Let’s Avocuddle with Nail Art for Sharon

Today on KimettKolor.com, I’m unveiling ALL the good stuff pertaining to a Birthday nail party held yesterday on Instagram.

Hint: it’s going to be GLOW-tastic!! A must read!

KimettKolor Lets Avocuddle with Stamping Nail Art

Since not all of you follow me on Instagram and even if you do, you may not be aware of the featured nail artist we celebrated, I’d like to spend a moment on that first if you don’t mind…

Sharon – who can be found physically in Colorado and virtually on Instagram as @sharnailstar – is a fantastic lady. It is evident by her enthusiasm, talent and giving nature found in all her posts. While I don’t know her personally, I have benefited from following her as she shares many unique designs and helpful tips too. Not only does she do nail art on her own nails, but she is a Nail Technician too and gives her clients manis that are one of a kind!

For this Birthday nail party, Diana (@dianavnisselroy) invited us to do a re-creation of a design of Sharon’s in her favorite color – green. Here’s the collage of all the nail-grams:

Sharon Birthday Collage by dianavnisselroy

I think you get the picture that Sharon inspires many of us. Just look at all these fantastic designs re-created in her honor!!


Sharnailstar Client Stamped Nail Art

It was no easy task to pick from the many beautiful manis Sharon shares with us; but, I settled on this one that she did for a client this past summer.

Sharon used two of her many favorite stamping images by Uber Chic Beauty to make this pretty layered look. I tried to re-do this design with not only the green color theme, but also utilizing a color palette that portrays the natural beauty of Colorado (as Sharon often does in her nail art).

Another thing that Sharon is famous for is wearing fun and striking big “chunky” rings – although sometimes smaller ones too, like these. So, I tried to mimic that glamourous style by making a cabachon style ring using the same green polish I used in my nail art.

KimettKolor Lets Avocuddle with Stamping Nail Art


Design Details

You might remember in my Jack O’Lanterns post, I mentioned that I had won some polishes by Serum No. 5….the Indie brand famous for their amazing glow-in-the-dark polishes. Well, one of them is this beautiful emerald green polish (with just the right touch of holographic micro glitters) that I used as my base color. It is named “Let’s Avocuddle” — how fun!

KimettKolor Lets Avocuddle with Stamping Nail Art

I liked the stamping images that Sharon had used for my design as well. They give the nail desing interest, but don’t cover up too much of the base; in this case you get to still see plenty of this pretty green.

KimettKolor Lets Avocuddle with Stamping Nail Art

Switching things up from Sharon’s inspiration design in Spring/Summer colors to these Fall colors, provided a whole new look – don’t you think?

KimettKolor Lets Avocuddle with Stamping Nail Art

Polish Palette

Featured Polish: Let’s Avocuddle by Serum No. 5


Other items used for this design:

KimettKolor Lets Avocuddle with Stamping Nail Art

I enjoyed the whimsical look of these two stamp images used together like this — getting to re-create someone else’s vision opens up a whole new set of possibilities!!

Overall, I’m very happy that I was able to participate in Sharon’s Birthday bash. It worked out that I could do these nails in stages, as I was experiencing some bad pain flares. Still, I squeaked in the finished product at the last minute (Thank you Diana for waiting!).

Oh, yeah….The Bonus…

Just when you might have been thinking this post was done…there’s MORE. *Giggle*
Check out these GLOWING nails:
KimettKolor Glow-In-The-Dark Polish with Stamping

Amazing, right?? There is some serious magic inside Serum No.5‘s polishes!!!  Aside from my problem holding my hand steady (particularly the first day), these were so “easy” to photograph because the glow is so strong and lasts a long time at full strength. I’ve attempted this with other GITD polishes awhile back, and it was no where near this fun.

It was really quite the pleasant surprise to win their random/flash giveaway of their FW16 collection on Instagram. I’m very much looking forward to playing with the other polishes that I received!! Here’s a quick phone picture I took when unpacking my prize:

KimettKolor SerumNo5 FW16 Collection Prize


“Beauty With A Heart”
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And, because we need to end this post on a literally GLOWING note:

KimettKolor Glow-In-The-Dark Polish with Stamping

Thanks so much for stopping by!!

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