Sunshine Nails – Part Two

I bet you thought I forgot about my two-part series of Sunshine Nails…

Nope. Life tried very hard to conspire against it — but with determination, I present to you the second installment!

KimettKolor BlueYellow Sunshine Nail Art
Hello Sunshine!!

This design was my entry for the previous When Colours Collide collaboration (the group is just about to publish the next round). It is pretty obvious that the color prompts were Blue and Yellow – huh?

I have some awesome photos in this post – including a prop never before seen on a nail blog!!

But first thing’s first. Here is the collaboration collage:

Pretty fabulous looking group of nail art!! I really, really enjoy these challenges. I hope to keep doing more of them.

Did you find my nails?

KimettKolor BlueYellow Sunshine Nail Art
My group entry photo

Both of these polish colors really sing to my soul!! It was love at first sight. They had to be mine!

And, just like in Part One’s post…I want you to see the look of these in different lighting situations. All of these were taken outdoors with my cell-phone.

KimettKolor BlueYellow Sunshine Nail Art
Top row: indirect sun mid-day ~ shady spot mid-afternoon
Bottom Row: direct sun mid-day ~ shady spot mid-day ~ direct sun late afternoon

Also – guess what? The name of the yellow polish is #hellosunshine!! Couldn’t be more on point for this design, no?? (I have a giant Cheshire cat grin on my silly face as I wrote this paragraph…)

Design Details

Because #hellosunshine is a jelly based holographic polish, I chose to wear my favorite off-white undies as a base.

KimettKolor BlueYellow Sunshine Nail Art
Good undies are there, but not seen


Summer yellow sun and bold blue sky

Polish Palette:

**At the time of this blog post #hellosunshine is on sale following the link above. 🙂


KimettKolor BlueYellow Sunshine Nail Art
#hellosunshine in all her glory
(2 coats over off-white creme)

Just like in Sunshine Nails – Part One, I painted the main color and top-coat onto my nails the day before applying the sun shaped vinyls.

The blue polish was very opaque. After positioning the vinyls, I just applied a nice thick coat over the nails and vinyls. Although made by the same company, these vinyls were easier to use because they didn’t have all those triangle cut-outs…but they still had to be removed carefully to keep the rays edges crisp.

KimettKolor BlueYellow Sunshine Nail Art
The scattered holographic nature of these polishes lent well to this subject matter

At the risk of sounding like a broken record – I really enjoy wearing half-moon designs. I can’t quite put my finger on the reason, but I do.

KimettKolor BlueYellow Sunshine Nail Art
The skyline is reflecting on my nails



It is going to be more and more evident how much I enjoyed wearing these as I finish this post with more and more photos…If I recall correctly, they span a 14 hour window from first taken in the morning to even some taken at night.

What does a nail art addict do when she can’t sleep….

She gets out of bed, goes in the bathroom, and takes more pictures of her nails, of course!!


KimettKolor BlueYellow Sunshine Nail Art
Speaking of reflections…can you see the third reflections in the nails reflected in the mirror?

Nail-somnia is a real condition folks!! I’ve stayed away from the tempting glow-in-the-dark polishes for a reason!!


We are now in the part of my post where it has become customary to show you my nails and my flowers…

KimettKolor BlueYellow Sunshine Nail Art
For my garden knowledgeable readers – yes, these photos (blooms) came before the coral nails – the posts are out of sequence.

Those hibiscus blooms are just so amazing!! I have three bushes just bursting with blooms. It’s very impressive that all of these plants are doing well this year given the outdoor construction (remember the underground drainage project) and our weather this summer – HOT and without much rain. My theory is they enjoy showing off for all these pictures!!



OK – now, it is time to show you the rare sighting of….drumroll…..



Yup. Not an everyday sight. But you’re seeing it here on Kimett Kolor because I’m not an everyday kind of nail blogger. Or gal, for that matter. 😉

KimettKolor BlueYellow Sunshine Nail Art
This was such a fun evening!

It turns out, Mr. Kimett is quite the pilot!!

UPDATE: 8/12/16 – In case you are curious about getting a drone for photography or have one already, here is some information regarding FAA rules and registration.


Well, what do you think? Was this a fun post or what?

I hope it was worth the wait. I certainly had fun putting it all together. The added activities made up for a simple nail art design I think!!

Thank you for reading!! And if you have a moment, I’d love to hear from you in the comments…

Till next time,

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