I Heart All That Glitters

Valentine glitter hearts nail art

If my nails were a bumper sticker, they would say: I  All That Glitters!

It’s kind of corny, I know. But, hey, it’s finally Fri-Yay and I’m ready to relax! My bloggy brain is tired. How about you? Ready for some downtime? Before you ease into couch potato mode, there’s just one more thing to do – join me with the finale of The Digit-al Dozen: All That Glitters week of nail art. 😉


Valentine glitter hearts nail art

Design Details

Once again, I retreated to my comfort zone of following a skittlette format. This nail set could be the bookend to those I shared on Monday. One design with stamping and snowflakes; the other with hearts and nail vinyls. In contrast to the last couple of designs I’ve shared between then and now, this one was nice and quick to put together. Funnily enough, the majority of the time was spent finding the combination of polishes and supplies to use.

My polish collection is large enough that it’s been hard whittling down which glitter polishes I wanted to feature this week. I have so many that haven’t been on the blog yet. So, when a friend requested Valentine’s Day nails, it made my choice easier.

Valentine glitter hearts nail art

Being that this is a pretty straightforward nail art look, the steps could be summed up like this:

Paint nails.

Wait till dry.

Apply nail vinyls.

Paint nails.

Grumble that you need more practice with nail vinyls because you biffed it when peeling them up.

Wait till dry.

Top coat.


Grumble again because you flooded your cuticles with red polish that stains.

LOL – grumbling is not required should you wish to re-create them. 😉

Valentine glitter hearts nail art

Polish Palette

Coincidentally, the polishes I used all mean something special to me, so I’d like to share a bit here:

  1. The heart and glitter topper is from Leesha’s Lacquer. Alicia frequently makes small batch polishes, calling them all One Of A Kind. This was a prize from a blog giveaway hosted by Carolina of  Colores de Carol.
  2. As you might have guessed, I also made a point to use one of Colores de Carol polishes – the black linear holographic polish on my pinky, called Jet Black. I purchased it because the holo doesn’t overpower the black jelly base. But even in pictures taken under daylight bulbs, you’ll catch some rainbows.
  3. Underneath the glitter topper, I used my coveted Loaded Lacquer Coconut. Ah, what a dream to apply! Heather and her creations are very missed. Like other NPA’s, I am on the hunt for another Indie maker who specializes in jelly and crelly formulas.
  4. The two red polishes that round out this look are both mainstream oldies but goodies. The red creme is one of Sally Hansen‘s beloved Insta-Dri polishes, called Rapid Red. This is the very first polish that I stamped with many moons ago. I paired it with an aqua color polish for love at first stamp!
  5. Then, I used the glittery red Ruby Jewels from Milani. I can still remember buying this polish on an outing with my Mom almost as long ago.


  • Milani | Ruby Jewels
  • Loaded Lacquer | Coconut
  • Colores de Carol | Jet Black
  • Leesha’s Lacquer | One Of A Kind – Hearts
  • Sally Hansen | Insta-Dri Rapid Red

Nail Art

  • Ejiubas | ES-11 Nail Vinyls


  • UNT | Ready For Takeoff
  • ACI | Gelous Nail Gel Coat
  • Seche | Vité
  • Vapid | Catsuit Liquid Latex
  • Fab Ur Nails | Angular Kolinsky Brush

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Heart vinyl stencil nail art

I know it’s a little early for Valentine’s Day, but maybe these will give you some nailspiration for when the time comes. I just checked, and you can still get these heart nail vinyls from Amazon here. I’m sorry the heart glitter polish isn’t available, but maybe you know of a current polish with heart glitters? If so, please share with the class in the comment section.

Because We Like Pictures

Let’s see some more!

Valentine glitter hearts nail art

I could have named this design Queen of Hearts

Valentine glitter hearts nail art

Puffy hearts!

Valentine glitter hearts nail art

Another name idea: Hearts-a-Flutter

Valentine glitter hearts nail art

What’s black & white, and red all over?


Do you paint your nails for the Valentine-slash-Hallmark holiday? Yeah? What will you be using this year – traditional red or pink? Or something off the menu, perhaps? Regardless, I hope I get to see them!


Well, my friends. It’s time to bid you adieu. It’s been a real treat spending each day with you this week. For sure, I’ll be posting between now and the next Digit-al Dozen week. So, no worries as there are lots of nail art ideas in my head waiting to come to life.

Speaking of nail art ideas, let’s check out what the ladies have to dazzle and delight us with the finale of All That Glitters! I’m so glad that my mates did some designs that I didn’t get to do – like shiny diamonds and crystals, pretty jelly rainbows, radical glitter bombs, and psychedelic glitter placements – to name a few.


Till Next Time,

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