstract Floral Spring Glitter
You’ve heard of people or pets photo-bombing the picture? Well…these flowers are photo-bombing my nail pictures. Or is it the other way around?

The previous owner of our house was a master gardener and she filled every nook and cranny around the house and yard with beds and beds of amazing flowers, bushes and ornamental trees. Luckily for me, most of the plants are thriving despite the lack of her daily attention. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to maintain her professional level – so I’m making sure to enjoy every moment of our first year here.

One of the plants I will definitely be keeping is the lilac bush (top right photo) – it is a Kim Lilac bush! It’s very petite and fragrant. Don’t the flowers just go perfectly with my nails!? I’m excited to have gotten this picture as this was really the last hurrah and the only flower bud that hadn’t started fading.

Design Details


Shown here are the main items used for this design.


I hope you enjoyed your visit today. Get ready for some major WOW factor coming up!!

Till next time,