April-May-June Roundup: Nail Art Favorites and More

Hey there, it’s time again for another roundup. For the most part, it’s been an active few months here in Kimett Kolor’s Kingdom. Yes, I have declared this shared space of ours as its very own kingdom. And, everyone is invited! Take a trip down nail art memory lane, gawk at the video of Kimett’s work station, peek at the haul of products, and dip your toes in the pool of destash. C’mon, it’ll be fun!

The Nail Art

I’m excited to kick off the tour with a featured artist. All the way from Sweeden, Soraya was inspired by my Watercolor Iris and re-created it! It’s very humbling and encouraging when someone likes your work enough to use it as their inspiration. Take a look at Soraya’s Instagram post below. Aren’t these great!? I love the switch up in colors.

Soraya, your design sure made me smile as well. For more nail art designs by others inspired by me, you can visit out the Kimett Kolor Inspired Gallery.

It’s easy to see that this round’s nail art was completed in the Spring and early Summer months. Contrary to the last group‘s darker colors and snowy scenery, this time around we’ve seen fresh greens, feminine shades, and bright florals.  Furthermore, two stamping designs involving nail foils made their appearances: one with full nail foil coverage and the other with foil stamping. And, lastly, there were two pretty #notd designs in subtle blue hues and warm fiery tones.

Nail Art Collage Kimett Kolor 2Q


Not surprisingly, my favorite was the Watercolor Iris. Anytime I get out my jelly polishes is a treat, but I also really loved wearing that moody, dark grey polish from Elevation Polish. The post Queen For A Day received the most comments by such wonderful supporters (thank you!). Over on Instagram, Foiled In Circles was the most popular. That post also had the most pins from my Pinterest board.

It was gratifying to try out different techniques (shadow stamping) and products (foil stamping). I do enjoy getting to mix things up a bit with a variety of colors, but also utilizing different creative processes. You may recall, once the outcome was completely hijacked by incidents (acetone spill reactions). In contrast, a couple creations were pre-sketched and constructed according to plans; including a re-creation of another’s design (Gen’s mix & match on Instagram).

Nail Art Macros-CloseUps KimettKolor2Q

This collage of macros and close-ups made me realize I showed quite a variety in nail length and shape too. This longer length is fantastic for trying out different nail art styles, but harder to maintain with real life. In fact, I worry about discussing the length of my nails at all; as I don’t want to jinx things!

Looking back, I wish I could have created more than eight nail art designs, however I am grateful, as always, for any time spent with nails. What are your thoughts? Will you share your favorite(s) with me in the comments? Pretty please…

New Stuff

Do you like window shopping? Of course you do. Everybody does, right? While I don’t plan to share each and every thing that I acquire, I have received some spiffy stuff in the mail over the last 3 months that might be of interest. Let’s have a look…

Supernatural Lacquer:

In this order, I picked up acetone additives (small – Grapefruit Zest, large – White Tea & Ginger) and Phoenix (photo does not do it justice) a white crelly base packed with chameleon flakes, fantasy flakes and fiery duochrome shimmer. I had just used up the last of my Rootbeer additive, and I’m looking forward to trying out these new scents.

supernatural lacquer haul

Dance Legend:

While they carry regular lacquers, all of my picks in this order were gel products: Aquarelle in the six colors, Arctic White nail art, White Drops special effects, Velvet matt top coat, and Flexy top coat. I purchased directly from Dance Legend; however, for a better mailing experience I recommend checking out their stockists list here. I’m most excited to try lead lighting with the Aquarelle tints!

dance legend haul

Vapid Lacquer:

New brand for Kimett Kolor here. I decided to try out Catsuit (liquid latex), Whipped Sugar Scrub in Kona scent, Nail Sauce (…As a Jaye Bird – unscented, nail & cuticle moisturizer), and 2 polishes – Watercolor Octopus (blue) & Risque (coral).  Although this package arrived last week, I have already tried the Nail Sauce with high hopes that it will become a favorite.

vapid lacquer haul

DRK Nails:

It is no secret I enjoy the DRK plates that I have, so I added the DRK Designer 1 stamping plate to my arsenal. DRK Nails is also one of many stockists of Moyra products and it happens to be where I got the Foil Stamping polishes and a handful of their stamping plates (44 Stained Glass, 45 I Fill You, 46 Scrabble, and 48 Colourblock).  So farI have used the white Foil Stamping Polish in Foil-ed In Splatters.

drk nails haul

Phew! I’ve got lots of fun stuff to experiment with!! Anything you’d like to see me use sooner than later?

Destash Progress

If you caught the initial Battle of the Kolors post, you know that this year’s project destash is underway. I know it’s a bit funny talking about whittling down my collection right after showing you new stuff. However, there’s just no way that I won’t ever buy any more polish again, that’s for sure! But, I say this to myself mostly, I’m going to be very disciplined in my future purchasing to prevent bringing in more dupes. I was actually better at controlling that when my collection was smaller, so I’m looking forward to feeling that way again. You’re laughing, aren’t you?

Well then, maybe sharing my progress report will improve your current outlook of me. My helmers are gaining a little bit of room because, as you saw, I’ve made it through the yellow and orange polishes (regular polish, not stamping or gels). And, patting myself on the back, here are my counts:

Yellow: I started with 28. I pulled 4 from the collection that were no longer viable. I’m keeping the 15 you see below, leaving 11 for the destash pile.  Stash reduction of 54%.

yellow polish stash

Yellow polishes staying in my collection

Orange: I started with 38. I eliminated 7 for recycling. I’m keeping 19 which leaves 12 to be donated. Stash reduction of 50%.

Stamping Stash

Additionally, in this year’s first quarterly round-up, I had mentioned the notion of organizing a list of my stamp plates. What do you know – I am happy to report I have done that! If that’s not enough, I sorted them at the same time!!

I had 350 individual stamp plates. (Many were sold in sets of small round plates.) After a quick pass, I have culled 68 of them to destash, keeping 282 plates. Stash reduction of 19%.

How do you think I did? Please tell me I hear you cheering. Regardless, I’m pretty pleased with myself (you can tell, huh?). It was NOT easy. And, I have no expectations regarding the rest of the collection. It will be as much of a surprise to me as to you. 😉

Command Central

Lately, I’ve been trying to learn about creating, editing and publishing video files. Back in May, I got a wild hair and shot the video (below) of my work station. In the video, I mention nothing special was done to pick-up the area more than I usually do in between designs. However, it’s worth stating: not only is the desk usually covered with things for the design(s) being worked on, but this was also shot before the destash project took over my room. In other words, it usually looks like a bomb went off.


I know it’s not a great video, and it’s a little hard to follow what I’m saying (first time jitters and all), but it seemed like something you all might get a kick out of seeing. Originally this was a private video on my YouTube channel just for a couple of close friends, but hey — what the heck! Oh, did you catch the gallon of water under my desk — that’s for water marbles, etc. — proof that I didn’t “pose” the room before filming. LOL

Since the last time I showed you my workstation, almost 3 years ago, I have gained not only polish but lots more tools and supplies crammed in the same amount of square footage (approximately 10 feet along the wall). Notably, the biggest change made was upgrading my polish storage from craft drawers to sturdier Helmers from IKEA. I’ve also added a few acrylic organizers and re-purposed the craft drawers for supplies.

Is there anything else you would like to see? Please, don’t hesitate to ask.

Behind the Scenes

In addition to what you’ve seen me doing, making some nail art and managing my hoard collection, I also have made some updates to the blog itself. Particularly, switching my blog platform from Blogger to WordPress has kept me rather busy as well. Although I still have a few final touches to make regarding appearance and organization, I’m very glad I made the change (wish I did it sooner, actually). As an aside, to anyone who hasn’t yet started a blog yet, I would recommend going with WordPress right from the start! There was a day when Blogger was less intimidating to use, but I think now that is outweighed by it’s limitations.

Well, my dear friends…it is time now for this tour to end…

Insert announcer voice: “We hope you had a fun time in Kimett’s Kolor kingdom today…”

And, speaking as the Queen of the kingdom, thanks very much for visiting. Without you, I’d be a crazy(-er) person talking to myself about tiny canvases and the stuff that goes on them.


Till Next Time,

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