Bare Leaf Autumn

Today’s nail art is a short and sweet nod to the transition from Summer to Autumn.

nail stamping with It Girl polish and plate

The inspiration for these nails had something to do with creating the illusion of nail art. Specifically, creating nail art that would seem to float on top of my “invisible” nails – kind of like that blouse that is sheer but features a strategically placed opaque pattern. Something fashionable that would be fun to wear out to dinner on those few warm evenings left before Autumn fully sets in.

autumn stamping nail art design

This Supernatural Lacquer polish was influenced by, and also named after, the Shapeshifter in the TV show. This creature sheds its latest victim’s persona as a skin and then takes on the appearance of another “normal” human that it has touched. Whether you’re a fan of the show or not, this polish is really sweet to wear. Not all nude polishes could be described as classy and fun – but this one is!!

Depending on the light source, this lovely nude polish shifts lighter and darker, warmer and cooler. Naturally, I took pictures in many settings to show it off. The photo above was taken in partial shade; all of the other pictures were taken under daylight bulbs or with the real deal (direct and indirect sunlight).

Supernatural Lacquer nail polish Shapeshifter with stamping nail art

It also has the prettiest subtle holographic sparkle that twinkles, but only when it wants to. Of all the nude polishes I had out recently, I picked this one to wear, and she didn’t disappoint!

autumn neutral nails with stamping design

Ultimately, I wanted the polish to be easily enjoyed even with nail art. So, I chose to top it with a fairly open stamping pattern with a contrasting deep violet polish – both lovely products are from It Girl. I love the style of Nicole’s stamp plate images. And, her addition of stamping polish is a perfect match for her Etsy shop.

Design Details

As a simple stamping design, there’s not too much to talk about with these. All of the products behaved just like they should – which really helps if you’re looking for an everyday kind of nail art design. I applied three easy coats of Shapeshifter (short nails take only 2). The stamping plate is well etched and makes for easy image pick up. Just like with a few other plates etched like these, I use a lint-free sponge wipe to clean the plate instead of a cotton ball. And, this polish is incredibly opaque – just what you want in a stamping polish.

Using french tip guides, along with liquid latex, I left some areas of the nails uncovered. In these transition areas, I then applied pieces of a pretty copper striping tape before the final layer of top coat.

stamping nail art progress photo

Polish Palette

Supernatural Lacquer – Shapeshifter

Plate: It Girl – IG 111
Polish: It Girl – Currant
Stamper: Clear Jelly Stamper – The Big Bling

Liquid Latex: Vapid Lacquer – Cat Suit
French Tip Guides: Sally Beauty Store
Clean-up Brush: Clear Jelly Stamper – Pretty In Pink
Striping Tape:

Supernatural Lacquer Shapeshifter with nail art stamping

See – doesn’t Shapeshifter have the prettiest hint of holo? Also, did you catch the very tiny red glitters in there too?

Ironically, this being a simple and quick nails-of-the-day type design, I spent more time with my camera wandering around the house enjoying the various lighting scenarios presented during the early morning part of the day.

stamping design over nude nail polish

It Girl stamping plate IG 111 leaf pattern

easy autumn nail art

I enjoy wearing this style of nail art every so often. However, this one is a bit out of my vibrant colored comfort zone for sure.

What do you think? Would you like to wear these?

Well, that’s it for today. Like I said, short and sweet.  Most folks get busier this time of year, but if you’ve taken the time to check out my little blog then you’re a real gem!!

Till Next Time,

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