Sparkling Grapes for New Year’s Eve

As the clock moves closer to midnight, I’m taking a brief moment to look back with this nail art do-over of one posted on a previous New Year’s Eve.

KimettKolor Glitter Gradient Nails for New Year's Eve

Perhaps it was the influence of the color-themed challenges I participated in this year that spurred the idea to do another glitter gradient with a different color scheme. I think a better reason is that easy nail art fits just right with this holiday for me. After all the bustle of Christmas and before taking off anew into the next year, it’s nice to have sparkling color on my nails with a bit less effort.

Two years ago, I posted this teal and gold glitter gradient. Today, I showing you the same design with a change up from teal to burgundy, mint to olive, and yellow gold to rose gold. It’s funny – after all this time and nail art practice, I like my first one better. But I do think today’s is interesting in its own way too.

KimettKolor Glitter Gradient Nails for New Year's Eve

Design Details

Once I had a rough idea of the color palette I wanted, I picked out the specific polishes with the same idea of using special ones as I did in years before. I’ll explain what I mean as I mention each polish used.

For the gradient, I chose the glitter topper She Walks In Beauty by a-England because it was a polish I wore on a day when my husband and I received some very good news. Since this was before my blogging days, I wanted to revisit with this pretty one again. It is such a unique combination of duochrome micro glitters that shift between olive green & gold with rose gold hex glitters.

KimettKolor Glitter Gradient Nails for New Year's Eve

Underneath the gradient, I had first sponged the rose gold metallic polish (also the base of my accent nail) on each of the tips. This polish called Style Steel by Sally Hansen is special to me because my Mom picked it out. It was during one of our polish buying outings we did as a treat following my post-surgical doctor appointments. It’s heartwarming to recall her smiling face when she grabbed the bottle and exclaimed, “Oh, you HAVE to get this one!”

KimettKolor Glitter Gradient Nails for New Year's Eve

Finally, the foundation here is the very pretty wine colored polish called Tramplin’ Grapes by 2-Bit Polish. (Ah! Now the post title makes sense. LOL) I chose this one to round-out the trio with a new polish that happens to be made by one of the Indie brands that supports and donates to people in need. It was an extra bonus to buy polish knowing that some of the money went toward a donation to help childhood cancer. (This was not a charity polish, however the gold polish you saw in yesterday’s Festive Sparkle polish is one of them.) Unfortunately soon after starting the business, Kiley is currently having some health issues herself. But she’s hoping to be back making more polishes in the Spring. Hugs!

Since you get a good idea of the glitter from these photos, I also took one before applying the glitter tips and gradient. Without top coat, you can really see the pretty rose gold metallic flakes in Style Steel. Also, you can see that Tramplin’ Grapes dries in a waxy matte finish – very cool on it’s own, but even prettier when the top coat brings out its subtle shimmer and depth.

KimettKolor Glitter Accent Nails for New Year's Eve

And here they are again, all finished up.

KimettKolor Glitter Gradient Nails for New Year's Eve

For my readers with keen eyes, you may notice that in some of the pictures there is some pulling from the edges around my cuticles. There may or may not have been a nap in between photo sessions…alright, there was. Anyway. During such needed break, I experienced the dreaded top-coat shrinkage. It’s actually not visible as I look down on them, but these close-up, larger than life photos show it all!

KimettKolor Glitter Gradient Nails for New Year's Eve

Speaking of real-life visibility – I like these best when they are in motion when the light catches the glitter on the tips. And while this happens nicely inside, there is just no substitute for the light provided by Mr. Sunshine. So — outside I went first thing this morning and shot this quick photo as he was poking through the clouds low in the sky. It was windy and cold, but my hand was happy in my new finger-less gloves. (I know it’s a blurry picture, but that was my intent. Honest!)

And now a couple photos with props for the holiday:

KimettKolor Glitter Gradient Nails for New Year's Eve

Talk about perspective shifts, eh? My fingers are so huge compared to these little tiny fireworks…heh, heh. But wouldn’t these just shine so bright if they were underneath a real night sky filled with fireworks!!


KimettKolor Glitter Gradient Nails for New Year's Eve

I’ll be skipping the champagne this year, but I still want to share a toast for a very Happy New Year!!!

Thank you so much for making 2016 a great year with me through nail art and this blog!! Let’s do it again – ok? OK!

Till Next Time,