Foil-ed In Circles: Vibrant Nail Foil and Stamping

Kimett Kolor Foil and Stamping Nail Art

Shiny colors everywhere makes for a happy Kimett. And, I’ve been buzzing around like a bee in Springtime putting this nail art and post together to share. So, let’s just dive right in…shall we?

Thanks to having found kind and inspiring friends across the globe through Instagram, I have these pretty nails that are part of a Birthday party going on today. Our honored guest, Jane, likes vivid colors and often uses foils in her nail art…so I picked that choice from the theme suggestions for the collaboration.

Kimett Kolor nail foil nail art base with Pretty Serious Aqua Coat

I’ve always enjoyed designs that incorporate nail foils…really not sure why I haven’t done more. I used them for effect in the topaz nails for November’s Birthstone art, but never over the entire nail. Until now.

And…I have come to two conclusions. One – foils are way cool. Two – I need better quality ones. They’re on my shopping list as we speak. Oh, and a new bottle of foil glue, as mine is over 3 years old, LOL.

However, even with the issues I had in application, I still think these are so very cool to look at!!

Kimett Kolor nail foil nail art base

Being a good shutterbug…I took just a *few* photos before stamping… because the foils were dazzling me to the point of drool.

Actually, I think I’ll just be quiet and let these next pictures speak for themselves.

Kimett Kolor nail foil nail art base
Kimett Kolor nail foil nail art base

Cue, close up!

Kimett Kolor nail foil nail art base

I suppose I could have sealed these up with final top coat and been done…but where’s the fun in that? In truth, I contemplated double stamping…but ultimately decided to stop with the one.

Design Details

Even though it’s not visible (mostly), I created this nail art on top of a lovely vanilla nude gel base. I promise you will see a swatch of it in it’s glory before too long.

Working one nail at a time, I applied a thin coat of nail foil glue to the entire nail. Once it was dry (or at least when I thought it was…occasionally I applied the foils too soon and it was still slightly gooey), Using a random application, rather than the smooth, solid approach, I began pressing sections of the foil strip onto different areas of the nail. But, I had gaps where the foils didn’t adhere, so I went back and randomly applied small strokes of foil glue and did the process again. Finally, all were sealed with top coat.

Here’s a silly little cell phone video experiment of these nails. Point of fact: I don’t really know what I’m doing in making videos yet…but I do know you have to start somewhere…don’t laugh (too loud). Well….scratch that. Laugh as loud as you want!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Right. Okay then. Back to the nail art.

Not only are foils even more stunning over black nail polish, stamping in black also provides a striking image. But…since it was a Birthday, I wanted something more festive. I picked this pretty golden yellow to stamp with. It gave a nice contrast – and changed up the look a lot, didn’t it?!

nail art stamping over foil with Hit The Bottle


If we’re lucky, standing behind every artist is a another better one who knows just what to say at the right time. After sharing a picture of my foil base, that such friend suggested I use a kaleidoscope type stamping image — and she was so right with that. Nailed it, my friend!!

After stamping the same image on all five nails, I applied a final glossy quick-dry top coat.

nail art stamping over foil with Uberchic Beauty 4-03

Overall I’m really pleased with the look of these. It’s so hard to photograph anything shiny like foil…but hopefully I captured it well enough. As a bonus, these were fun to make, even pretty quick too.

nail art stamping over foil with Uberchic Beauty 4-03

Polish Palette

Nail Prep
Beauty Secrets (Sally Beauty) – Base Coat
Melody Susie2in1 Base & Top Coat

**Madam GlamCafe Au Lait
Madam GlamNo Wipe Topcoat

Base Nail Art
Foil Glue
Glitzy Transfer Nail Art Foil – pink/blue, blue/aqua
Pretty Serious CosmeticsAqua Coat

Stamping Plate
Uber Chic BeautyUC 4-03

Stamping Polish
Hit The BottleThe Yolk Is On You

Clear Jelly StamperThe Big Bling, firm scraper

Final Seal
Lucky 13 LacquerElemental Ward


**PR Sample Product(s)

Prop trivia: The glitter egg was included in a special edition package from Supernatural Lacquer last Spring (I think it was, maybe the year before…). And I found the flower ring in a rest stop bathroom – is that weird? I couldn’t help it – I instantly thought of nail pictures. ๐Ÿ˜‰


So, in conclusion, I will leave you with one last photo of these…it was taken outside while standing under the cover of our front entrance during the rain. Springtime showers are in full force around here. And this bee, or more specifically her camera, isn’t waterproof. ๐Ÿ˜‰

nail art stamping over foil with Uberchic Beauty 4-03

Thanks so much for visiting the blog!! See you soon…

Till Next Time,