Boto Encantado In Mystic Ocean

DRK Mystic Ocean dolphin stamping nail art

Ladies, if the legend is real, your date tonite might be too good to be true.


Boto Encantado – Magic Pink Dolphin

Today’s nail art features a unique stamping image depicting folklore from Brazil. As of yet, this one hasn’t been sanitized by Disney, likely because of it’s PG-13 rating, or hyped by Hollywood – but you never know. It’s possible the producers will see my nails and say, “Yeah baby – this is our next movie!”

Have I peaked your interest?

DRK Mystic Ocean dolphin stamping nail art


So far this week, I’ve visited with the legends of the fearsome Kraken, a flakie dragon, and a luminescent mermaid.

Today, in honor of the great Kimett Kolor fans in Brazil, as well as one of my favorite stamp plate brands – DRK Nails, I picked the Boto Encantado for my fourth design. Having just learned of this mythical creature through a cursory online quest, I hope not to offend any with my naivete’ on the subject. Specifically, as related to making nail art, I gained most of my inspiration from these two enjoyable sources: a wiki space story page and an animal photography website (translated into English).

I offer this warning as a very brief description of the tales:

If you ever find yourself lucky to be along the river banks in the Brazillian rainforest, think twice when an irresistible man tries to woo you with his romantic ways. He might be a shapeshifter looking to leave you with an offspring to raise on your own.

DRK Mystic Ocean dolphin stamping nail art

Design Details

Believe it or not, I had come across the idea of the Boto Encantado before my realization that I had a stamp plate with the fabled image right on it! I had a slew of stamping plates gathered that included designs of dolphins, a straw hat (the telltale sign of its human form), river banks with palm trees, etc. But – when I was examining them again, I noticed the image was right there on this one plate!!

drk themes mystic ocean stamp plate

DRK Nails | Mystic Ocean

This plate is huge! Can you find the image on my nails? How about this – a section with the area circled:

Being a pretty straightforward stamping design, I will spare us the extra time in itemizing the steps taken to create this nail art. Nevertheless, if you have any questions, please let me know at the end of the post and I’ll get back to you as quick as the dolphin swim.

pink river dolphin stamping nail art

Overall, if I were to create this nail design again, I would flip the orientation so that the gradient would fade from pink to white at the tips of the nails (Baby Boomer style – get it?). And, I would also try to figure out how to get those giant dolphin images to translate into itty bitty nail designs. But – for today’s purpose – or should I say, porpoise – I think it worked out just fine. Notably, the dolphins swimming in patterns of the waves along the river banks is genius.

I won’t go into more gush about this plate because I’m not sure when and if it will be available for sale again. The gal behind the brand has temporarily closed her shop recently. Although she announced she would re-open, I have no information to share about that right now. Indeed, keep an eye out for blog sales if you fancy this plate. Sorry, but not sorry, it won’t appear in mine.

EDIT 2/26/18: Good news! DRK Nails online store is open for a short time for pre-orders through March 7th. 

Polish Palette

Base Gradient: Polish My Life | Birthday Suit, Pink Sandals, Pink Flamingo


  • DRK | Themes: Mystic Ocean (large stamping plate)
  • Clear Jelly Stamper | More Like 1 am #1, KaPink #6
  • Hit The Bottle | Snowed In
  • Moyra | PiXL Clear Stamper No. 12


  • Ellison’s Organics | I’ll Stick Wichu!
  • Vapid | Catsuit Liquid Latex
  • Love Angeline | Topped With Love
  • Clear Jelly Stamper | Pretty In Pink Brush
  • cutting of kitchen sponge for gradient

DRK Mystic Ocean dolphin stamping nail art

More Pretty-in-Pink Pictures

Initially, I wasn’t too sure I liked these nails very much. But…they have grown on me. Perhaps, leaving behind all those fancy multi-chrome flakies and iridescent sparkle seen in the last couple posts had me in shell-shocked at first. I really do like these flat color designs too. And besides, is it possible to not enjoy wearing pink nail art? LOL. Not in my book.

DRK Mystic Ocean river dolphin stamping nail art

DRK Mystic Ocean pink dolphin stamping nail art


Well, my friends, it’s a little sad that it’s already time to say goodbye. To be clear, we’re parting just for today. Didn’t mean to scare you. It’s just that I found enjoyment creating these magical pink dolphin nails to share with you today. And, I don’t want the party to be over. Thank goodness there’s a large stash of colorful nail polishes in drawers beside me just to have the excuse to do this again!

Oh – and, you’ll let me know in the comments if you liked these (or not) – right? Or, you could just say hi. That’s always good!


Till Next Time,

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