Pink-y Swear by Floral Nails

Do you ever wonder where all those fashion rules come from? You know, the ones that say “you shouldn’t wear white after Labor Day” and “don’t wear pantyhose with sandals”. Or socks, for that matter. Well, I’m not known for my fashion sense, that’s for sure. You probably guessed that by the fact that I even mentioned socks with sandals in the same sentence…LOL.

However, my lack of style expertise aside, there are two things I swear by:

Pink can be worn ALL year round. Even in the Fall.

When in doubt, floral nail art is always a winner.

pink nails with flower stamping nail art

Do You Have This In Pink?

Why am I even contemplating Fall fashion and the color pink? It’s because I had the opportunity to join in another Birthday nail-gram over on Instagram this week. And her party hosts requested a pink floral nail art design be worn. It was an honor to be included in wishing Eng, known as @sisterlacquer, a very Happy Birthday! Eng is a big fan of pink floral nail art designs; although everything and anything she creates is captivating!

On Instagram? Yes? But, you aren’t following her…okay, I’ll wait right here while you go fix that! While you’re there, you might as well make sure you’re following @kimettkolor too. A shameless plug of self-promotion is apparently not beneath me today.

And, for my readers who aren’t on Instagram (don’t worry — I will always love you no matter which social media accounts you do or do not have), here is the collage that the party hosts created with all of the lovely pink floral nails for the occasion:

Birthday nail art collage

Being as Eng is a professional photographer, we find her humorous selfie even more adorable.

Colores de Carol Orchid polish with nail art

Design Details

I seized the opportunity to finally wear this pretty polish called Orchid by Colores de Carol; a 2014 creation. It is a bright fuchsia pink crelly with some flashes of blue floating inside.

Then, I wanted to challenge myself to showcase a pink floral design using a palette appropriate for Fall. Not your typical look, but not unheard of either. And, I really wanted to do some lead lighting too. So, with those two guiding thoughts, I scoured my stamp plate collection and decided that Bundle Monster‘s Secret Garden collection plates would fit the bill. Eng shares my love for Loaded Lacquer‘s polishes, so I had to make sure to incorporate one of those as well.

polish and stamp plate pink floral nail art

What do you think of my picks for an Autumn nail art polish palette that includes pink?

Polish Palette

Base Color
OrchidColores de Carol

Highlight Background
Banana Peel ~ Jessica
Don’t Touch My Tutu ~ OPI
Eye Shadow Sponge Applicators ~ Sally Beauty Store
Fan Brush ~ Born Pretty Store (PR Sample / Review)

Polish: Olive ~ It Girl Nail Art
Plate: BM-720 ~ Bundle Monster
Stamper: The Monocle ~ Bundle Monster

Lead Lighting
Watermelon ~ Loaded Lacquer
Highest Bidder ~ Essie
Detail Brush ~ craft store

Base Coat: All Your Base ~ Pretty Serious
Top Coat: Topped With Love ~ Love, Angeline
Matte Top Coat: B Matte ~ BSquared Lacquer
Clean-up Brush: Angular Kolinsky ~ Fab Ur Nails (US: Beautometry)

It Girl Olive stamping polish


Once I had all five fingers painted with Orchid and topped with a quick-dry top coat, I then started on the two accent nails. I don’t know why I chose to not to have painted them in a lighter color to start with, but then I would have missed out on the fun of making a messy gradient!

Using a sponge make-up applicator (like one you’d apply eye shadow with), I sponged on the pale yellow cream polish, making sure to feather it out around the edges. Then I used the polish brush and a sheer cream colored jelly applying random brush strokes. Then, I went back with the little sponge tip and sponged that around as well. And to finalize the gradient background, I softened the look a bit with a fan brush dipped in acetone and lightly brushed that over the gradient layers.

I quite liked the haphazard mess that was now the background for the stamping.  I think it gave them more character than if I had created a smoother, seamless gradient. It’s good to mix it up sometimes!

step by step pink flower stamping with lead lighting

Then, it was time to stamp the pretty flower and leaves in a deep olive green. Initially, I planned to split the image in half across the two nails. This is a tricky proposition if you’re stamping directly on the nail, as opposed to creating a DIY decal, even with a transparent stamper. In the end I chose to off-set the image so that it could appear as two flowers or one depending on how close you looked at the nails. Of course in these pictures it is very obvious, but at arm’s length it could pass as one big flower across the two nails. Humor me and say it looks okay. Please. 😉

Finally, it was time to color in the flower. I used two jelly polishes and a small craft brush. One of these days I will learn a bit about coloring and shading, but my default method of using a darker shade around the edges seemed to work out just fine with these. One coat of top coat and the look was complete.

Pink flower accent nails

Similar nail art design:  Water Lily 

But wait…there’s more…

Once again, I get caught up in the fascination of experimenting with various lighting sources and the different exposures to be had with my camera. Luckily, I was blessed with good weather on that day and there are still a few blooms outside for a pleasant time of it. Consequently I’ve got another flowers, foliage and nails collage for you today.

My Garden and My Nails Photo Collage

The weather has been cool enough in my area that light cotton sweaters are coming out out of their closet nooks. So, why not wear the sweater cousin, known as finger-less gloves, for a picture too…

Glossy Finish Pink Floral Stamping Nail Art

And…after taking a bunch or so pictures, heavy on the so…I thought I’d try out a matte top coat as well. Even though the little blue shimmers were dimmed, I really enjoyed wearing these matte for several days. Just curious, do you have a preference – matte or glossy?

Matte Finish Pink Floral Stamping Nail Art

Well that wraps up today’s post. Thanks very, very much for spending a few minutes with me today! Let’s do it again, okay?

Till Next Time,

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