Holo And Black Marble – When Colours Collide

Marble pattern nail art with Keep Calm And Follow the Dragon polish bottle

Don’t you love it when a quick nail art session comes out well enough to be interesting? Me too.

The Challenge

Whenever I’m feeling rusty or need a bit of encouragement to get something started, I often look to the When Colours Collide group for just the right prompt to get me going. This last round’s challenge was to combine holographic polish and black creme polish in any form of marbled look.

Check out the variety of designs in the group’s collage. Can you find me?

When Colours Collide Group Collage of Nail Art

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Design Details

This nail art design involved just two simple steps!

Green holographic polish smoosh nails

#1 – Smoosh

The base is a simple smoosh using three shades of green holographic polish. Topped with a quick-dry top coat.

#2 – Stamp

For the marble pattern, I simply stamped in black. Topped again with a quick dry top coat.

That’s it!!

Green and black marbled nail art design

Here’s another comparison of before and after stamping:

Before and after stamping black marble

So I guess I can end this post right now. Just kidding!

Product Pick

Thanks to a new stamping plate from Dixie Plates, these marbles were made without water.

Actually, I enjoy water marbling; you know how I love making messes!! LOL. But, my stamping supplies are all usually at the ready without much fuss. As it happened, this plate was sitting out on my desk too, because I had just received my order from Lantern & Wren (US Stockist).

Even though in today’s world it’s not really a big deal, I still find it amazing that we can get polishes and plates from all around the globe. Dixie Plates are designed by a nail technician in Australia and then little ole’ me in the mid-western US can make nail art with them! Pretty cool!

There’s a picture of the stamp plate in the supply part of this post further down, but I have gotta put a plug in here about how awesome it is!! If you stamp, you’ll thank me. Marbled 01 has ten generously sized marble type designs well-etched and ready for single use or layering. It is quite evident that it was designed by someone who is not only a part of the nail community but also someone who knows nail art personally. Each design looks just like a pattern created by the real water marbling and water spotting techniques.

Hit The Bottle Stamping Polish As Black As Night

Green marbled nail art with il etait un vernis

water marble nails without the water

Inspiration Source(s)

Working on a theory, I skipped using a solid color under the nail art. You see, I thought it would help the design look more organic, almost like a jeweled rock. Something like Labradorite – although I realize it doesn’t have holographic particles. Anyways, to put it simply: I wanted the light to get in and around all of the colors. To achieve this I intentionally smooshed unevenly. Some parts were very thin and other parts were very thick. And, using a layer of top coat in between the smoosh and stamping gives it a bit more dimension.

I hoped that I could capture that feeling with my photos for you to see it too. You’ll have to tell me in the comments what you think. Did you see a gemstone? Or something else. Maybe butterfly wings? Or, abalone shell? No? Just a swirl of color then. Abstract nail art is so subjective. 😉

Close-up photos of marble stamping nail art

Polish Palette

Smoosh Polishes
#monsieurjetaime (teal) and Keep Calm & Follow the Dragon (lime) by il etait un vernis, Angel Kiss (light green) by Color Club, Halo Hues collection

Polish: As Black As Night by Hit the Bottle
Stamper: Big Bling by Clear Jelly Stamper
Plate: Marbled 01 by Dixie Plates

Dixie Plates Marbled 01 Nail Stamping Plate

Just look at the patterns!! No water needed with these marbles! Image courtesy of Dixie Plates

Base: Base & Top Coat (gel) by MelodySusie
Top Coat: Seche Vite fast dry top coat
Liquid Latex: catsuit by Vapid

holographic nail art with Color Club Angel Kiss

No product shot in this post today. Instead, each of the polish bottles (I used 4 in total) are shown in various photos.

But, Wait There’s More…

Since it’s holo…a few more pictures taken in the sun are obligatory, after all.

Fall foliage and nails abstract nail art green nail art

What did you think of these nails? Could you wait till the end of the post before you zipped over and placed an order for this stamping plate?

Thank you so very much for sticking with me and spending time here today! You rock! 😉

Till Next Time,

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P.S. Did you notice a bit of different nail shape? Yeah, I’m nursing a knife cut through my pinky nail. So far, nail glue is holding it together. However, I thought I’d reduce the chances of it catching on things by rounding the tips of the nails. 😉