In Memory of Ane Li

It is through teary eyes and with a very sad heart that I’m sharing this post today. Along with her friends and family, I’m joining many nail artists across the globe to memorialize Ane Li.

KimettKolor Nail Art - Ane Li Recreation
We will always miss you…


We lost a sparkling diamond from our community. Although, our memory of Ane Li will live on through the inspiration she provided us.At a young age, Ane Li was an incredibly talented nail artist with over 800,000 followers on Instagram (@ane_li). She used many techniques, but her most special were her free-hand painting. I included some of my favorites of her designs in the collage above. Today, we are all posting a special recreation to mark this tragic loss.

I’m sorry, I’m not at my best while writing this post. Even though I did not know Ane Li personally, her passing has got me choked up.My sympathies go out to her family and friends – judging from her art and her posts, I know she was a very sweet and special young lady.
KimettKolor Nail Art - Ane Li Recreation
Diamonds – extraordinary and precious

Design Details

I contemplated trying to free-hand a design for my recreation…but I knew that I would not be able to do anything close to justice. The combination of an extremely busy week and being upset, I just don’t have any where near the steadiness of hands or the focus of mind for that right now.
KimettKolor Nail Art - Ane Li Recreation
Shine on…


I also decided to have my diamond be in black (rather than the amazing outline that she hand painted). I felt it was a symbol of our mourning and her rarity.The first photo was taken with indirect light outdoors. The photos above and below were taken indoors with artificial lighting and flash.
KimettKolor Nail Art - Ane Li Recreation
Sparkling beauty


The gold polish is Ziv by Zoya – a truly amazing blend of golden flakes and shimmers. I used Liquid Vinyl from Orly as the black. The diamond shape was made using a nail vinyl from What’s Up Nails.Although I didn’t do a good job capturing it, I used a matte top-coat over the whole nail and then went back over the tips with a glossy top-coat just as Ane Li did in her design.


KimettKolor Nail Art - Ane Li Recreation
Warmth and flowers for Ane Li’s family


Rest in peace, Ane Li.You will not be forgotten.

Till next time,