Rainbow Watermarble Skittle Fun

Hey there. Is this screen taken?

Kimett Kolor News Flash! It’s official. I completely turn into a frenzied child when I attempt watermarble nails. And, with a new (to me) tool – it seems there’s no getting me to focus! (Even my cameras had a hard time…LOL.)

Kimett Kolor Neon Water Marble Nail Art
I present to you – a very much unplanned all-out colorful and flawed rainbow watermarble design!

I wasn’t going to post this design, but the lovely women of Instagram reacted so well to these that they changed my mind. (Although, I did use a picture that was shot in soft focus…that might have been the trick…*wink*)

So, here goes – prepare yourself for lots of neon color swirling around with no particular structure or destination in mind…


This lovely collage was created for the group by Mary Mich of Dreamy MM

Sing along with me…

Why are there so many
Songs about rainbows?
And what’s on the other side
Rainbows have visions
And only illusions
Rainbows have nothing to hide
So we’ve been told
And some choose to believe it
I know they’re wrong wait and see
Someday we’ll find it
The rainbow connection
The lovers, the dreamers and me

~The Rainbow Connection, Muppets

I was a big-time Muppet fan in my youth. (Yes, I used the word was…are you arguing with me?) So, after being invited into another Facebook group, Dressed Up In Polish, I jumped (hopped?) at the chance to participate in their Rainbow theme collaboration. This song has been in my head ever since…thank you Kermit.

Seriously though, everyone did a great job in this collaboration. Being new, this group is still
fairly small. However, I have a feeling, there will be many more
in next month’s Dressed Up In Polish twin-mani themed collage!!

Such a fun excuse to get out all the colors of the rainbow and wear them all at once!

Kimett Kolor Neon Water Marble Nail Art
Bottle polish shown is Plutonium (Can you see the pink shimmer peeking out of the bottle under my middle nail?)

Perfect timing too – because I recently took advantage of a special priced pre-sale of some very cool and unique neons by Native War Paints. One of their newer neon collections is called “Dirty Neons” and they are not your typical primary solid neon. Instead they are a more secondary color based neon with contrasting shimmer in each one. They’re vibrant, but in their own way. That spoke to me (and my wallet).

Because I didn’t expect to post these, I didn’t take the extra time to really capture these beautiful polishes properly. I’m sorry. I’ll just have to subject you to them again!! Yay!!

I used all six colors in each of my watermarble designs. (Note: I just didn’t always get all six in the patterns on my nails.) The colors are Radioactive, Nuclear, Fallout, Uranium, Plutonium, and Atomic. They all are show-stoppers! Everyone should own them all, but they can be purchased separately.

Kimett Kolor Neon Water Marble Nail Art
Taken with artificial lighting and flash (bottle colors are a bit warmer than in real life)

These polishes were made with watermarbling in mind, so someone as rusty and un-skilled as me still got really pretty patterns spread out in the water!! Oh, and that tool I mentioned – it is a watermarble tool that I got from the online store What’s Up Nails (Item: Pure Color No. 7). It has the handle of a nail art brush, but instead of a brush it has a long metal end graduating to a very small point. This is perfect for poking and prodding the colors into designs (much better than a toothpick or needle stuck into a pencil eraser). Pictured in my product shot below.

Kimett Kolor Neon Water Marble Nail Art
This is the picture I posted on Instagram – the defects are less visible on our phones….

Background: It’s been 21 months since I attempted to watermarble. And, that one really was an utter fail. So much so, that I stamped over it immediately. Technically, the only real watermarble posted on Kimett Kolor previously is this one. In it I used pastel wintry colors. Although the colors are opposite, my results were similarly unruly. I had actually sought out tutorials and advice (see the post for great links). Hmmmm….will Kimett ever be able to control herself and create a “real” watermarble design?



Kimett Kolor Neon Water Marble Nail Art
An early Summertime watermarble!!

Interesting to note – for the most part, I used to polish and decorate in order of pinky to thumb. But somewhere along the line, I seem to have reversed that order. Do you think it matters? What’s your method?

Design Details

You know that the truth of the matter is I didn’t have any self-control;
but I’m once again calling these watermarbles a skittle mani (where each nail is different), as
if it was done on purpose.

My thumb was 99% disastrous – but only because I didn’t leave myself enough room at the edge of the glass with the pattern I wanted. Still not, awful for my first attempt. But…I didn’t take a picture since it wasn’t pretty – so you’ll just have to imagine a gunky mess at the top surrounded by bare white nail base.

Kimett Kolor Neon Water Marble Nail Art
Top left – Index                                 Top right – Middle
Bottom left – Ring                             Bottom right – Pinky

My index nail’s colors look a bit more muted than the rest and that’s because I dipped the finger into the pattern made right after I took my thumb out. Yup, I couldn’t control myself. I know, I’m supposed to clean up all the polish and start again….but it was so pretty! I do really like the pattern I got though.

The middle nail’s marble is OK. I used a swirly pattern instead of a concentric one. The result wasn’t that great, but still fun. The pattern and directionality are cool, I just didn’t get even coverage.

Now the ring nail – I’m getting the groove. Sort of. I tried out a “stripe” pattern and found it is less difficult than I imagined – although I’ve got lots of practice to get it done better. And I missed the red color in the placement.

And finally – my pinky nail – is almost Awesome! It’s a little closer to the more standard watermarble pattern. I got nice vibrant colors and interesting variations in stripes, some swoosh and I didn’t hit the edge of the glass or other things to ruin the image. Woohoo!!

Kimett Kolor Neon Water Marble Nail Art
No special posing needed – these were so fun to wear!!

So, since I spent the time to do the nails, and at least these four were “acceptable”, I quickly took some pictures and submitted my entry with minutes to spare for the Rainbow Collaboration. The group is very welcoming and supportive, I didn’t want to not send in a design and I knew I wouldn’t be picked on for my lack of perfection. Thank you ladies!


Products Used


Kimett Kolor Neon Water Marble Nail Art
Products used (sans room-temp bottled water)


Confession: I only remembered to take the time to put the latex barrier on my finger before starting the watermarble twice. So, I can tell you that as vibrant as these polishes are, they clean-up off your skin very well and with little difficulty. If you were on the fence about getting these…You’re welcome.


Kimett Kolor Neon Water Marble Nail Art
Last one…

Well, it almost feels like a crime to say I learned a lot because I had so much fun. I am definitely NOT going to wait long before doing watermarbling again! And, I will try to do a better job of making a coherent design without all the bang-ups. As it turns out, these were just too colorful to not see the light of day on the blog.

And, thank you to all of the wonderfully supportive ladies out there who follow, like and especially leave me terrifically boosting comments on Instagram!!! I wouldn’t have done this post otherwise. You ladies rock!!

Now, dear readers, if you wan to leave me nice complements below – I wouldn’t be opposed to that either… 🙂 Seriously though – any comments (even critical ones) and questions are welcome!!

Till Next Time,