Inspired by Cassis – Retro Geometrics Using Pueen Love Elements Stamping

With all the obstacles and negativity in the world, it is very reassuring to find a place that feels safe and supportive. In today’s times this can be as important in the virtual world as it is in the physical one.

For me, the nail art community has been almost entirely a loving and encouraging place. As in any grouping of people, there are always the exceptions, but I’m finding more and more positive connections available every day.

KimettKolor Cassis Retro Geometric Nail Art
My recreation for #inspiredbycassis

This post is part of a worldwide “Thinking of You” collaboration that I was fortunate to participate in. I will share more of the details of how this came to be and you’ll see it very much relates to my opening statements above.

First; the reveal! These nails are a recreation of the incredibly talented Cassis. She is well known in the nail art world – especially to those of us who do stamping.  She created this design a few months back and I wanted to give it a try. This collaboration was the spark I needed to actually do it.

I hope you’ll check out the whole post – there’s lots of good info, more pictures, and of course – the links to Cassis’ original design and tutorial!

You can tell right off when looking at this fabulous collage that there is a lot of love (and talent) here!


Some Background Info:

First, this collaboration came to being because of a generous gal named Amy. She created a Facebook Group – Nails of Instagram a little while ago. Here is part of her description of the group:

“This group is intended to post your nail images and anything else
you may find interesting relating to the nail art world! Ask and share
your expertise but most importantly support each other! I do ask that we
all follow each other on Instagram as this is how we will all grow our

From time to time, please share each others work to
your personal Instagram account as we all have different audiences – the
more we get our work out there the better and sharing is caring! Also,
please help me promote this group, share the page and add your friends –
the more the merrier! Only add people you think will enjoy being apart
of the group.”

Amy can be found on Instagram as @amylouise2882.

Since it’s inception, the group and its members have been really very forthcoming, sharing introductions about themselves and helping to support and promote each other. Amy also started a #nailartistappreciation movement as a way to help us all share each others work on Instagram. I’m not sure that Amy will ever be Thanked enough for sparking the positivity that has already infected many of us.


Second, this collaboration was the idea of a group member, Ellie Al. Here is her first post that started it all:

“Hi ladies,
When I started on stamping, I watched many YouTubes and
videos. Among those were the videos of a wonderful lady who goes by the
name Cassis_p in IG. I don’t know her
in a personal level but she responded to my questions several times and
helped me learn the basics of stamping. Well, recently I learned that
she is not doing well and has not posted any new mani.
I know many of you get together to celebrate someone’s birthday with your beautiful manies.
I was wondering if you know her or if you wish to join me replicate one of her manies for a collage to possibly cheer her up…”

I just happened to catch this post and there was no doubt I would join. We’re all grateful to you Ellie for doing this. It was really, really special.

Ellie can be found on Instagram as @happy_aries



OK – now, I started following Cassis pretty much right when I joined Instagram…and that led me to her blog and to her YouTube channel. She is very talented and has a unique special style that is beloved by us all. But also, as Ellie says – she has personally supported, helped, encouraged and given to anyone who comes into her path. To me, she has been a loyal follower, terrific with advice and helps promote my blog from hers!! I could go on and on….but I think you’re getting the gist here (I don’t think anything in this post is subtle…LOL).

Cassis can be found on Instagram as @cassis_p
Also, her blog is Nails by Cassis
as well as YouTube channel is Nails by Cassis

THANK YOU to Amy, Ellie and to Cassis!!! 

And, Cassis we hope to see your pretty nails again soon…

Design Details

KimettKolor Cassis Retro Geometric Nail Art
My recreation and my inspiration

I think the best way to start the discussion about this design is to point you in the direction of Cassis’ blog post —> Retro Geometrics Using Pueen Love Elements Stamping

Not only does she describe the process, but has a link to her YouTube video tutorial you can watch while you’re there. Go ahead. I will wait right here.


Oh good, you’re back. Isn’t she just the best!! She is Japanese – but she writes her posts in English as well!! And she lives in Australia – hence look at those lovely tan fingers compared to my pale stubs. I was thrilled that my nails have been cooperating and staying long (for me) so that I could try to capture her design feel.


KimettKolor Cassis Retro Geometric Nail Art
A little behind-the-scenes – you’ll notice I made many more decals than she did – I need to make extras to be prepared for screw-ups! 🙂

I noticed after the fact that my color scheme wasn’t quite as close as I thought it was to hers. Even still, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I don’t think I’ve done a retro color palette like this before.

OK – truth time. Cassis says in her post that this was a quick and easy design – 20 minutes she says! I love her like a sister, but it’s only that fast if you’re as experienced and skilled as her! I’m not complaining at all – just want to warn anyone who gives it a go. If you don’t regularly make nail polish decals….cutting and applying them will take longer.


KimettKolor Cassis Retro Geometric Nail Art
This design is an example of her ingenuity and vision – isn’t it just so cool!!
(OK – hers is better, but still for my skill level, it was really awesome to have these on my nails!!)

One thing that I did differently than Cassis was to try out using a layer of white polish under the layers of color when creating the decals on the mats. (That’s why there are twice as many as even having extras.) While I think it did help the two lighter colors pop more against the black (I didn’t use the white layer under the blue decals) – It made for a messier look at the edge of them. So – if I did it again, I would just use more layers of the lighter/sheerer colors.

Cassis mentions the beauty of a matte topcoat – that it can help hide the flaws!! YUP!! And, I finally got a good coat of matte polish to do what it’s supposed to with this one – it’s the little victories!! Anyway – here is a little video/slide show to show you my design comparing the two finishes:


Music: Everywhere Freesia from Meet Joe Black movie soundtrack

My apologies for the visual quality of this – I’m still very new to making these…but I think you can see the differences anyway.  I have to watch myself – I could spend a week on one design with photos and preparing these posts….so I had to just call this video good enough.

I can’t adequately describe how fancy and sophisticated I felt wearing this design. Cassis really nailed this idea with the patterns and colors. Sometimes I got a wrapping paper vibe, but other times I felt like I had a fancy silk quilt or a very fashionable outfit on me. They were just terrific!!!!


Supplies Used


  • Black polish base on my nails: Black Expressionism by Finger Paints
  • Dusty pink polish: Rue by Zoya
  • Pale yellow polish: Banana Peel by Jessica
  • Dusty pastel blue polish: Electric Beat by China Glaze
  • White polish underneath the decals for pink & yellow: Alpine Snow by OPI
  • Stamping polishes: White and Black by Konad
  • Stamping plate: Pueen36 by PUEEN (The Love Elements collection was originally a set of 25 small round plates. They recently released a set of larger plates with the same designs – that is what Cassis used.)
  • (Not pictured above) Simply Neat mat from Bliss Kiss and matte top-coat by B Squared Lacquer


KimettKolor Cassis Retro Geometric Nail Art
I’m holding my jumbo stamper, it was one of a few I used…kept trying to get the best pick-up off the plate that I could, but I think my Konad polishes are past ready for retirement…

Yes, yes…of course, you were just waiting for pictures with more flowers!!! (I hope you were anyway.) It really will be something if all of these survive Mr. Kimett and my care to bloom again next year…

It was late afternoon sun – the flowers are color accurate, not the nails (LOL).
Oh, did you catch the bottom right photo is with a Japanese maple tree just for Cassis!!

Soooo……What did you think of these? Are you as enamored of them as me?

KimettKolor Cassis Retro Geometric Nail Art
While I was outside taking pictures, I nicked my ring finger with the edge of my middle nail and made a divot in the polish. I didn’t notice it until I had posted this solo shot online for the collaboration. OOPS. Oh well, I still love it!!

Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my post. I truly appreciate all visits and comments.

And don’t forget – share some love!!

Till Next Time,