Fresh Blues in a Moroccan Inspired Skittlette

Kimett Kolor fresh blues in a moroccan inspired nail skittlette

Looking back over the last bunch of posts, there has been a lot of bright & bold designs. I haven’t featured the softer side of things lately. Time to fix that!

This lovely color palette of blue, mint, and teal was the brainchild of Angela who organized a truly epic Birthday Nail-Gram party for Natasha. Natasha loves Moroccan patterns, mandalas and henna designs and we were all to choose from there.

Not only is Natasha an extremely kind and supportive lady, always encouraging us in the nail community, she is the co-host of #maniswapcirlcle, and… she is the smart cookie who has started the Apothaka skincare line, including the amazing SOS recovery & cuticle oil that I can’t get enough of! You might remember me gushing on about it in this round up post.


Kimett Kolor fresh blues in a moroccan inspired nail skittlette

Above: I was trying to get a shot where the brand label on the bottle appears to say, “love Angela” as a nod to our party host. (The brand name is actually love Angeline.)

Fortunately this was a pretty simple (and quick) skittlette to put together as I was pressed for time this week. That darn life stuff, like doctor and dentist appointments, can really gum up the works for nail art time!! Geesh!

Design Details

Anyways…I started off with a base of a delicate pastel blue gel by Madam Glam that was one of a few given to me by a fellow nail buddy. I love it so much!!

Swatch Madam Glam Amor Azul Gel by KimettKolor

Under my studio lights it looks a bit lighter than it is seen most often when wearing. But isn’t this the most perfect sky blue background for nail art, among others? Shown above is three thin coats with topcoat.

Then, I pulled out the pack of nail vinyls from Ejiubas – also a gift – from a recent giveaway prize. These are so easy to use! I used the polish brush to apply the mint texture on my thumb and a sponge to apply the shifty metallic blue on my two inner nails.

Just like I mentioned in this previous post, these vinyls have strong adhesive — I definitely recommend applying them to your palm (or skin) prior to putting on your nail to make it easier to remove. I forgot that step when I did my thumb and I had therefore lost some of the definition in the pattern when removing the vinyl.

After the vinyl play was over, I painted a couple coats of the minty glitter texture on my pinky. One last coat of topcoat over the metallic nails (leaving the glitter in its textured state on my thumb and pinky) and I was done.

Kimett Kolor fresh blues in a moroccan inspired nail skittlette

Despite being a quick design, they felt very elegant to wear. What do you think?


Polish Palette

Base Coat
UNT – Ready for Takeoff
Gel/Lacquer Colors
Madam Glam – Amor Azul 
Fresh PaintBlue Steel
Love AngelineTopaz Tempo

Madam Glam – No Wipe Top Gel (not over texture)
Nail Vinyl
Ejiubas – ES-12 Moroccan Pattern


Kimett Kolor fresh blues in a moroccan inspired nail skittlette

I really felt very styling in this look…it was really a gorgeous combination of polishes I think. The metallic polish was sheer, so when sponged it really lent itself to this type of pattern with its variations of intensity. The glitter polish had thickened up in the bottle quite a bit, polish thinner will restore it just fine, but I actually liked the bumpy irregularities that I got with it this day.

Kimett Kolor fresh blues in a moroccan inspired nail skittlette

This post is a bit short and sweet today, but I hope you enjoyed your visit nonetheless. I’ve got some exciting new products to get out and play with…hopefully I’ll have some more nail fun to share with you real soon.

Thank you so very much for visiting today!!

Till Next Time,