I’ve Been Punked! Easy Fluid Nail Art

Have you seen this fascinating abstract art that is making its way onto fingernails everywhere? Fluid nail art is the latest trend in marble techniques tempting me these days. And, the Sinful Colors Punk Yourself collection has made it easier than ever to get the look. I am pretty pleased with my first trial and excited to share it with you today.

fluid nail art with Sinful Colors Rebel Rebel #SCPunk

Fluid Nail Art

I’m not comfortable speaking about the origin of this fluid art form on canvas, although I believe it is primarily produced with acrylic mediums. However, nail artists have recently started replicating the effects using nail polish combined with a silicone spray product that instigates the formation of cells when using movement to mix the wet polishes. Getting just the right swirls to form and then dry that way is definitely an art form worth trying out in my book!

Intrigued by this new fluid nail art trend, I asked Mr. Kimett to pick me up some silicone spray from the hardware store. His puzzled look turned into an eye-roll when I further explained I wanted it for my nails. He then patiently explained the health hazards of silicone to me. Insert frowny face. “But…but….other people are do-in’ it!!” So, back to the internet I went and found a lubricant that was silicone-free. Okay. That was husband approved and made it to the shopping list. Phew!

Sinful Colors – Punk Yourself Collection

However, in the meantime, the nail polish maker Sinful Colors has come out with five shades of what they call Hypnotic Transforming Top Coats. These are not what we nailphiles think of in terms of top coat because they are not clear. They are color polishes that react when applied over WET nail polish. Personally, I would call them special effect polishes.

Regardless of the name, these little $1.99 bottles of magic make creating fluid nail art easier without the need to buy a silicone or other chemical product. However, availability is a potential downside. These polishes are currently only available in the United States at Walgreens drug stores, reportedly for a limited time. Maybe lots of us silly Americans will buy enough of them so that the company will expand their sales territory and continue making other colors…we can hope!!

So, long story short….Mr. Kimett bravely entered the beauty aisle (instead of the hardware store), bringing home these five bottles for me to play with. Best husband ever!!

sinful colors hypnotic transforming top coats nail polish bottles

Oh, just a note – whatever the added ingredient(s) are that make this fluid nail art possible (I don’t want to research this in case it takes the fun out of things); they have a strong fume smell. I used a room air purifier (with an active carbon filter) on high and found it helped tremendously.

kimett kolor fluid nail art in summer colors

Design Details

For my first trial, I chose to make a fluid nail art design with just one of these magical polishes, the navy blue called Rebel Rebel. Then, I grabbed three regular creme polishes in green, yellow and white.

Although these special polishes can be applied directly to the nail with the polish brush on top of a layer of wet polish, a more intense effect is achieved by dripping, tilting, and/or smooshing these together on a flat non-stick surface. BTW, watching the colors mix is cool, but seeing the cells form before your eyes is Ah-mazing!! Anyway… After waiting for the concoction to dry, it can be applied to the nail just like a decal. However, I was impatient and didn’t want to wait for decals to dry nor fuss with applying them. So, I chose to create the pattern directly on my nail.

Blob and Place

The method I used is one that I’ve seen used by nail artists with gel polish where the colors are pooled together on a flat surface to then be picked up with a flat brush. With a good-sized blob on the brush, you then place it (careful to not create brush strokes) on to the nail by moving the brush around and letting gravity guide the polish around the nail. Some really amazing marble nails are created this way.

I offer you a shout out to a talented gal, Kyong, demonstrates this no-decal technique using these magic top coats in her Instagram and YouTube videos. Speaking of Kyong, she recently re-created my watercolor iris nail art. If you haven’t seen it, I have very proudly added it to my page of Kimett Inspired Nail Art designs.

I started by applying a white base to each of my nails. Since white was one of the colors I used in the fluid art design, this worked out. I suggest that when creating fluid art with a color combination not including white, to use the lightest color as your base. This helps for hiding thin or bare spots that inevitably happen.

fluid nail art design in progress

I kept the mess contained by using a plastic plate to stage the polish for picking it up with the brush. Fun fact: I have saved these plates over the years and enjoy reviewing the beautiful messes of test patterns and palette leftovers.

In another effort to reduce clean up, I used a latex barrier (that dark stuff) around my nails. Once the thick layer of polishes on my nails was mostly dry, I applied a generous amount of quick dry top coat, cleaned up the edges, and removed the latex barrier.

Want to see more Fluid Art on nails? Click HERE

bright fluid nail art design without decal

Polish Palette

Here’s a list of what I used to make this easy fluid nail art design:

White: OPI – Alpine Snow
Yellow: OPI – I Just Can’t Cope-acabana
Green: Confetti – Green With Envy
Blue: Sinful Colors – Rebel Rebel (Hypnotic Transforming Top Coat)

Other Items:
Liquid Latex: Vapid Lacquer – Cat Suit
Flat (square) Nail Art Brush (or gel brush)
Clean-up Brush: Fab Ur Nails – Angled Kolinsky Brush
Quick-Dry Top Coat: Le Topcoat – Love, Angeline

fluid nail art made easier with Vapid Cat Suit liquid latex

But, Wait There’s More…

This color combination is so bright and earthy, but the possibilities are endless. I can’t wait to try the other four special effect polishes from the Punk Yourself collection. These polishes make fluid nail art designs addictive!! I think next time I will use the smoosh technique with a stamper! How fun! But, before I get on about the next one, let’s see more of this first try:

fluid nail art made easy with Sinful Colors

There was no way to pick just one nail for a macro shot…so how about seeing all five! Some of them remind me of Van Goh‘s A Starry Night (loosely of course). What about you? What do you see?

close up photos of fluid nail art using Rebel Rebel

Not close enough? Okay, then…how about these:

fluid nail art with Sinful Colors Rebel Rebel

Of course, I could have stamped or further decorated these, but in the end, I decided to enjoy them on their own. The swirls are plenty interesting!!

summer colors fluid nail art


sinful colors rebel rebel fluid nail art

blue swirls a-plenty in the sunshine

green fluid nail art

#showthumblove in the shade

An Added Bonus

I wasn’t in the path of totality for the eclipse, but I did spend a few minutes outside when it was nearest my house. Of course, the clouds came in, but the feeling in the air and the quality of light was fascinating. It sure wasn’t the same experience that I saw folks had on TV, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Despite everything, it was worth waiting a couple days to publish this post to include these photos too.

kimettkolor eclipse2017 #mynailsandmyflowers

#mynailsandmyflowers during the eclipse 2017

Have you tried fluid nail art? I’d love to hear about it!

Thanks so very much for visiting my blog today. You make doing nail art even better!

Till next time,

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