JUL-AUG-SEP Catch-up: Nail Art Favorites and More

Time for another 3-month catch-up post! Markedly, this one will be quick. Also, I bet you’re wondering who won my recent blogiversary giveaway….well, that will be unveiled today as well.

Kimett Kolor 3-month Nail Blog Post Review Collage

Under the “Better Late Than Never” theory, we’re here to review the last few months’ nail activities. Who knows, there just might be a post or two that you’re happy to catch up on. Let’s see shall we?

Furthermore, just a little tidbit: even though this is a review, all the photos in this post are making their first appearances. Keepin’ it fresh, yo!

With my apologies, you weren’t offered up a ton of posts these last few months here on Kimett Kolor. But, while the blog lacked in quantity, it certainly didn’t lack for excitement. September’s blogiversary was the big highlight, for sure. Another minor milestone was met as well – I uploaded the 150th post last month.

«Happy dance is going on.»

Giveaway Winner Announcement

Congratulations, Nancy!!!

Last week we held the raffle drawing. Upon notifying her, Nancy accepted with lots of happy wiggles and squeals! She knew right away that she wanted her $50 gift certificate to be from Lantern & Wren, a US stockist of polish, stamping plates, and more from around the world. Of course, I *had* to order some things for me too — and have already received my loot! They have lightning fast order processing speed. Color me impressed!

Anyway, back to Nancy. She has been a fellow nail-pal and terrific supporter of Kimett Kolor. We often share giggles over on Instagram where she shares her love of nail art. Speaking of sharing, she and I join in fascination for the differences lighting has on the appearance of nail polish.

Of course, I can’t end this announcement without sending a big, giant Loch Ness Monster size THANK YOU to everyone who entered my blogiversary giveaway celebration this year. You guys always bowl me over with valuable feedback and support!! Oodles of gratitude are still bubbling out at you all. ♥

Nail Art Posts

Picking a favorite nail art from this period shouldn’t be hard. After all, there were only four. But do you think I could choose? Nope. So, let’s review them really quick. Maybe you can help this ole’ girl out…

Combination Gel and Polish Nail Art Design in Pastel and Holographic Hues

Hearts a-Poppin’ For Young Love

So soft…and sparkly…like a pretty pastel unicorn. Unicorns could definitely have hearts for spots, after all! Anyway, beside the pretty pastels and holographic twinkles, what’s the best part of this nail art post you ask? It’s the seven steps detailing how to re-make it, including suggestions to complete it with or without gel polish mediums. You’re welcome. Not to mention, I’m grateful to be able to refer back to it as well, LOL.

Green and Blue Fluid Nail Art Using Sinful Colors Punk Yourself Topcoat

I’ve Been Punked! Easy Fluid Nail Art

In sharp contrast to its predecessor’s girly appearance, this one was quite rebellious. A little nail polish bottle label pun there. The post includes a brief introduction to the fluid nail art craze, now made easier with special effect polishes. If you get a kick out of mesmerizing messy marbles, this design is right up your alley. I know I had so much fun. I hope you’ll want to see more in different color palettes. Cuz it needs to be repeated!

Neutral Nail Art Design for Autumn

Bare Leaf Autumn

Well placed between two bright nail art designs was this neutral palette cleanser. I’m really digging the plum color of that stamping polish over the nude polish base, you? For a creme polish, it had surprisingly varied looks in the different light sources too.

Pink Floral Nail Art Design with Bundle Monster Stamping

Pink-y Swear by Floral Nails

Even as Autumn rolled in, these bright floral nails still felt in season. And even though I was present for all the steps involved, it’s still fascinating to see the floral accent nails evolve from solid pink canvas to the multi-layered floral motif. And, for us nail art junkies, we got to debate glossy-vs-matte. We like that, don’t we? 😉


What do you think? Is it fair to pick a favorite when there were only four? Hmmm. Well. Now that we looked them over, I’d pick the pink floral nails. Notably, the lead lighting technique produces one of my most cherished looks. Do you have a different choice?

Nail Polish Posts

And hey, there were some other posts too. I’m still chugging along with my polish de-stash. Hence, we saw two more episodes in my Battle of the Kolors‘ series.

 Kimett Kolor Coral Nail Polish Swatch Wheel

Coral Polish Colors

If you’re ever thinking about doing a polish de-stash, and you’re stuck for making decisions, maybe this method I shared will be helpful. The above color wheel swatch photo was an experiment in photoshop. I like the illusion created by the magically disappearing center and thought the digital smudges were cool. But it was the worst of my attempts to capture accurate colors, so it didn’t make it into the post. The main bottle shot in this post made up for it, however. 😉

 Neutral Jelly Polish Comparison - OPI and Ciate'

Nude Polish Colors

While rooting out the polish dupes, comparisons on both wheel and nails were included in this round. As another blogger so pointedly expressed in her comment, subtle shades and undertones really make a difference in this color group. Consequently, each of us needs a few good nudes in our polish collections. Thank you, Monica, for the validation to keep those four similar jelly polishes shown in the picture above. 😉

A flower shot from the summer. Nature provides so much nail art inspiration, doesn’t she?


So there we have it. As a close family friend is famous for saying, “Something is better than nothing”. Such wise words. And with that, I’m going to get started on something nail polish related right now. How about you?


Till Next Time,

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