Wrapping Paper Nails

Wrapping paper is a popular source of nail art inspiration. The image that I used to stamp these nails made me think of pretty packages with bows…so that’s what I have for you today.


And, there’s going to be bit of a mystery uncovered in this post, I hope you’ll keep reading…

Goodness, I need to file my nails!! It has taken me twice as many key strokes to type these words because my nails are hitting the wrong keys. And I just started…geesh. Random thoughts typed “out loud”, what? Oops…Anyways…I’ve deleted enough letters already, I’m leaving these here.

KimettKolor Wrapping Paper Nails

Whenever I’m shopping for wrapping paper I always gravitate to those with blues, whites, silvers and/or golds, etc. with pops of red. From swirls to snowmen, any that are blue. It’s funny, I love green on my nails, but not on wrapping paper. What about you? Do you have a favorite color palette, or do you change it up each year?

KimettKolor Wrapping Paper Nails


Design Details

I did these nails as part of an Insta-Birthday party earlier this week. Diana (@dianavnisselroy), our party hostess asked us to dress our nails in either a re-creation of nails by the honoree or in a Greek style (as it is her heritage). Well…of course, I wanted to do both!! Because I just love to overthink & over complicate things….

So, I thought of this wrapping paper design done in the blue & white colors of Greece’s flag. But what you don’t know (yet) is what I did that was inspired by the Birthday gal, Mary (@dreamymm). I really could get away without even mentioning it…but that isn’t like me either.

First though, take a look at this super looking collage!!

As you can probably see, Mary supports and inspires many of us. She is a licensed nail-tech as well as a fabulous artist. She shares her techniques in videos on YouTube too!

One of the styles that Mary is famous for fascinating us all with is creating complex bases with depth by layering various polishes as a backdrop for her art. And I wanted to do that too.

Well….as you can see, I didn’t end up doing that.

KimettKolor Wrapping Paper Nails

Or did I??

Well, actually — the correct answer is both.

But, I’m such the talented polish wizard, that mine is INVISIBLE!!



KimettKolor Wrapping Paper Nails

No matter how I took the pictures, I could not get a good shot of the finished results that show even a bit of evidence of my efforts. But you know what, I wasn’t really bothered. I had apparently used up all of my mental energy coming up with a design idea that combined her style, a Greek appearance – and oh yes, one that fit my holiday theme for posts this month. By the time I was making these and seeing that it really wasn’t working out…I just shrugged, and kept going.


KimettKolor Wrapping Paper Nails

Since I had started the process of taking progress shots, I kept doing so — and, apparently you have to see them too! Here’s the stages and what I used:

  • BASE (top left) of two thin coats of Madam Glam‘s Perfect White and top coat.
  • SMOOSH (top right) using three polishes: Coconut (white crelly) by Loaded Laquer, White Linen (white creme with shimmer) by Polish My Life, and Moonshine (white metallic) by Hit The Bottle.

Yes – I am laughing at myself for thinking that smooshing three white polishes would have created anything other than a polar bear in a snowstorm. Minus the eyes.

  • SPONGE (bottom left) with two different “effects toppers”: Revenge is Suede (a cloudy matte with shimmer) by Lucky 13 Lacquer and Carmel Breeze (a shifting clear topper with blue shimmer) by Wet Paint.

These two polishes had the most noticeable difference. They gave my white base a little glimmer and off-white, like snow.

  • STAMP (bottom right) using the pattern image from Ejiubas‘ Christmas plate EJB-003 with Sapphire by It Girl Nail Art – a really pretty blue with shimmer. (No top coat in this picture)

Again, don’t get me wrong – I’m not disappointed in these — it’s just humorous to me that I did all of this when I could have just painted a few strokes of a shimmering white polish to achieve the same results! If we can’t laugh at ourselves, well…

Polish Palette

And because I’m a nut – here’s a product shot — proof that I used this many white polishes!! (For some reason, Madam Glam was feeling shy and stayed out of the picture.)

KimettKolor Wrapping Paper Nails

I guess it would have been more accurate to say that instead of a mystery there was a comedy in store today with this post, But would you have kept reading??

So, anyway — I still think these were worth sharing (obviously). And if this were really wrapping paper – I would buy 6 rolls!! But seriously, that blue stamping polish is just brilliant — looks fabulous on a white base, yes?

KimettKolor Wrapping Paper Nails

There’s one other thing. I probably shouldn’t point it out — but, I think at least one person is GOING to notice. I had a really bizarre, fascinating, and kinda scary at the same time, chemical reaction on my pinky nail. (And on my thumb a bit too.) When I applied top coat, the layers of polish underneath just erupted into a 3D crinkled mess right before my eyes.

But…by this time…I was way too chill to get upset. I thought…oh, a little bit of creative photography and no one will know. This f-stop, that shutter speed, this ISO setting, that angle of light. Well…I was probably mostly successful in hiding it…but there is a fine line between capturing the detail in the nail art and trying to hide the details that show the bumps. Who would have thought nail art photography could be so challenging?!?

Even outside in the “real deal” light (as seen below), the photo almost disguises the crumples. So — I’ve included the best few photos of the day – flaws be damned.

KimettKolor Wrapping Paper Nails

Despite the wrinkles and literal crinkles I encountered in making these, I still think they were a pretty holiday nail art design. One which is now all wrapped up with a bow (or several).

Till Next Time,