Swatch Spotlight: Look Me In The Eye by Madam Glam

Hey there. How are you today? Want to see some really pretty polish?

blue magnetic soak off gel polish swatch

This one is like jewelry, but on your nails!

I’ve been itching and twitching to get some color on my nails after a few unplanned set backs. So much so that after a small debate inside my head, I chose to post today without any nail art — just because I couldn’t wait any longer!! And, really, this polish is super stunning all on it’s own, it doesn’t *need* art. Of course, I might still do some…

blue magnetic soak off gel polish swatch

Polish Highlight

This beauty is another one of Madam Glam‘s fabulous Cat Eye gel polishes. It is called “Look Me In The Eye“. And, if anyone had eyes this color–there would be no way you could look at any other feature. They are just so dreamy!!

blue magnetic soak off gel polish swatch

And, like I frequently do, I’ve got a mixture of photos taken in different lighting types: studio soft-box lights, indirect sunlight, and direct sunlight. I just wanted to show you everything!!

Hmmm….maybe I should cut to the chase and get one of those GoPro video cameras. I could strap it to my wrist so you can follow my nails around with me all day — what do you think? LOL

blue magnetic soak off gel polish swatch

Polish Palette

Nail Prep
Base Coat: UNT – Ready for Takeoff (peel-off base coat)
Polish Color
**Cat Eye Gel Polish: Madam Glam – Look Me In The Eye

Final Seal

Top Coat: Madam Glam – No Wipe Top Coat

LED Curing Lamp
**Portable Mini-lamp: Madam GlamNY Gold Pocket LED Lamp

**PR Sample Product(s)
blue magnetic soak off gel polish swatch

Magnetic Marveling

The particular shades of blue in this polish are mesmerizing and the cat eye effect is pretty strong. As I mentioned in this previous post, you can apply these magnetic polishes as the final coat over a base color, such as black, white or similar shade, each one giving it’s own look. On this day, I chose to apply three thin coats of Look Me In The Eye all on it’s own, using the magnet on the final coat. It really brought out the blue in the darker areas.

blue magnetic soak off gel polish swatch

Portable Lamp

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have caught that I took my nail game out to our sun-room the other day and used the portable LED curing lamp that Madam Glam offers. You can plug it into an outlet, or just use the USB cord like I did here with my laptop.

This lamp has New York City theme decorations on the top around the power button (which is set to 30 seconds). Because it’s an open design it’s great for using when you want to do one finger at a time — which I like to do with these magnetic ones to catch the design right away.

Can’t Get Enough of Those Blues

If you cure this polish without holding a magnet over it first, it is a pretty metallic blue as shown on the bottle cap. But with the magnet…it literally transforms into a whole other beauty.

blue magnetic soak off gel polish swatch

This polish is just divine. It is definitely worthy of this debut as a swatch spotlight! Most of the time I get very bored with plain polish and after 1 or 2 days I *must* either change it or apply some art…but I’m currently on day 4 and have no desire to change it. That’s saying something!! 😉


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