Pink Snow Penguin

Some things you just have to get out of your system. For me, I *had* to put snowflakes on my nails before we run out of Winter. I can’t say for sure if this will be the last time or not…I guess you could say I’m as predictable as the weather.

Kimett Kolor Pink Snowflake Penguin Stamping Nail Art

Want to see more penguins….? Yup. I thought so.

First off, isn’t that penguin polish logo the best!?! The fun continues beyond the polish too…Kayla, the owner of Creative Cuticles Nail Polish, runs an informative and entertaining Facebook group known as the CCNP’s Polishing Penguins. This month, Kayla and her brand are celebrating three years with month-long giveaway activities. You can check out my Instagram page for more details.

And, today just happens to be the birthday of a fellow polished penguin.

We penguins get around too. Over on Instagram, I was invited to a surprise birthday party for Anya. Like a good penguin, I chose to glide on in. On my belly, of course. 🐧

Anya Birthday Nail Art Collage by Wallflower_nails
Birthday party and collage hosted by Crystal, IG: @wallflower_nails

Crystal asked the party guests to dress up in a pink version of a nail art design re-created in honor of the birthday girl.

Winter Snowflakes and Penguin Nail Art by Anya
Nail art design by Anya, IG: @asp2016

Again, because we’re fellow penguins…I picked this design that she did earlier this winter. I think Anya owns every CCNP polish ever made…there’s lots of penguins on her Instagram page! It wasn’t an easy choice.

Kimett Kolor Pink Snowflake Penguin Stamping Nail Art


Design Details

The polish Anya used was a gorgeous blue jelly with glitters floating inside. However, the pink polish I used was an opaque creme. To make it more like the inspiration, I added one coat of a shimmery topper.

Kimett Kolor Pink Snowflake Penguin Stamping Nail Art
Pink shimmer effects topper: Raspberry Sparkle by CND

The photo above, and the rest in this post, are taken outdoors in direct and in-direct sunlight during the golden evening hour. Ironically, the day I did these nails…which was just 3 days ago…we were having a beautiful sunny day in the 60’s! And, well, today however…the ground is once again covered with snow and it’s not going to get above the low 20’s. This has been a particularly weird Winter here in central Ohio. I’m not complaining, mind you. I know there’s been plenty of harsh weather in many parts lately.

Okay, back to the nails…

For these nails, I was excited to take both a new-to-me stamping polish and stamping plate out for a test-run.

Remember I fell in love with the black stamping polish in my recent Plum Luck post? Yup, here is the white version. All of the images are stamped, except the snow under the penguin. That, I added with a nail art brush using the stamping polish.

Kimett Kolor Pink Snowflake Penguin Stamping Nail Art
Stamping polish: Snowed In by Hit the Bottle
4 Seasons - Winter 01 Lina Nail Art Stamping Plate
Stamping plate image courtesy of Lina Nail Art Supplies

There are already lots of plates available by this brand, and their images are quite appealing. I know a lot of folks say they don’t have any trouble picking up the images, but I found this plate’s etching a bit shallow. It took a light hand when scraping and picking up the image with the stamper. I’m usually very heavy handed — so I will keep practicing. I am enticed by their collections and I already own a small handful. 😉


Polish Palette

Base Polishes
Infinite by Creative Cuticles Nail Polish
Raspberry Sparkle by CND

Stamping Polish
Snowed In by Hit the Bottle

Stamping Plate
4 Seasons – Winter 01 by Lina Nail Art Supplies

Fun Gold Stamper Set by Fab Ur Nails

I’m happy as a clam, or should I say penguin, to get pink on my nails for any occasion…this was no exception. It was also fun to do a winter design in pink. These reminded me of cute pajamas. To he honest, I felt a bit old for this nail art look…but am reminded that I’m still young at heart.

So, what do you think?

Kimett Kolor Pink Snowflake Penguin Stamping Nail Art

Short & sweet today. I hope if nothing else the nail art, and the penguins, brighten up your day.

Till next time,