Swatch Spotlight: Scofflaw – Fire Imp

How about I share a pretty polish swatch with you today? Since sorting through the coral polishes in my stash – you may recall the coral Battle of the Kolors – I’ve been itching to re-visit Fire Imp by Scofflaw.

Fire Imp by Scofflaw

I gave this polish all five hearts then and without hesitation, I would do the same again today. There’s a lot going on in this bottle of magical color – let’s take a look.

Fire Imp by Scofflaw

Fire Imp by Scofflaw


Color: a red-orange coral scattered holo with blue shimmer highlights

Release Info: Winter 2016 Collection

Swatch:  3 thin coats and topcoat

Fire Imp by Scofflaw


Most of the time when I buy polish it’s because I think it will look great with nail art. However, this one ticks off all the right boxes for me and I’ve been quite happy wearing it all on its own. On all ten!

Fire Imp is described by its creator as a medium-toned Indian red, specifically a creamy, dense tomato-esque coral with a gently muted quality and a southwestern vibe. Dusted with holographic pigment, it also bears abundant iridescent teal shimmers in perfect contrast to the base. (Source: Lacquer Slacker, in this blog post.)


If asked, it was that southwestern vibe which totally hooked me. 😉

Fire Imp by Scofflaw

My photos feature her warm colors; however, in various lighting, the polish is true to her name – impish. She can look cool and subdued, especially when the blue shimmer decides to come out. Even as I’m looking down at my fingers typing, she shifts from bright to dusty. See for yourself with these close-up photos:

Fire Imp by Scofflaw Fire Imp by Scofflaw

I don’t know how a polish can be made so magical, but I’m happy to leave it a mystery.

What do you think? Do you like these orange-red shades? They make me feel all warm and happy – which is a nice escape from the dreary winter blues, yes?


Scofflaw nail polishes are made in small batches and sold through the brand’s website.  I highly recommend signing up for their email newsletter to find out about new releases. Additionally, I’ve noticed lately that they often release individual polishes through Polish Pickup. Information is also available on Facebook and Instagram.

Polish purchased by me, nothing to disclose.



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