Autumn Birds Brave the Wind: Stamping Nail Art for Sharon

black and white stamping nail art with bundle monster plate

Have you ever tried re-creating a color nail design into Black & White?

According to the experts at, “Black and white pictures can have a nostalgic touch and often bring more drama to the scene. Maybe this is true with nail art too. Let’s see…

The Backstory

Today is Sharon’s Birthday! And over on Instagram, her friends are throwing a nail party in her honor. She is particularly fond of making black & white nail art designs for her clients and for herself. Hence, the party theme was to re-create one of her designs, but without colors. Check it out:

Sharon’s Instagram @sharnailstar

Check out last year’s party in green (and read more about Sharon too)

black stamping with hit the bottle polish

Artist Appreciation

Below is Sharon’s original design that she posted back in September along with my black & white version. There’s lots of artist appreciation going on. Specifically, Sharon’s inspiration came from a hand painted purse made by Megan, the artist @madartstudios.

Re-creation of Sharon's nail art in black and white

Above image linked to Sharon’s original Instagram post

Design Details

Sharon is a stamping guru. She makes a living doing it, after all! Consequently, she has created soooo many beautiful and intriguing designs that it was nearly impossible to pick one. Recently though, I purchased the same dual end sponge wand (also called a gradient sponge brush) that she used for her nail art background. Like cookies in the cupboard, it’s been calling out to me to give it a try.

You’ll see a peek of this handy tool in the work-in-progress cell pic below. The handle is pink and it has a place for replaceable sponges on each end. The sponges are super duper soft. Not only do they make terrific gradients, but they can also give the appearance of airbrushing. Hence, the technique is sometimes referred to as Aeropuffing. Neat, huh?!

Work in progress nail art using the dual end sponge wand

Puff. Puff. And another – Puff. Lots of fun!

After applying a base color polish on my nails, I used this sponge tool to randomly apply light layers of whites and grays for the background. Like Sharon, I used regular polish even though this tool is designed to be used with gels (or water-based paints). In case you’re curious about cleaning the sponges, Lantern & Wren‘s the product page was recently updated with cleaning directions (link in product list below).

Next step: stamping.

autumn theme stamping nail art in gray-scale

The stamping was then fairly straightforward, applying different sections of the buffet style plate to each nail. I mostly mimicked Sharon’s placement, although I used more of the edge of the tree on my index finger. In hindsight, coloring in the birds would have made them pop a bit more.  With gray or white of course. 😉

Lastly, I added the park bench to my thumb. It’s my favorite nail.

Park bench on windy Autumn day - nail art

Care to join me on the bench?

polish and plate used in stamping nail art design

Polish Palette

Base Color
(light french gray) CND • Miss Wu

Sponged Colors

All from Hit The Bottle:

  • (white) Snowed In
  • (French white shimmer) Moonshine
  • (gray) A Flock Of Seagulls
  • (charcoal shimmer) My Suitor Wears Pewter


  • Polish: (black) Hit The Bottle • As Black As Night
  • Plate: Bundle Monster • BM-707
  • Stamper: Moyra • PiXL Clear Stamper No. 12


  • Gel Base: MelodySusie • Base & Top Coat
  • Base Coat: Supernatural Lacquer • Sticky Base Coat
  • Glossy Top Coat: Love, Angeline • Topped With Love (glossy top coat)
  • Matte Top Coat: B² Lacquer • B Matte (matte top coat)
  • Liquid Latex: Vapid Lacquer • Cat Suit
  • Clean Up Brush: Fab Ur Nails • Angled Kolinsky Clean Up Brush
  • Sponges: Lantern & Wren • Gradient Sponge Brush
Autumn nail art in black and white

Can you hear the wind blow?

And, because sometimes we just can’t leave things alone….let’s see what it looks like with a matte top coat, shall we?

Glossy versus Matte Top Coat Over Stamping

Which do you prefer? Glossy (top) or Matte (bottom)?

The collage images too small, you say. Okay, here’s a last look up close and in matte.

Black and white stamping nail art design for Fall


Geez…it was so good to have new nail art to share with you today. Sorry for my absence of late. Despite things out of my control, you can still consider my butt appropriately kicked. 😉

And, we’re so NOT going to talk about my shorter nails, are we? Nope. Because we’ve all been there. Right?! Okay then. Certainly, it wouldn’t hurt then if you happen to leave a comment about nails of all lengths being beautiful. Thank you!

Till next time,

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