Purple Peacock for #maniswapcircle

I bring you another recreation today – but with a twist. The objective was to take your assigned nail artist’s design of your choice and recreate it IN PURPLE. How fun!!

KimettKolor ManiSwapCircle Purple Peacock Nail Art
Are there really purple peacocks??

I admit after doing these, I did spend a few minutes looking online to
see if such a dazzling bird existed in purple…turns out there is!! Although, they do not look exactly like my gal here. Yes, I know the males are more colorful, but the silhouette image I used on my ring finger looks feminine to me – so she’s a she. Cuz I said so.

Want to find out more about this craziness? Of course you do, so please read on….

Challenge Info

Two fabulous nail gals put on this bi-weekly challenge on Instagram called Mani Swap Circle. Natasha (@natasha_dauncey) and Angela (@glacewing) organize this dazzling display by collecting names of those interested ahead of time. Then, they create the assignments so that every artist has another artist – making a circle of names. And each challenge (done every two weeks) is to be created in a designated color. We submit our designs and patiently (or not) wait for our leaders to present the group’s collage. Then we get to post!

Did I explain that right? (If you’re unclear and/or interested in joining, please check out either of the ladies accounts above for more information.)


KimettKolor ManiSwapCircle Purple Peacock Nail Art
Top Left: the final results of everyone’s purple recreations
Top Right: My recreation
Bottom Left & Right – originals (I used two designs as my inspiration)


My assigned artist for this go-round was Andrea (@midnightnailsnbeauty). She makes all kinds of fabulous designs, stamps, paints free hand, and often uses very pretty charms. And, she uses a lot of purple! So – I pushed myself to try and find a design that she did that wasn’t in purple and that I had a chance at recreating. Well, I thought I was so clever picking her peacock design (the one on the left). Then when scrolling again through her account, I saw that last year she did a purple peacock design (one on the right)! Nonetheless, I stayed my course and used both of them for my inspiration.

Look at all those purple creations!! I had so much fun looking through to see the one that was inspired by me…the suspense was killing me! LOL


Design Details

KimettKolor ManiSwapCircle Purple Peacock Nail Art

First off, I painted all of my nails with this pretty pastel purple creme. Then I applied the holographic glitter polish to my ring finger as an accent (see bottle in very first photo of this post). While waiting for my nails to dry…

I made stamping decals on a mat. First, I applied a layer of clear top-coat and let it dry. Then, I stamped the different images in the purple duo-chrome stamping polish (it has a shift of magenta that shows in certain light).

KimettKolor ManiSwapCircle Purple Peacock Nail Art
See how the peacock feathers and the outline to the silhouette change from purple to fuchsia with the light? Also seen on the edges of the bottle.

Once the stamping was dry, with the decals still on the mat, I filled in the gold of the feather and body accents, as well as, put a layer of the pastel purple for the background of the silhouette. Once that was dry….

I applied the decals to each of my nails. Here’s where I ran into technical difficulty. I got lots and lots of bubble bumps. Bummer. But – they’re only visible in these super close photos – so I’m still calling this one a win. (Will investigate the reason for my issue – I was using a new top-coat…not sure if that was the culprit or my technique, or lack there of.)

KimettKolor ManiSwapCircle Purple Peacock Nail Art
Close up of the accent images

Some of you know that purple isn’t my most favorite color…I steer away from it with clothing or house decor. But, I like ALL nail polish colors!! And I really had fun having these on my nails, even with all this purple!

I thought about trying a matte top coat over these to see if it hid the bubbles, but I was too afraid to lose the tiny details of the images. Another thing to investigate…

KimettKolor ManiSwapCircle Purple Peacock Nail Art
These stamped images came out so vibrant and detailed – loved them!!

Both the stamping polish and the glitter polish are from new-to-me Indie makers and I was quite impressed!! Looking forward to trying more of them!

KimettKolor ManiSwapCircle Purple Peacock Nail Art
Look at that glitter shine!! (Fuzzy focus on purpose, of course!)


 Products Used:



KimettKolor ManiSwapCircle Purple Peacock Nail Art
I loved the feather pattern on my three outer nails – lifelike and abstract at the same time.

During the course of the day that I was doing these nails, we were having thunderstorms and in a tornado watch…so, needless to say, no outdoor photos that day!!

But, I was lucky enough to get out into my yard the next day and capture all the newly blooming flowers!! Hooray!!

Early summer blooms…and my nails.

Well, I gotta know – did you like these nails?

And, have YOU ever seen a purple peacock (or peafowl)?

Till next time,