Yellow Triangles Worth Melting For

You know what the worst thing about being sick is? Well, besides the whole being sick thing, that is. It’s when you’re just starting to get better enough for your brain to kick into gear, but your body is way, way, way not ready for any of the ideas being formed.

Yup. I’ve been down & out, very sick for a couple weeks or so. Suffice it to say, the list of nail art design ideas that is now in front of me is VERY long. Hence, I am probably a tad over-excited to have some color on my nails to show you today!!

Kimett Kolor Black White Yellow Triangle Stamping Nail Art

It’s been a while since I joined the fabulous hosts of the When Colours Collide in their bi-weekly challenges. Their recent prompt included one of my favorite color combinations and I just *had* to muster the strength to do my nails. (I’m a bit embarrassed to say that after doing them and taking the pictures — I was so tired, I slept for 18 hours straight!) But, a few days later now as I’m writing this, I am slowly beginning to feel like myself, phew!

When Colours Collide Black White Yellow Nail Art Challenge Collage

Now, isn’t that a fun collage!!

Yellow is my overall favorite color – for anything, not just nail polish. It’s such a happy color – and cheered me right up to use it in this simple skittlette.

Kimett Kolor Black White Yellow Triangle Stamping Nail Art

While this isn’t my very best work, and my cuticles & skin are showing evidence of having been ill, I’m going to look past all that and talk about the design as if none of that really matters. Sound good? (I’m envisioning your heads nodding right now….hint, hint.)

Kimett Kolor Black White Yellow Triangle Stamping Nail Art

Design Details

The very first thought that crossed my mind when I saw the prompt colors of Black, White & Yellow (only) was to get out a special little bottle of glitter topper from Lucky 13 Lacquer called “Some People Are Worth Melting For”. This little gem – with just the right color glitters – is from their Let It Go – Winter 2014 collection — you guessed it, inspired by the Disney movie “Frozen”. Yes, I’m one of the many adults who liked the cartoon (I know, maturity is over-rated!) – but this one called my name because of the unique and awesome yellow triangle glitters!!

Kimett Kolor Black White Yellow Triangle Stamping Nail Art

After picking out this polish, I then chose the other three and the stamping image to coordinate. I was hoping the black jelly polish I wore under the glitter would show a little more sheer allowing the black glitters to still be quite visible…that didn’t work out as well as I hoped, but I didn’t want to break the rules and wear a grey polish underneath. If you look hard, you can see some of the black hexagon glitters on my nails… [Insert eyeroll here.]

Kimett Kolor Black White Yellow Triangle Stamping Nail Art

For the other three fingers, I used the reverse stamping technique. I really loved the delicate print of this stamp image from Uber Chic Beauty. I filled in random triangles with yellow and white acrylic paint (depending on what the polish color was underneath).

My favorite finger is my index — something about the white nail with just the little bit of yellow surprise triangles…

Kimett Kolor Black White Yellow Triangle Stamping Nail Art

Lately, I’ve been getting back to my roots with photography — even taking pictures of things other than my nails! Gasp! This has included me getting comfortable using my cameras in all manual mode. It’s actually not as scary as it sounds…really!

Inside my Kolor Kave’s photo “studio” I usually stick to the traditional exposures, but outside I’ve been having fun with creative exposure methods. The pictures above (shade) and below (direct sun) were taken during the early morning light — I was going for the “melting” look. (Get the pun?)

Kimett Kolor Black White Yellow Triangle Stamping Nail Art

Polish Palette:

Kimett Kolor Black White Yellow Swatch Sticks

I used two coats of all four polishes –

  • Black jelly polish (middle & ring): Blackout from Cult Nails (an Indie no longer in business, but missed very much!)
  • Glitter topper: Some People Are Worth Melting For by Lucky 13 Lacquer
  • White creme polish: Stripped by Polish My Life
  • Yellow creme polish: Pimms by Butter London

Items not pictured:

  • Stamping Plate: UC 10-03 (full nail and individual images) by Uber Chic Beauty
  • Acrylic Paint: School Bus Yellow by FolkArt & Blanc by Apple Barrel
  • Detail (and clean-up) brush: Pretty In Pink Brush by Clear Jelly Stamper
  • Stamping polish: Black by Konad
Kimett Kolor Black White Yellow Triangle Stamping Nail Art

And, of course, the obligatory #upcloseandpersonail thumb pose… (not looking at the flaws, I’m not looking at the flaws….they are ONLY visible in these super magnified images – in real life, it looks perfect!)

And because, I just couldn’t finish this post without an image of the endearing little guy himself….

Disney Frozen Olaf
(c) Disney

So my wonderful readers – people whom I consider worth melting for – what do you think? I actually go back and forth on these. Yes, I’m excited to be back to nail art and I love the colors, but I’m just not sold on mixing the random/chaotic look of the glitter topper with the geometric/organized look of the stamped images…hmmm….

Till Next Time,