Nail Crazies Unite – Candy Cane

Something simple, yet festive and sparkly today.

KimettKolor Vintage Christmas Nails
Photo taken outside in afternoon sunshine reflecting off snow

More than in recent years I’m spending some energy in celebrating the holiday season. Not only by decorating my home and my nails, but also by remembering the past. This nail design, despite lacking complexity, holds special meaning for me.

And, of course, I hope you’ll get some enjoyment from this post too. It contains photos in several lighting types which really show off the versatility of these polishes.

KimettKolor Vintage Christmas Nails

Remember is one of Picture Polish‘s collaboration shades involving a French nail artist, Melyne, This beauty shot to the top of my cherished polishes the minute I clicked “Add To Cart”.

“Remember the past and the people you love and please take care of those who no longer have the capacity to do so.”    ~ Julie, one of The Girls of Picture Polish

I sought out this rosey red polish because it spoke to me, I love the color, and it fits perfectly with some holiday nail art. Once I got it on my nails, I couldn’t cover it up.

Even though the temperature outside yesterday was single digits with the wind chill in the negative double digits, I *had* to get some sunshine photos to bring out the holographic personality as well. Before taking two very quick trips out in the elements, I tried capturing photos inside next to the window with the sun streaming in… But, I just couldn’t get the right angle of camera/hand/light; hence my awkward pose below. Please, just look at the pretty polish though!!

KimettKolor Vintage Christmas Nails

Have you spotted the other sparkling beauty on my pinky yet? It’s another eye-stopper from Colores de Carol called Feliz Año. This polish is amazingly reflective!! My photos don’t begin to do it justice either. It’s made from platinum silver micro flakes!! The base is clear so it can be used however you like, I’m showing three thin layers.

I love these polishes with and without their holographic sides showing. And, both are fairly new and still available (hint, hint…Links included in the polish list below. 😉)

KimettKolor Vintage Christmas Nails

Rounding out my festive polish theme, is this mint creme from Ciaté called pepperminty. This mini bottle was part of last year’s advent box that the company puts out annually. I picked it up second-hand, un-used from another gal going through one of life’s turmoils leaving her in need of some cash. I promised they would get the love she had hoped to give them herself. We polish addicts are like that.

Darn. I should have thought to take a picture with the festive box as a prop…hmmm…. There just happens to be 23 more opportunities just waiting for me from inside my polish drawers however. Will you get to see it? Stay tuned…

KimettKolor Vintage Christmas Nails

Design Details

Recently, I learned of a group of nail art bloggers whose hosts publish a year’s worth of bi-weekly challenge prompts. Although it’s unlikely I will get to do every theme, I do hope to participate as often as I am able.

At the bottom of my post, you’ll find more information about the group, Nail Crazies Unite, and links to all of other participants’ blog posts will appear over the next couple days for this prompt.

KimettKolor Vintage Christmas Nails
Another outdoor shot, this time in the shade with the snowy background

Today’s theme is Candy Cane. Yup. I have ONE on my nails. I almost didn’t join the group with these, but when I re-read the prompt and confirmed that it was in the singular, well, I obviously chose to enter them.

What you’re seeing here is actually Plan B. My first design idea included more candy canes…but the stamp plate I wanted to use wasn’t cooperating with the stamping polish I wanted to use — and I was inflexible about the polish choice. So…that’s that.

KimettKolor Vintage Christmas Nails
Close-up of photo taken outside in evening sun light

I do love that sweet little candy cane on my ring finger, but I wanted to include some more art & color on my thumb too. However, I was lacking any other stamping images with more than a singular candy cane. What to do, what to do. While thinking about candy canes I was reminded of decorating Christmas trees with them as a kid. This thought led me to putting some ornaments on my thumb.

I really enjoyed the color combination that I used, it’s a favorite of mine all year round. Despite it not being quite what I had in mind at first, I found the resulting skittlette a refreshing change-up for me. Challenges can often bring out surprises like this; a facet that I find intriguing.

Polish Palette

KimettKolor Vintage Christmas Nails

List of items used (Left to Right):

KimettKolor Vintage Christmas Nails
Direct evening sun gave this photo a fun contrast between warm and cold (VERY COLD)
Well, that’s it from me for today. I hope that as this holiday season heightens, you are able to find time for the special people in your lives. Even if that means to always remember.
Till Next Time,