Lilac Lace for #maniswapcircle

Join me on the softer side of nail art for a moment today. It’s a bit out of my comfort zone…so please be kind. Don’t stare too intently…I might cower.

KimettKolor lilac lace stamping nail art
Yes, those are MY nails with flowery lace in soft lilac!

But for the wonderful gals who make up the Mani Swap Circle, I don’t think I would ever have had these nails to show. As much as I protest, though, I really do like them. More photos and details coming up….and the answer to what the original nail-artist’s nails looked like will be revealed.

OK – let’s stick to tradition and show you the group’s collage first — Natasha and Angela did an amazing job once again wrangling all these folks’ work within the deadline!!

Lots and lots of lilac nails!!

I don’t want to repeat myself for those of you who regularly read my posts, but I don’t want to confuse any “tourists” either – everyone is welcome – so if you aren’t familiar with the goings on of The Mani Swap Circle here’s some quick info/links:

So – did you have a guess at what the original design might have looked like? Let’s see if you were right…
My assignee for this round was Ashema – known as @aaaratednails. She had sooo many fun and colorful, vibrant even, designs that my eyes were drawn to, of course. So what happened? Well….I really liked her “wedding nails” – they looked like something I wanted to try. (I was kind of forgetting that doing them in a color would change the look of them quite a bit….but I just kept repeating the word “Bridesmaids” in my head…) And, apparently, I like to really challenge myself with this group…
OK, here she is – all donned in pretty shimmery white lace –

And, here is a close-up –

The idea of doing a pond design, or in this case – a stamp-sandwich, where you put stamping between layers of sheer jelly polish was intriguing to me after the fun I had with this blue floral design.

So, I jumped in. Pun intended.

First thing’s first…did I have a jelly polish in a lilac (or lavender) color? Yup. Phew. Proceed.

Did I have a pretty floral lace pattern in a stamp plate. Of course I did. Or …. so I thought … right up until it was time to make these.

It turns out, the ONLY floral lace pattern (and just about the only lace pattern) I have is the one I used. Aside from it being a bit overpowering for the size/shape of my nails, it’s pretty enough. But the image has the flower aligned with the corner, rather than in the middle like the one Ashema used.

Note to self: I tend not to buy plates with lace designs. Must fix that going forward…get at least one with variations. 😉

KimettKolor lilac lace stamping nail art
My nails weren’t quite large enough for this lace pattern to get the whole effect…

I also underestimated the impact of using a polish with a subtle shimmer like she did. Mine are pretty flat.

But, enough comparisons. That can be the death of creativity and a trap too easy to fall into if we let it. Suffice it to say, I find hers really pretty! And now, let’s now look at mine for what they are, shall we?


KimettKolor lilac lace stamping nail art
Photo taken at the kitchen table with cell phone & flash — while Mr. Kimett looks at me like “Really?”

The photo above is my favorite one actually. Which is a hard pill to swallow – since I’m trying to improve on my photography with my DSLR cameras/lenses/lighting in my mock studio set-up. However, in this case, the reason has to do with a polish issue, not a photo one.

The top coat that I used did not “agree” with the lilac polish – by that I mean to say – I had immediate polish shrinking (where the top coat pulls back the polish underneath from the edges). So…hence my fervor to keep capturing pictures as soon as I could (ie. before eating that hot food in front of me), trying to salvage what was a really a fun design to make.

Darn top coats. They can be such heart breakers. But…moving on….


KimettKolor lilac lace stamping nail art
Taken outside after dinner in the “golden hour” of just before sunset (the colors are very warm), again with the cell phone.

When I wasn’t staring at these right up close to my face, I felt quite ladylike having these on my nails. I do think I will re-visit this idea again.


Design Details

  • Lilac sheer jelly polish: lilac coolers by L’Oreal
  • White stamping polish by Konad
  • Stamping Plate: EJB-02 by Ejiubas – fantastic quality!!

To make this look, I began with a ridge-filling base coat. Then I applied 3 thin coats of the jelly polish. When that was dry, I stamped the image onto my nails in white and allowed that to dry. I then applied 2 thin coats of the jelly polish creating that color-wash look over the stamping. And, as already discussed, sadly it turns out, top-coated the design.

EDIT 8/7/16: I may have been a little too harsh in my assessment of top coats. It donned on me that I had recently used this same top coat without any problems. So, I started wondering what else could be causing the issue. I did a six side-by-side tests of this lilac polish with 5 different top coats (and left one uncovered).

What I found was less of a problem than I had the day I had created these – I am going to attribute that to humidity (it was extremely high the day I painted these). But I also found that the polish itself is inconsistent and pulls up at the edges. Huh. So – this one is going into the pile of “not for use with nails”. Yeah….I can’t quite purge them completely….hangs head…

KimettKolor lilac lace stamping nail art
Another late night in the bathroom using the cell phone…what’s up with this routine?
KimettKolor lilac lace stamping nail art
The daylight provided the needed softer lighting appropriate for this design.

So there we have it folks. Again, no new flowers for today. This post is unusually light on the collages compared to those of late…but I think that it’s OK to mix things up some. 🙂

Hope you’re having a swell day – and THANK YOU for visiting!!

Till Next Time,