Not All That Glitters Is Gold: Kiss That Frog

Kiss That Frog nail art with pink and green glitters

Quick to follow yesterday’s frozen grey palette with some bright and cheery nail art for day two of The Digit-al Dozen: All That Glitters week.  Also, just like yesterday, my design idea came from another play on words related to the theme. With lots and lots of glitter, of course.

I need to interrupt the flow here. Before I type another word, a simple and heartfelt Thank You is being sent to everyone who warmly welcomed me to the group yesterday. And, also to my friends who were as excited for me as I was upon being invited. Your encouragement and support are truly touching. Hugs, you guys!! Seriously, you have all made my year already!! ♥ Okay, back to our regularly scheduled program…

According to Wikipedia,

All that glitters is not gold is a well-known saying, meaning that not everything that looks precious or true turns out to be so. This can apply to people, places, or things that promise to be more than they really are.

Putting a positive spin on it: Some people, places, or things are often overlooked because on the outside they don’t appear as good as they really are on the inside. Hence, I present today’s nail art design reminding all of us princesses that our prince may be hiding in a frog suit.

And, what fairytale is not made better with glitter? Um…uh…none of them.

The Digit-al Dozen – January Theme “All That Glitters”

Kiss that frog! Surprisingly, you might just find your prince. Plus, the whole live happily ever after stuff. Definitely worth puckering up to some green and moist skin. 😉

Frogs on nails with stamping by Vivid Lacquer

Design Details

Since this is the week of glitter, I wanted to make sure one design incorporated lots of loose glitters. Recently, I received a pot o’ magical duo-chrome glitters from Born Pretty Store which has the perfect pink and green shimmers for my princess and prince story. And to coordinate, I had some loose, small green glitters laying around too. All that was needed was to pick polishes to go under the glitter as the base and over the glitters in stamping. I stuck with the pink & green colors only, making a flat style design.

Starting off with the base colors:

I chose two gel polishes from Madam Glam. A pale pink creme that you’ve seen me wear a few times called Ballerina. Along with a bright green crelly and chameleon (thermal) known as Shooting Star. In the following photo, you see only the warm color of Shooting Star as I failed to capture it in transition. I loved this polish, so I know I’ll be showing it again soon and will make a point to feature it’s color changes.

gel polishes by Madam Glam

Bring on the glitter!

It felt so DIY to add the glitter as a separate step. Most of the time, I’m using either polish with glitter or a glitter topper. But, these magical shiny particles transformed the plain polishes into dazzling beauties. I now get why this is a thing! Although, if I think back…I did use loose glitters once before with regular polish.

Before I forget, I’ll put the steps I followed right here:

  1. Apply gel color base. Cure. Do not wipe.
  2. Use finger to gently place glitters all over the nail. Pat glitters in position, don’t rub.
  3. Lightly brush off excess with soft brush.
  4. Apply no-wipe topcoat and cure.

loose glitters over gel polish

Just look at that shimmer! The chameleon glitter from Born Pretty Store is fascinating over different colored bases. When applied over the top of a black or dark color, the pink disappears, but the green shimmer intensifies. Examples are on the product’s web page. Even over the light colored base, as I chose here, depending on the angles, the glitters show both light and dark pink with a green catch of the light.

loose glitter from Born Pretty Store

Lastly, for the frogs and the lips, I used two older stamp plates from my collection. By the way, the frogs come from the same stamping plate by Vivid Lacquer that you liked in Red Salamanders on Pastel Blue Moon. This was one of my favorite stamp plate brands of years past. Even though they’re no longer available, I hope you don’t mind seeing them from time to time.

glitter nail art with frogs

On my thumb, I gave the frog some eyes by dotting the same stamping polish over the top of the stamping before final topcoat.

kiss that frog nail art

Isn’t it cool that the glitter base is visible underneath the stamping? It presented as cool amphibian-like skin, yes?

Polish Palette

Green Nails

Pink Nails


  • Vivid Lacquer | VL012
  • Mash | Round Plate 54
  • It Girl Nail Art | Emerald
  • M Polish | Fresh Perspective
  • Clear Jelly Stamper | The Big Bling


  • UNT | Ready For Takeoff
  • MelodySusie | Base SOG
  • Madam Glam | No-wipe Topcoat SOG
  • Vapid | Catsuit Liquid Latex

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Born Pretty Store Chameleon Mermaid Glitter, Item #39584 Color #3

Even after making this design, including spilling, there are lots of glitters left over.


Last Looks

pink and green nails with frogs and glitter

Surprisingly, I found wearing this much glitter on all five nails pleasing. The simplicity of the images helped keep it from getting too busy.

kiss that frog nail art

C’mon, C’mon. Lady, Kiss that frog! ~Peter Gabriel

Have you every used loose glitter in your nail art? Despite needing a lint roller and shop vac when finished, I think it’s worth the mess. Of course, if you’re not as clumsy as me you’ll miss out on all that fun.

Are you wondering what I will have in store for your next sparkling nailspiration? Hmmm….you’ll just have to come back tomorrow for day three. Just as a tease to wet your whistle…it’s a technique that until now I hadn’t been successful executing. My accomplishments aside and more importantly, I think you’ll really like the nail art. Just sayin’.

Lastly, don’t forget to mingle with the rest of the Digit-al Dozen party below. I’m sure those clever girls have some good ones to share. Since we’re chatting here – did you catch all the glittering beauties from yesterday. The last time I counted, there were 14 sparkly sets, and I bet there are even more now.


Till next time,

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