All That Glitters Is Cold: Snowflake Skittlette

Have you ever considered snowflakes to be Winter’s glitter? The idea occurred while planning out this wintery nail art skittlette I have to share with you. With the recent frozen temperatures around here, it’s especially helpful to enjoy the pretty parts of the season, right?

All That Glitters Is Cold nail art design by Kimett Kolor

Incidentally, it’s exciting to share these with you today, as it’s not only the first nail art post in the new year, but it’s also part of a new adventure. I’ll spill the details toot sweet, but in the meantime, I hope you’re snug and warm wherever you’re reading this.

Invitation to Join The Digit-al Dozen

More than five years ago, around the same time as I was starting out with nail art, a handful of my blogging heroes formed a group called The Digit-al Dozen. These ladies have gotten together one week of every month sharing themed nail art on their blogs. Today, sharing such nail art collectively is much more prevalent with the aid of social media. Yet, impressively, over the years, this group has continued to maintain its original blog delivery, attract new members as others move on from the hobby, all while evolving with the times. They even ran their own collective blog for a spell. All this to say, I’m not aware of any other nail art lovers’ collective activity quite like this one which has continued on for so long. Cue the applause.

And, the reason we’re talking about this is…

Recently, I received an invitation to join!

But, you guessed that already, didn’t you. Well, then it is also likely that you correctly intuited that I was absolutely giddy with excitement and genuinely honored to be asked. With all forms of graciousness, I’m sending out a giant Thank You to the members who voted me in. For me, this nail art group represented what I had always hoped to achieve when I summoned the courage to blog myself. Over the years, I have considered many members to be nail blogging mentors. This group has always been there in my blogosphere. To be honest, it is a little surreal that I’m going to be participating.

Digit-al Dozen Badge

Now, What Happens?

Alright. Bringing this up to the here and now. You will find that I will endeavor to post five designs each month during The Digit-al Dozen week, as well as a Birthday design once a month to celebrate our members’ special days. At the bottom of each post will be a link party so that all of our readers can visit all of the blogs. You’ll get a kick out of discovering how closely or outrageously each member interprets the themes and inspirations. And, finally, please don’t worry. There won’t be a big difference when it comes to what’s happening here. It will be the same nail art posts that you’ve come to expect on KimettKolor, just more of them! 😉

Kimett….would you get on to the nail art, please… Yup. I’m done with the preliminaries now. Thanks for your patience – you’re the best readers, ever! Here. We. Go.

Snowflake nail art with Zoya Pixie Dust Dahlia

The Digit-al Dozen – January Theme: All That Glitters

The chosen theme for January’s nail art designs is All That Glitters. Doesn’t that sound all shiny and fun?! As you know from following me, I tend to only use glitter for special occasions. Consequently, all the glittering polish and pots in my stash are excited that I’ll be giving them some love this week.

So, here I am easing into the glittering pool with an everyday look. You’ve likely heard the common phrase, “All That Glitters Is Gold” — possibly you can’t get the line from the lyrics to Stairway To Heaven out of your head either? It kinda sticks to the brain like glitter to glue, LOL.

After rooting around my stash of glittery polishes, I found this fun snowflake glitter topper. While forming a plan around that, I decided to create a glitter nail design that emphasized not only winter but also the feeling of being cold.

So, for my first design – I titled it: “All That Glitters Is Cold”.

winter glitter snowflake nail art

I’m not ashamed to admit, I was nervous about my first Digit-al Dozen entry. To help settle my nerves, I went with a tried and true skittlette layout. Although this is a pretty simple design technique-wise, I did spend a fair amount of time planning it out to capture that freezing feeling as well as using a glitter of a sort on each finger. I think you’ll see an increase in complexity as the week rolls on. Oh, the anticipation! 

Design Details

Here’s the breakdown of the three elements of this mani:

  1. First up, the deep, dark and cold grey polish with a slightly metallic finish for my thumb and index nails. Zoya’s Claudine has just the right shimmery interest. It was also a good choice to show off the stamped snowflake pattern. For contrast, I used a glitter stamping polish and a new winter stamping plate by Creative Shop. Cold, but pretty.
  2. Next, a messy fan-brush gradient with white and 2 shades of grey for the base of the middle and ring fingers. Hit The Bottle’s stamping polishes are quite versatile and easy to use for gradients like this. Once all that was dry, I added a generous amount of the glitter topper by sponging it over the nail, ensuring loads of shiny glitters and snowflakes. It’s a blizzard, but pretty.
  3. Lastly, an accent of the dark shimmering texture polish. This is one of Zoya’s Pixie Dust polishes that has a sparkle that intensifies when it dries. Dark, but pretty.


nail art sketch design


Polish Palette

Polishes used in All That Glitters Is Cold by Kimett Kolor

  • Love Angeline | Paper Snowflakes
  • M Polish |Frost
  • Zoya | Dahlia, Claudine
  • Hit The Bottle | My Suitor Wears Pewter, (not pictured: light grey – A Flock of Seagulls, white -Snowed In)
  • Creative Shop | 112 (image below)

NEW! Links to shop found on page: Kimett Recommends

Oh, hey – did you happen to notice that two of the polishes had appropriate names for this wintry nail art? First, the stamping polish I used for the snowflakes is called Frost. And secondly, one of the polishes I used in making the gradient (under the glitter) is called Snowed In.

I’ll admit I spent way more time planning and picking things out than actually painting my nails. Creative procrastination at its finest.

Stamp Chat

Notably, this is my first time using a plate from the brand Creative Shop and I’m quite pleased. Overall, their designs tend to be unique compared to other brands and the images are etched very well. In fact, the etching is so crisp I suggest using a lint-free wipe when cleaning the plate. My preferred medium is sponge-like pads that get into all the nooks and crannies without leaving behind any messy fibers – like these.

In particular, this winter stamping plate called to me as soon as it was released this season. I love the winter designs, and even the Christmas ones aren’t too holiday specific making it quite versatile. In fact, I can see using the stars and the diamond pattern any time of the year.

Creative Shop Stamping Plate 112 Winter

I used the large snowflake image (second from left in top row) on both my index and thumb. It’s a unique snowflake shape, don’t you think?

close up snowflake stamping image Creative Shop 112


close up view of Paper Snowflakes by Love Angeline

Just For Fun

Ironically, I thought the day I painted these nails was too cold to go outside for pictures. Hah! Then, it got colder! Eventually, I ventured out to capture this macro picture of the snow on the ground. What do you know, snowflakes really are Winter’s glitter!

glittering snow

Close-up picture of snow using auto-tone in photoshop took the white glare away, showing lots of sparkles. It almost looks like a polish bottle of a glitter topper, yes?

One last look at today’s design:

Winter glitter nail art with stamping

All right, it’s time to tell me whether or not you liked seeing glittery snowflake nails. And, most importantly, do they bring a shiver to your body? Cause, I was going for cold. Pretty, but cold. 😉


Join me tomorrow for Day Two of January: All That Glitters for The Digit-al Dozen. [Happy wiggle dance.]

Remember, there’s more glitter nail art to enjoy if you follow the links below (more might arrive after the time of my post). I’m looking forward to seeing how the other gals interpreted the theme – but I can bet, no matter what, it will be sparkly!


Till Next Time,

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