Purple Nails w/Double Stamp Vinyl Accents for Sanja

Unusual for me that I’ve been craving purple nails lately. I think it’s a Fall thing. Anyways, hope you enjoy this nail art post. Especially since I include some background info plus video, as well as my tips regarding the double stamp vinyl technique, should make it worth the quick read.

purple nails with double stamp vinyl accent diy decals

Design Details

This nail art design started with picking one polish – the plum jelly with fuchsia and blue glitters. Like all of the polishes I used, she is an oldie but goodie. KBShimmer can be counted on to make this polish remarkable. The jelly base color builds to a beautifully saturated color; yet, at the same time, it is sheer enough to allow the glitters to shine through.

I chose the rest of the polishes and the charm because they coordinate with the central polish.

double stamp vinyl diy decal accent nail art

Nail charms are a fun way to spice up your nails! This statement piece sure does stand out. LOL.

Mixed stones nail charm from Creative Cuticles

close up of nail art charm

Happy to report: this baby stayed on for several hours despite my clumsy self-using just a regular top coat.

mix and match purple nail art using double stamp vinyl method

The ring I’m wearing (and holding in the above photo) is made with polish. Although, the most visible golden topper is not the same one used on my nails. Sorry, didn’t mean to confuse anyone.

Purple nails mood board KimettKolor.com

Image Credits: Orly, Le Polish, Peachtree, KBShimmerWedding, Necklace

Polish Palette


  • Purple creme (thumb/pinky) – Peachtree Polish Callaway
  • Plum jelly with glitters (middle/ring) – KBShimmer No Whine Left
  • Gold (index & accents) – Le Polish Crunchy Leaf
  • Blue (accents) – Orly Sweet Peacock

Nail Art


  • Basecoat – Zoya Naked Manicure Base
  • Decal clear coat – Wet’n Wild 450B Clear Nail Protector
  • Topcoat – Seche Vite’ 
  • Clean-up brush – Fab Ur Nails Angular Kolinsky


Purple and Gold nails with Peachtree Polish Callaway

Previous design using Calloway: Just An Old Sweet Song

Previous designs using Ejiubas nail vinyl stencils: Zig Zags and Quatrefoil


Double Stamp Vinyl Technique

To my knowledge, Claire – aka @clairestelle8 on Instagram, was the person who originally thought to double up on the polish when using a nail vinyl. She was looking for a way to imitate the double stamped look; hence her chosen name. No matter what you call it, the idea is brilliant!

She has posted some videos, but that was way, way-way back in the beginning of the year; so to save your scrolling fingers, I am sharing one below. (The first half is for the background, but keep watching as the vinyl technique comes up quick.)


A post shared by Claire (@clairestelle8) on

Isn’t it fascinating to watch the second polish pull away from the edges leaving an edge of the first polish as she pulls up the vinyl off the nail? Even after doing it myself, I’m still a bit awestruck. And personally, I love the look. How about you?

To Decal or Not To Decal

Okay, you saw in Claire’s video that she makes the design on a silicone mat and then applies it to her nails as a DIY decal. Did you wonder if this technique could also be done directly on the nail? Yes? Me too.

My thumb is proof that you can indeed use this double stamp vinyl method directly on the nail.

Tip: Make sure your nail polish is completely dry before sticking the vinyl over it. Use a quick-drying topcoat to help things along.

Then, over on my pinky, I used the decal method. Each way has its little quirks; however, the differences apply to any technique done straight on the nail or as a decal from a stamper or mat. The first way is quicker than making decals. However, using decals is safer.

Making extras and picking the best attempts provides you the best looking finished nail design. So ultimately, if you like your nail art to be as flawless as possible, you might want to make the decals. If you enjoy the imperfections of handmade art, go for it — do it right on the nail.

making diy nail art decals with vinyl stencils

My decals got better as I practiced. I made the top two after bungling up the bottom two. Before I placed the decal on my pinky, I cut away the middle triangle.


Additionally, regarding the double stamp vinyl technique, I can confirm that the success relies on the polish as much as the painter. If the polish used first dries quickly, you would have a harder time getting crisp edges. Also, if the second polish is “heavy” (or the first polish is too thin), then the two colors will mix, which negates the outlined look. So, if you are going to apply the double stamp vinyl technique directly on your nail, I strongly advise testing your polish combination out first.

Expression of Love

This set of nails was completed as part of a giant hug from nail friends across the globe to one of our own who is going through a very tough time. Sanja’s husband died recently from a terminal illness. He was very proud and supportive of her nail art hobby, especially as a necessary stress reliever during his final months. Sanja would often tell us of his involvement in her design ideas and humorous reactions to her finished work. This past Sunday we posted nail art photos first on Instagram with the hashtag #weloveyouSanja. ♥

Purple and Gold Polishes with Nail Art

Thanks so much for reading today!!


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