Watercolor Iris – Stamping Nail Art

Kimett Kolor watercolor iris nail art

Craving some more floral nail art? Hope so; as it seems to be the theme here lately. I don’t know about you, but I find flowers full of wonder. Take for example, the iris — the shapes of the blooms are fascinating, aren’t they?! Additionally, I love a flower that comes in so many colors. Even the leaves are pretty cool.

Are you familiar with the iris paintings by Vincent van Gogh? They came to mind when I was planning out this design. And, thinking about them makes me want to visit a gallery to see them. I’m rambling…aren’t I?

Yup. Bringing it back to the nails now…

As it happens… I’m no Vincent van Gogh…but, I did have a great time of it anyways, stamping and then painting these nails with teeny tiny irises on them.

Kimett Kolor summer floral nail art with iris

Doesn’t it figure that the day I make nail art with irises, I find that most of the flowers in my yard are past bloom. Woops.

Well, I guess then it’s a good reason to put them on my nails — to enjoy them even longer!

Kimett Kolor summer floral nail art

To better keep me on track here…Let’s chat about what all was used and how I made these, shall we?


Polish Palette

Mini Mani Moo – Moo Gel
Madam Glam – No Wipe Top Gel

Polishes – Base
Essie – White Page
Elevation Polish – Thracian Sea

Plate: **Born Pretty Store – BP-L067 Floral Design, Item #39490
Stamper: Bundle Monster – The Monocle Stamper
Polish: Hit The Bottle – As Black As Night 

Polishes – Lead Lighting
Essie – Point of Blue, No Shrinking Violet, Muse Myself, & Highest Bidder
Lucky 13 Lacquer – Cuddle Weather
Liquidus – Peridot

Final Seal
Lucky 13 Lacuqer – Elemental Ward


**PR Sample Product(s)


Plate image courtesy Born Pretty Store


From the moment I saw this plate, there were 3 images that drew my attention: the iris, the daffodils, and the water lily. I was having a hard time deciding what to use — so I got out a piece of paper and stamped the images. There are lots of pretty designs! I had a little trouble with some of them as they are etched close to the edge of the plate which is rounded off. Nothing impossible, just a little pet peeve of mine.

Born Pretty floral stamping tests BP-L067

All of the images on this plate remind me of watercolor outlines…so that’s what I decided to create.

Design Details

A simple base of three white nails and two dark gray nails to start. Then once dry, I stamped the iris image in black stamping polish on the white nails and applied top coat. I may or may not have then done something interesting to pass the time while all the layers were good and dry…then…

“Time to get out the jellies!! Yay!!” My Kimett Kolor fans know how very much I ❤ jelly polishes and the effects that they give when combining them in nail art.

I used the polish brush to place dabs of each jelly polish onto my Simply Neat surface mat. Alternating between tiny, torn pieces of sponge (held with tweezers) and a dotting tool, I added the jelly colors over the stamped image. And another top coat to seal it all in.

Below is a picture taken the next day when cleaning up my work area — sans the dirty sponges.You’re welcome. 😉


Colors Guide for Jelly Polishes Used

1. yellow: EssieMuse, Myself
2. chartreuse: LiquidusPeridot
3. blue: EssiePoint of Blue
4. purple: EssieNo Shrinking Violet
5. green teal: Lucky 13 LacquerCuddle Weather
6. magenta: EssieHighest Bidder
**These Essie polishes (along with the white) are part of the Silk Watercolor collection. I highly recommend these if you’re looking for pure jelly polishes for all kinds of nail art.
How about some close up shots of the flowers to see the color blending that happened thanks to using jelly polish? Yes, please…


Macro nail art made with lead lighting over stamped iris
Macro nail art made with lead lighting over stamped iris

On my index and pinky, I left the beautiful squishy & moody gray polish alone. But, let me just get this in here for the record, this polish by Elevation Polish is hands down one of the BEST polish formulas I have ever used. Seriously, Thracian Sea could apply itself! I’m sorry this is an older, discontinued polish from 2014; but the Elevation Polish is still an active brand and has many gorgeous current offerings. Enabler alert: Every purchase I’ve made from this artisan brand has blown me away.

Kimett Kolor Elevation Polish Thracian Sea and nail art

As usual, I’m showing off these nails in various lighting…I love the way the grey picks up different hues….just like the sea in different weather.

Kimett Kolor Lead Lighting nail art with iris flowers
Kimett Kolor Lead Lighting nail art with iris flowers

Probably the biggest reason I love jelly polishes so much (besides that they can mix so well), is their added light reflections. I especially loved how these nails looked outdoors.

Kimett Kolor macro floral stamping nail art with jelly polish

I don’t know why, but when toting around the bottles, I took this shot — probably because it is my favorite shade of yellow:

Kimett Kolor Essie Muse, Myself Yellow Jelly nail polish

Okay…now back to the nail art…

Kimett Kolor Lead Lighting Nail Art with Iris

Final Thoughts

It’s official. These grew on me, big time. Removing them will be sad. I think I could wear this lead lighting style of nail art every day…. well, okay…. I’d eventually get bored….but not right away. Next time I want to try using just sponges when applying the jelly polish and see the difference without using a dotting tool. What are your thoughts?

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