Everything in Coral for #maniswapcircle

Hi! How’s your day going? While I’m still reeling a bit from yesterday’s post, I’m OK overall. I am still without the right words – so I’ll move on.

What’s in store for Kimett Kolor readers today, you ask? Another theme based on color!! Yippee!

KimettKolor ManiSwapCircle Coral Skittle Nail Art
#maniswapcircle – Coral

You remember the last Mani Swap Circle I participated in; yes, of course you do. It was the Purple Peacock. Well, I’m back again with another recreation with a color twist.

Natasha (@natasha_dauncey) and Angela (@glacewing) did it again! With an even bigger turn out – here’s the collage from this installment of Mani Swap Circle:

My assigned nail artist was the lovely Christina (whose sense of humor I have enjoyed while perusing her posts). She has tons of nail art designs to choose from!! If you’re on Instagram, check her page out here: @christinails_it.

It was a hard decision, but ultimately I chose her recent design that she did for another nail art challenge and the prompt was the Letter “E”. She interpreted it as “E is for Everything” and made a fun skittle using several techniques. I was drawn to her creativity in coming up with this idea and thought it would be a fun challenge to create in one color family.

Here is her original design:

You notice that she didn’t photograph her thumb? Well….in looking through her page, I thought that possibly she would have done a smoosh along with the glitter, gradient, splatter and dots. I can’t wait to see what her reaction will be when I put mine up on Instagram today.

KimettKolor ManiSwapCircle Coral Skittle Nail Art
Everything in coral

I had fun making a beautiful mess doing these. When I finished, I had polish everywhere – even a speck in my hair! Thank goodness for my clean-up brush and acetone (although I didn’t use that in my hair – phew…)

I snapped a quick photo (below) of my work space including those blobs of polish on my mat from creating the splatter nail. In the foreground, you see the swatch-sticks of all the polishes incorporated into this design. And in the center of the photo are my nails! Well, those are the peeled off polish layers that were on my nails for a few days. I included the penny for size reference so that you can see how teeny tiny my nails really are.

A before, during and after shot.


KimettKolor ManiSwapCircle Coral Skittle Nail Art
A fun combination!

Design Details


Polish Used
(not shown are the stamping polishes, base and top coats)


  • Two coats of peel-off base on all nails ~ UNT ~ Ready For Takeoff
  • Three coats of a pale creme polish to my thumb, middle and ring fingers ~ Orly ~ Prelude To A Kiss
  • Two coats of a lovely coral infused golden polish to my index and pinky fingers ~ Peachtree Polish ~ Glynn

Smoosh, Gradient & Splatter

  • Lighter shade: orange creme ~ Barry M ~ Papaya
  • Medium shade: coral creme ~ Illamasqua ~ Lament
  • Dark shade: coral creme ~ China Glaze ~ Make Some Noise



  • Combined three polishes to get the right shade ~ Mundo de Unas ~ #31 Peach, #53 Geranium, and #32 Reddish
  • Stamping plate ~ Vivid Lacquer ~ VL043
KimettKolor ManiSwapCircle Coral Skittle Nail Art
I was happy with all of these nails. Mostly. Here’s my picky notes to myself for the next time:

I had horrible aim with the splatter – blowing polish through a straw is an art in itself!! What was on my work surface was prettier than what ended up on my nail. I learned after doing these that a smaller straw, like a stirrer stick, is easier. I used a regular ole’ plastic drinking straw cut up into thirds.

 And my stamping didn’t show up very well. I think I should have either made a darker shade to stamp with, used the pale creme base, and/or used a image with larger dots. But I did like the symmetry of having the index and pinky both “golden”.


KimettKolor ManiSwapCircle Coral Skittle Nail Art
Holographic glitters gleaming

So what did you think? Wasn’t Christina’s idea a fun one!! Did I do her justice with my recreation?



And….there were some new blooms in the yard!! And, some of them went perfectly with the color theme – check it out:

Bottom right is my favorite match – coral colored gladiolas

Boy was this ever a hot day!! I melted out there. And then….it got hotter these past few days!! Hello summer!! Can you go away now…



And….since I took an awful lot of pictures of these – trying to capture the color and glistening just right, here’s a couple more…you can laugh at my #nailartbloggerproblems in the captions. 🙂

KimettKolor ManiSwapCircle Coral Skittle Nail Art
It’s not easy fitting your thumb in a “bottle shot”….
KimettKolor ManiSwapCircle Coral Skittle Nail Art
Why aren’t we born with photogenic palms?
Mine always looks like one of those Granny apple sculpture faces all scrunched up and wrinkly…

OK – I’m going close this one out now. Hope you enjoyed!!

Till Next Time,