“Little Boy Blue And The Man In The Moon” for #maniswapcircle – Special Baby Liam Edition

The voice of Cat Stevens was a familiar sound for me growing up. And, while I didn’t realize until it was time to write up this post…I think the line from the lyrics of “Cat’s In The Cradle” (included in my post title) must have been playing in my subconscious while planning this design.


Water Marble Stamping Nail Art by Kimett Kolor
Ultra Holo + Water Marble + Stamping =
Special Edition #maniswapcircle Nail Art for Baby Liam

Today’s post will be on the short & sweet side, but meaningful nonetheless. And sparkly…

The nail art community is once again coming together to support those who’ve suffered tragic loss. Natasha Dauncey, one of the co-hosts of the Mani Swap Circle, started a campaign to rally together strength for her friend’s family who’s baby was killed in an accident. To keep my tears at bay, I’m not going to include more details in my post – but you can go to Natasha’s Instagram page (@natasha_dauncey) to find out more (and join in with your own nail art as the #rememberliam campaign runs through October 12th).

It was a huge showing of beautiful nails; one that I was glad to have joined.
Collage made by Angela (@glacewing) co-host of Mani Swap Circle

My assignee Elena (@nailexperiments) has a page chock full of crisp, clean and lovely nail designs & swatches. I picked a design she did over the summer to re-create in the Blue & White theme:

We  were asked to incorporate a blue awareness ribbon into the design, and I thought her accent nail would be the perfect way to do that. Also, her stamping image seemed to be something you’d do for a little boy….I just used a similar type of pattern.

Water Marble Stamping Nail Art by Kimett Kolor
That polish!!!!!
Oh, yeah….nails….well…they’re almost in focus. Woops. But…that polish!!!
Bottle shown: Top Down (photo taken outside in direct sunlight)

Over the top of off-white undies, aka Birthday Suit (by Polish My Life), I applied three thin coats of ILNP‘s Top Down (from their Ultra Holographic line — still available). I will definitely need to get a picture of this on my nails before I cover it up with art — it’s really something!!

Here’s the description by the polish maker (enabling alert):

Top Down is a super refreshing light pearl blue holographic nail polish that will leave you completely speechless.
The crisp holographic finish combined with the unique color of this polish is reminiscent of a shimmering glacier. If you’re looking for a soft blue with a fresh and clean finish that is seriously mind blowing in the sun, Top Down is a must have!
Top Down is part of ILNP’s new “Ultra Holo” class of super intense holographic nail polishes; specifically formulated for maximum, in-your-face holographic sparkle!

Water Marble Stamping Nail Art by Kimett Kolor
Photo taken inside with daylight bulbs and flash

But, apparently I was too drawn in by the much anticipated next step of water marbling to stop and take some pictures of Top Down by itself. And…then it was too late…as I was totally entrenched in the epic battle of “Kimett -vs- Water”. I couldn’t even get tried & true polishes made just for water marbling to work that day.

In fact, as I write this, there is a serious gathering – no, a mob – of polish bottles huddled together laughing at me from the far side of my work table. They’re all the ones that refused to cooperate and I’m avoiding putting them away (as if it is a punishment or something LOL).

I know that it was the water that was my problem — but that day I was not able to take a drive to the store for a different kind of bottled water (my tap water is not conducive either). Instead, I waded my way through many trials before getting this combination to work. Phew! It does feel good when you come out the victor!!

A quick work-in-progress pic of the semi-successful water marble before the stamping…I can’t remember a time when I’ve been this proud of less than par results.

The three polishes that mostly cooperated in the water marble were: CLEAR by Orly (literally a clear polish to allow the pattern to have see-thru areas), Cotton Buds (white) by Butter London, and Alfresco (light blue) by Sinful Colors.

I am so going to do (and master) another water marble soon!! My challenge hackles are still raised. 😉

Water Marble Stamping Nail Art by Kimett Kolor
Although I didn’t get the pattern like Elena’s, I do like that I ended up with one that flowed nicely from one nail to the other.


The stamping was done with Mundo de Unas #54 Iris using Cisi & Sisi 09 (stars and moons) and Bundle Monster BM-324 (awareness ribbons border). I used the Big Bling clear stamper, cuticle PROtect, and clean-up brush all by Clear Jelly Stamper, and the Pure Color #7 water marble tool.

Water Marble Stamping Nail Art by Kimett Kolor
My thumbnail (photography pun intended)
I did this one first and didn’t get a distinct water marble pattern, but the picture is pretty. 😉

So – what do you think? Did you find my water marble struggle story distracting? Or was it the holographic twinkling? Just kidding. But, not really.

This was another fun challenge (even though the tribute was a serious one). It is great to see everyone’s re-creations and as the participant, it’s akin to being in art school where you learn from imitating other’s styles. I’ve added my swap gal’s design onto my Kimett Kolor Re-creations page if you want to take a peek.


Water Marble Stamping Nail Art by Kimett Kolor
Sending thoughts of flowers, strength and love to Liam’s parents. <3


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PS – the winner has been announced on my Giveaway post!! 🙂 You all really came through and made my blogiversary a very special event. I wish everyone who entered could win…but maybe knowing that you’ve given me a tremendous boost is a prize in itself…Thank you!!