Ugly Beautiful Spring

How about some mix & match nail art with a Spring color palette for today?

Kimett Kolor nail art skittlette green brown and gold

Ahhh…Springtime. When the hibernating “ugly” brown plants of winter awaken making way for beautiful greenery.

And allergies. But let’s forget about that last part. Instead, this post is all about the non-sneeze inducing nail art. Phew!

Personally, I don’t view the foliage of Winter, or even the mud of early Spring, as ugly. I also don’t think shades of olive green nail polish are ugly either. But, they have the unfortunate rap of being the ugly colors in the nail world; often referred to as the Pretty Uglies. Hence, my post title.

Today’s nail art is another done for an Instagram Birthday party. The Birthday girl, Gen, is a phenomenal painter who creates stunning free hand paintings on her nails. For everyday nail art, she has a unique style that usually incorporates multiple techniques. To top it off, she’s also kind and supportive of others’ efforts to boot. I’m very lucky to enjoy the friendship and camaraderie we’ve shared for a while now.

Gen’s Instagram page is intoxicating to scroll through. There were so many to chose from for today’s party theme of re-creations. In fact I’ve had several bookmarked as wanting to try. I eventually landed on this one as a iconic Gen design.

I wanted to try a different color scheme, with less loved and used shades. I started with @OPI_products Don’t Talk Bach to Me, to which I added Cabana Banana and Fireflies also from OPI, @colorclubcanada Disco’s Not Dead, Christian @Dior Or Divin, then #enchantedpolish I Am the Walrus, House of the Rising Sun and Vampires Suck 😺 * * I mixed the dry watermarble technique (on a sheet of plastic) with a bit of reverse stamping and I skittled the whole thing as I am prone to do! 😉 For some reason, I like to mix and match 😀😎🤗🤓 * * #nailitdaily #jjnailpromote #featuremynails #nailpromote #nailitmag #nailaddict #nailartofficial #sgnailartpromote #weloveyournailart #nailartfeature #nailartstylist #dailynailartpics #showmynails #thenailartstory #polishlicious #nailsofcanada #canadiannails
A post shared by Gen 🇨🇦 (@vernimage) on Feb 17, 2016 at 12:47pm PST

While I didn’t have the exact polishes or stamp plate, I think I came up with something that nods in her direction. I did use more bright green than she…as I had the idea of Spring in my mind. But hopefully she enjoys my version too.

Kimett Kolor Nail Art with Supernatural Lacquer and more

Before I get into the nitty gritty of how I created this look, I’d like to show off some of the many assorted pictures captured as I went all about indoors and out; searching for just the right light. (Above shot taken in studio lighting.)

Below you’ll see me trying to mimic Gen with her iconic crystal ware prop. My candlestick holder isn’t the same shape however. 😉 This photo was taken with just the indirect light of a South facing window.

Kimett Kolor Nail Art with Supernatural Lacquer and more


Kimett Kolor Nail Art with Supernatural Lacquer and more

The flowering trees have had a confusing time with this crazy weather in the Ohio Valley lately. They’ve bloomed and leafed out at the same time. While the top of this Dwarf Weeping White Cherry Tree is all green, the lower branches are still in blossom; as seen above in partial shade.

I was fortunate to catch the few remaining spots of bright color of the Forsythia in the sunlight pictures; beginning of the post and below.

Kimett Kolor Nail Art with Supernatural Lacquer and more

And, you may be asking…with all the colors, what’s that polish that I’m wearing all alone on my index finger? Well, let me tell you about it. Heh, heh…any excuse to talk polish…happily.

Brown polishes are pretty rare and this intriguing one by Supernatural Lacquer is named after a heartfelt sentiment from the namesake’s TV show. In only a way Bobby can, he tells Dean that “Family Don’t End In Blood“.

Kimett Kolor Nail Art with Supernatural Lacquer and more

This polish is mesmerizing with it’s bronze color shift and just enough holographic glitters that pop in the sun. Above photo taken inside with studio lighting. Below shows off the holo outdoors in the direct sunlight.

Kimett Kolor Nail Art with Supernatural Lacquer and more

As for the rest of the polishes…yeah, there are a lot of them used in both the stamping image on my middle finger and in the swirls of the rest. In case you’re curious about them…don’t worry…they’re all listed further down. I wouldn’t dream of skipping the time spent squinting at bottle labels and then typing them here for you. You’re welcome. (Okay, I do it for me too…you caught me.)

Seriously though…I wouldn’t have thought to put them all together in one design had it not been for Gen’s influence. But they all play well together pretty nicely – yes?

Macro of drag marble nail art in green gold and brown


Design Details

There are three parts to this skittlette made similarly to Gen’s.

  • First, I created drag marble decals on a silicone mat. I used a regular topcoat (not quick drying) as the beginning layer. After that was dry, I put down blobs of colors and swirled them about. I let them dry for about 3 hours (give or take) and they were dry but still pliable.
    • Good practice tip – always make at least one extra. *Wink* Of the five I made, I used the better three of them (thumb, ring & pinky). The other two were rubbish. Swirling isn’t easy you know…
  • Second, I used the reverse stamping technique using all of the different polishes to fill in the spaces of the stamp image (middle). Same dry time.
  • Just before applying the decals and stamping the image, I applied a sticky base coat to the nail (working one at a time) to help adhere it to the nail.
  • Third, I painted two solid coats of polish on my index finger. Then, I sealed all the nails with a fast drying topcoat.



Polish Palette

Nail Prep
Beauty Secrets (Sally Beauty) – Base Coat
Melody Susie – 2in1 Base & Top Coat

**Madam Glam – Cafe Au Lait
Madam Glam – No Wipe Topcoat

Note: I used non-acetone polish remover to remove the stamping and foils from the previous designleaving behind the same base (above listed items) in tact to use again. It’s all covered up though. The rest of this list is what you see in today’s design.

Supernatural LacquerFamily Don’t End In Blood
Supernatural LacquerPestilence
OPI Uh-Oh Roll Down the Window
China GlazeGaga For Green
Colores de CarolFrench Lime
Spa RitualLithophonic
Jessica Banana Peel
Turtle TootsiePeeptastic

Plate: Uber Chic Beauty – UC 1-01
Stamper: Uber Chic Beauty – XL Clear Stamper Head w/Ring Holder
Polish: Clear Jelly Stamper – Copper Hint #20 (also used in drag marble design)

wet n wild Clear Nail Protector (glossy topcoat for decals)
Bliss KissSimply Neat Miracle Mat
Pure Color#7 Watermarble Tool (purchased through What’s Up Nails)
Small artist detail brush from craft store
Supernatural LacquerSticky Base Coat

Final Seal
Poshe’ – Fast Drying Topcoat

**PR Sample Product(s)

What do you think? Would you wear these colors on your nails?  Most likely evident by my photo prop choices, I really enjoyed the earthy feel. Another indirect window light photo below:

And a just for fun silly cell phone picture to leave you with — a play with shadows and light anyone? Yes, that’s my shadow. But…I am NOT that fat…it’s the sun’s fault, not to mention the wide angle lens…LOL

Thanks for checking out my nail art today!! I’d love to hear from you in the comments…

Till Next Time,