Dragon’s Eye and Claws – Polish Jewelry and Nail Art

dragon eye nail art and polish jewelry

If you happened to catch the post from earlier today, then you know how I feel about these multi-chrome flakies I’m wearing. Not to mention, they practically are nail art on their own! But, they spoke to me; asking for a little nail art in hopes they could shine again on Kimett Kolor. How could I deny them? Apparently, I couldn’t.

Since yesterday we had so much fun with the Kraken ringit occurred to me to repeat the pleasure by making some nail polish jewelry to go along with today’s nail art post.

dragon eye nail polish jewelry


It’s back to dry land on day 2 of The Digit-al Dozen’s Mythical Creatures tour. Today I’ve got some dragon-themed nail polish art.

Initially, I had planned to add scales to these nails, but after seeing the flakies up close, I was nervous it would cover the base too much So, plan B.

My nails tell the story about the dragon’s claws. It’s a short story. You see, this dragon’s shiny, multi-chrome appearance renders her attackers mesmerized into a state of motionlessness. While they are stunned, she has time to slice them to ribbons with one swoop with her killer sharp, black talons.

Wait. What? It’s possible that I might have some anger issues I need to work out… Just be grateful I didn’t paint the poor sod bleeding to death for the ring image. LOL.

whats up nails blossom flakies with black triangle tape

Even if these nails aren’t giving you the dragon claw vibe that they do for me, the triangle shape is just the right amount of nail art to go with the flakie base. It doesn’t cover too much up, and you can still see the shifting colors from the flakies. Phew, I might be redeemed.

Design Details

This nail design wasn’t hard to plan or execute. Just a little patience is all.

Starting with black gel polish, I covered my nails with What’s Up Nails Blossom Flakies. The complete run-down and details make up my earlier post and review of the fantastical flakies. Here’s that close-up photo again:

whats up nails blossom flakies

Then, to turn these otherwise gorgeous nails into dragon claws, it was time to use nail stencils. Fortunately, I had these stencils called Triangle Tape by What’s Up Nails handy and they make perfectly steep and sharp triangles.

Now, typically using nail stencils is a pretty quick proposition. However, the nail stencils make the triangle by exposing the outer area surrounding the triangle itself. You know so that the area that you add the color becomes the outside of the triangle once you peel up the stencil. Except on this occasion, I already covered the black nail with the flakies and now needed to add the black triangles back on my nail, over the flakies. Hmmm…

I’m not sure I came up with the best solution, but what I did was this – used the triangle stencils as a template. Like a sewing guide or tracing pattern.

I first positioned it down the center of my nail (like normal). Then, I took two pieces of scotch tape and lined each one up against the sides of the triangle. Next, I removed the triangle stencil and covered any remaining bare skin with liquid latex. Finally, I sponged on black polish a couple of times and peeled up the tape and latex. Now, the polish covers just the centers in the shape of the triangle.

whats up nails blossom flakies nail art

Most of the pictures in this post show my nails without the final layer of top coat. I took so many photos before top coat because I thought the ridged surface might increase the chances that the nail art would look like talons rather than triangles. In my head it did, but I might be biased because that’s all I can see. Artist blinders. LOL.

Unlike the others, the following picture is showing the final results after sealing everything up with top coat.

dragon eye nail art

Funny enough – the last time I did dragon nails, I chose an abstract interpretation then too. Still on the to-do list: make dragon scale art. There can never be too much dragon nails, right?! Hopefully, it doesn’t take me another four years to get back to it though. Pfft!

Polish Palette

Featuring: What’s Up Nails | Blossom Flakies | Review

Other products used:

  • UNT | Ready For Takeoff
  • Finger Paints | Easel Down The Road (Black 1-step gel polish), Soak-off Top Coat
  • Q7F Kolinsky England No.14 Brush
  • What’s Up Nails | Triangle Tape
  • Scotch Tape
  • Ribbits Stickits | Un-Frog-Gettable Cuticle Cover
  • Hit The Bottle | As Black As Night
  • Make-up Sponge
  • Seche | Vite

dragon eye nail art and jewelry

Dragon Eye Polish Ring

Although I’ve made several pieces of nail polish jewelry before, I had never tried making a dragon eye. Thanks to YouTube artist, Yvonne Williams I had a jump start on how to go about it. Her technique involves etching layers of nail polish to create the details of the dragon eye. I don’t think I did so well, but it’s an art needing practice.

Since her technique doesn’t lend itself to using flakies, I shopped my stash and used the following nine polishes to make the dragon eye:

  • Joss | Black Stamping Polish
  • 2-Bit Polish | The Twinkle In Their Eyes
  • Clear Jelly Stamper | #20 Copper Hint
  • Hit The Bottle | The Yolk Is On You!
  • It Girl | Currant
  • ILNP | Glory, Cameo, & Masquerade
  • Illyrian | Compel (bottle pictured below)

dragon eye nail art

Another close-up of the dragon eye ring:

dragon eye nail polish jewelry

I seem to be on a roll with these statement rings this week. Think I can keep the streak going all week? I don’t know…it sure is fun though.

dragon eye nail art

And, here’s the eye and claws together for the last pose:

dragon eye nail art

What did you think of these?

I could have stayed in this multi-chrome flakie fantasy world longer…but alas, it’s time to move on to the next Digit-al Dozen mythical creature nail art. What will it be?

Make sure to come back tomorrow. Until then, enjoy a colorful day!

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