Happy 3 Year Blogiversary Kimett Kolor!! Plus Giveaway!

C-E-L-E-B-R-A-T-I-O-N time!!

It’s been 3 years since I started Kimett Kolor!!

Wow. Just. Wow.

And, what a great adventure it has been! I’ve found a much greater enjoyment in nail art and blogging that I ever anticipated. Through this hobby, I’ve also made many connections with folks all over the world that I will always cherish. There are constant ways to grow and expand with new products and techniques. Indie brands have brought unique and more personal choices to nail art. For these reasons and many more, I’m very much looking forward to three more years (at least)!

Blog created: September 2013
Screen Capture shown above: September 2016

Thank you to everyone who has ever inspired me, helped me, supported me and encouraged me!! There aren’t enough words in the dictionary to describe my gratitude.

In this post, I’ll take a little trip down memory lane including a revisit of the very first post for a little THEN and NOW comparison.

Also, I hope you’ll enter my Reader Appreciation GIVEAWAY (info and links at the end of the post). And, as a surprise BONUS – those that have commented on my blog in the past can earn 5 extra chances in the raffle!!

Here we go….

Technically I dipped my toes in the water with some practice posts beginning on September 7th. I posted a couple groups of nail art I had done earlier that year before planning to blog. The first post’s title was “Never Say Never” — nail art (and especially blogging about it) had not been anywhere near my radar for the first 40 years of my life.

It was then on the 16th, exactly 3 years ago today, that I posted the first “new” nail photos taken specifically for the blog. I had decided to use the infamous 31-Day Challenge prompts as a guide to get going, And of course, being hesitant, I chose to do the simplest form of nail art EVER for the first prompt of “Red”. I simply applied one polish over another creating a layered look. We all start somewhere – right?!

 My First Blogging Nails ~ Dorothy’s Ruby Red Slippers (post can be found here)

Very new to polishing — and posing — and taking pictures of nails. Very new.
(This picture is from my archives, not seen in original post.)

The structure that the 31 Day Challenge provided was very helpful. It also forced me to dive right in to the blogging experience and find even more fellow bloggers to look up to. Although I am not physically able to paint/post daily, I’m still proud I hung in there and finished all 31 prompts (often with other designs in between) in April of 2014.

It felt very good to post this photo!

You can see my recap, collage of all nail arts, and thoughts about the challenge in this 31DC2013 In Review post. Here are a couple highlights – one of your favorites and one of mine:

Out of the gate, one of the earlier ones was quite popular…you may remember Metal Meets Matte:


Metallic stamping over a matte finish polish (Posted October 2013)
I didn’t even have my own website domain yet…

I enjoyed a lot of the designs I did during that time, but my favorite is still the prompt Inspired by a Song: Love Is … Green!? 


Shrek & Fiona peeking out from their pool of swamp mud (posted January 2014)

In 2014, I started a Theme of the Month series where I would use the birthstone and birth flower for each month as the inspiration for a nail design. I really enjoyed doing these as well. I finished the first 10 months…cough, cough. And…I will be finishing the last two this year, come hell or highwater! November and December are all planned out…just waiting for me to get to them.

September – Sapphire and Asters (posted November 2014)
Happy Birthday to all the September babies!!!


You can see all of my posts of this type by following this link: Theme of the Month. (Actually, there are 11 as I re-did March’s design this past year.)

Once I was done with the 31-day challenge, I found some other topics to incorporate such as off-beat holidays like World Turtle Day. I joined the feature site Random Nail Art and have been a member of Nailpolis to help get my blog noticed. I did a few product reviews for Born Pretty Store and once I had branched out to social media sites, I joined in group challenges as well.


Stamping over loose glitter (Posted July 2014)

As far as blogging went, the calendar year 2015 was a bit sparse. It was a tumultuous year which included a long-distance move for my husband and I. Just before the move, I had joined Instagram. That turned out to be such a wonderful idea and has become a useful and enjoyable off-shoot of nail blogging. Talk about expanding one’s horizons!! So much talent and wonderful new faces!!

Advanced stamping techniques such as stamping decals (shown on ring finger above) and reverse stamping have provided lots of new types of design options. (Posted March 2015)

This year I’ve steadily found my groove again and am back to posting at or above my goal of 4 times a month. As much as my brain reels with tons of ideas and could create so much more – I have to stay at a pace that is comfortable within my physical limitations.

No matter what, when or for which challenge/inspiration, I find that I get so much therapeutic value and benefit from the creative outlet that it is been a real life-saver regardless of the blogging schedule. It has always been my goal to share my enthusiasm and hopefully infect others with the happiness of making and wearing nail art.


I like to mix-up my post types – occasionally including pictorials, slide shows, and more.
Heart tips on color skittle (Posted February 2016)
This summer has provided lots of #mynailsandmyflowergarden collages.
Blue Toned Marble (Posted June 2016)

Throughout my blogging, I have been consistent in making sure to credit any sources for tutorials, inspirations, and helpful information. I may be biased because I started this journey after following a great group of bloggers (rather than being introduced to nail art through other online sites), but I do believe that nail art bloggers offer the BEST resource of EVERYTHING you could be looking for.

I am very grateful for all that I have been able to absorb and learn from the fantastic folks in my Bloglovin’ feed, or through other notifying methods such as Pinterest, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram. Luckily, it’s not hard to find and follow nail artists anymore.

Glitter Gradient for New Year’s Eve (Posted December 2014)

Also, I try very hard to include links to any products and their online sites for things I’ve used in my designs that come from non-store sources. It’s important to me that you have access to all of the resources that I’ve come across and helping to support smaller businesses as well.

Is there anything that I’m not doing that you’d like to see??? I would love to know!!! Any and all ideas are welcome!!

Design Details

Now….remember that very first red polish post that I included at the beginning of this stroll back in time? Well, here is the same polishes used on my nails today in honor of my 3rd Blogiversary.

KimettKolor 3 Year Blogiversary Then-Now Nail Polish Art
The same two polishes in a layered look, but now with a reverse stamping accent nail with polish bottles!

Since this post is long, I’m going to give a quick run down on these. But, please if you have any questions or I’m unclear, let me know in the comments.

On my ring finger, I chose to do some reverse stamping so that you can get an idea of the two polishes. All fiver fingers have a base of two coats of Borghese ~ Che Bella Red. Then the four nails have one coat of Nubar ~ Prize applied evenly over the top.

For the reverse stamping, I used It Girl Fashion Plate IG-112 in Joss black stamping polish and colored in the polish bottles with Prize so that they looked like the combination on the other fingers. I used my current favorite stamper, The Big Bling from Clear Jelly Stamper to stamp the painted in design when the base polish was almost fully dry.

I followed up with a generous coat of Gelous (great for thirsty glitters, found at Sally’s Beauty Stores) before a final generous layer of top coat making this look a bit smoother & shinier than my first time.

Here’s a side-by-side:

KimettKolor 3 Year Blogiversary Then-Now Nail Polish Art
It was so hard to mimic that old hand pose!!



Well, ladies and gentlemen…I really hope you enjoyed this post. I have had a great time re-reading posts of the past while gearing up for it. It was also fun to paint my nails real quick just for this today.

And now, let’s get on with your reward!!

I mean when I say that I am so very grateful for all the support and encouragement I’ve received from you over these years. Of course there are some of you that have been with me since the start — extra hugs!! And, if you’re just finding my blog now – I’m happy to have everyone with me!!

And I’d like you to really feel that back. One way I can show my appreciation is to offer a chance for you to win a prize. (Pun intended – the holographic polish on my nails from three years ago and today is named Prize!!)




As a Thank You to all of my followers, I’m offering the chance for to enter in a Reader Appreciation Giveaway / Kimett Kolor’s 3rd Blogiversary Celebration.

One winner will be eligible to receive a $50 (US Dollars) Gift Certificate of his/her choice to a nail polish/nail supply online store (please read all the rules & conditions).

I hope that you’ll join in my celebration and complete the Rafflecopter Form below. There are a total of 20 entry points that each person may be eligible to earn. Please read all of the rules/conditions to make sure every entry counts!

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Giveaway Rules/Conditions:


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  11. GOOD LUCK!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you have any questions or trouble with the Rafflecopter form — please don’t hesitate to reach out!!


Again, and again….Thank you many times over for supporting me and this blog!!!

Till Next Time,

10/3/2016 EDIT: Congratulations to Natasha for having the winning entry in the giveaway! Thank you so much for everyone’s support and participation!! I’m truly, truly touched. <3