Party Hats for Lisa

Birthdays…love them or don’t acknowledge them?

Well – no matter which side you’re on, nail art for Birthdays are always fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

KimettKolor Birthday Nail Art Stamping
Happy Birthday to Lisa!

By way of a very sweet Aussie girl, I was invited to join a Birthday celebration in the U.K. (again this month – how cool!!) for the honored guest Lisa of @lala_lacquer on Instagram. No traveling required. LOL.

Want to find out how I used artistic license in not-following, but following the rules? Read on…

Nail Art Birthday Party

Such a fun collage – made by Silvie @cheekynailmonkey
My Instagram post of this collage includes the links
to see all of the artists’ designs.

So, here’s the skinny. Silvie wrangled a bunch of us together and told us to either do a design using highlighters (which Lisa had recently done as an alternative to using Sharpies) OR a recreation of one of her designs. I chose to do a recreation. Well, sort-of.

I used a design of hers from mid-March as my inspiration. You all know I love the design of index & pinky being solid and the other nails having a coordinating pattern – this layout just tickles my fancy.

Design Details

In sort-of keeping with the highlighter/sharpie idea…rather than sponging on opaque polishes as she did, I first put down a shiny glittery metallic silver polish as a base. Then, I applied jelly polishes randomly to a make-up sponge and then dabbed several layers until the colors popped.

Leonie’s voice was in my head – Dab, dab, dab!! She gave me this advice regarding my gradients. I tend to squish with too much pressure – so thank you again, Leonie! ๐Ÿ™‚

And, as much as I love this (and many others) design by Lisa – I wanted it to be a little more festive. So – I changed up the stamping from floral/geometric to party hats.

KimettKolor Birthday Nail Art Stamping
The jelly polishes blended so well – I only used four but got 6 or more colors!

On Lisa’s profile she has the motto, “Eat. Sleep. Nails. Repeat.” Hee, hee!! Don’t we all wish!! I think there should be a lottery for all nail-artists. We don’t need the ginormous prize amounts – just a few million (ok, ten or so), then, we can do nails all the time!! ๐Ÿ™‚ No working of any kind, hire a maid & a cook, etc…sound good, eh?

Seriously though, I hope you’ll check out both of these ladies on Instagram. There is some major talent and really, really great ladies behind these nails!!


KimettKolor Birthday Nail Art Stamping
This is probably the most color accurate photo. Isn’t that turquoise blue dreamy?

Lisa’s actual Birthday was last week…speaking of that devil’s mistress that is time. I’m catching up to my Instagram with this blog post. I usually blog first…but, deadlines are deadlines. So – actually, I’m quite enjoying looking at these again.


Actual greeting card I received in the past…just happened upon it in a drawer…

A very Happy Belated Birthday to Lisa!! And, a big thank-you to Silvie too for all the hard-work that goes into putting these surprise parties on!

Products Used


  • Turquoise blue creme polish ~ a-England | Galahad
  • Jelly polishes ~ Essie | Pen & Inky, Muse Myself, No Shrinking Violet, Love Sheen
  • Stamping polish ~ Konad | Black 
  • Silver metallic base ~ Borghese | Chroma
  • Stamping plate ~ Cisi & Sisi 02

And, yes, the collage of my flowers and my nails —>

There weren’t too many things in bloom on this day to chose from. But it was still fun to take a quick walk about.

So, what do you think? Do you want nails like these for your Birthday?? Maybe I’ll start a Nail-gram service….hmmmm….

KimettKolor Birthday Nail Art Stamping
One more before you go…

Thanks so much for stopping by today!!

Till Next Time,