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mermaid purple scales nail art

What’s not to like about Mermaids? They have long flowing hair that somehow is always beautiful without shampoo. Skinny enough to wear only shells – must be all the seaweed in their diet. Gorgeous skin that never needs sunscreen – as someone who more resembles a lobster in the sun, I think this is my favorite part of the fantasy. A beautiful and functional tail that allows them to be in or near the ocean all the time – and quickly escape whatever else is in that water. And good friends – like this little happy pearl.

Suffice it to say; I’m enjoying being a Mermaid for a day – even if it is only with my imagination and a little bit of nail art. How about you? Do you like Mermaids too? No matter if you do or don’t – there’s a refreshing surprise in this post in either case.


Fortunately, I’m not the only one who is following a broad view of what is considered mythical creatures this week. To some folks, Mermaids are more fantasy oriented than based on mythology. Still, they’re such a fun subject for nail art that I couldn’t resist. All in all, it has been a blast seeing all the various kinds of fabled creatures that my fellow DD girls have been showing us this week. And, it’s only Wednesday!

Design Details

Alrighty – on to the nail art.

At first glance, these might seem like just some purple nails with white mermaid scales, which would be cool indeed — but there’s a bit more to them.

It all started with a purple polish base. I chose to go with a sheer and elusive violet leaning purple gel from Madam Glam called Purplexed.

madam glam puplexed

The picture above shows the polish as warmer/brighter than it was in real life. In fact, most of my pictures today are sadly not quite cutting it – at least to me because I have the nails in front of me for comparison. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy them just fine – and I will clam up about them. Instead, I’ll focus on how many mer-puns I can include in this post. LMFO – Laughing My Fin Off.

Then, in a similar fashion to yesterday’s dragon nails, I added some loose flakies to the top of these. Only, today I used sheer, iridescent ones that look just like Mermaid scales in a jar. Also different – I placed them more sparsely so as not to cover the base polish completely.

mermaid scales nail art decoration

After applying a top coat to seal in the flakies, it was time to stamp the Mermaid scales. There are lots of stamping plates with this pattern for sure. My decision was made for me because the one I had used for my Kraken nails was still out on my desk. While I could have used regular white stamping polish, I chose to go with a stamping gel instead – you’ll see why very soon.

mermaid purple scales nail art

While the stamping gel was still wet, I dumped some special white powder over my nail. Using my finger, I made sure to pat the powder into the gel (lesson learned after the first nail). After brushing away the excess with a big fluffy makeup brush, I applied a glossy gel top coat and cured.

Artist Painted Nail Art Ring

Now, before I get to the details about this “special” powder – I first need to introduce you to today’s jewelry accent – Shelly. The name is the only thing I can take credit for though.

Chances are you already know of Narmai and the incredible creativity and artistic talent she shares with us on her nail art blog, Piggie Luv.  I’m wearing her nail art as a ring!! She transforms her hand painted nail art into jewelry – even has an online store!

I’m sure I’m not alone in awe of Narmai’s nail art. I enjoy her take on nail art – it’s full of humor and out-of-the-box creativity. I’ve been following her painting adventures for many years, and I think it’s safe to say that everyone gets hooked on her style. And, now we can wear her art! How’s that for a bit of fandom!?!

mermaid purple scales nail art

Okay – here comes the surprise I mentioned in the opening. Are you ready?

Drumroll, please. Because it’s a –

Luminescent Mermaid Party For Two

We glow so well together, don’t ya’ think?

glow in the dark mermaid nail art

Note: The sun was beginning to shine through my shades causing a light leak in my otherwise dark room. Hence the pink edges. This hue was not from the polish or any other item on my nail – as you’ll see in the photo at the end of the post which I took before the sunrise. Yes – these nails were a product of good ole’ painsomnia. But, it brings up the question – how do Mermaids sleep? In a waterbed, of course. Ba dum bum, fishh…

Polish Ring

Along with acrylic paint, Narmai used GITD (glow-in-the-dark) polish – a frequent characteristic of her art. Here is a link to the original nail art post with all the details. Shellfishly, I’m stoked to have this one-of-a-kind art to wear again and again. Might you pick up a necklace or keychain?

And, now, back to the original nail art conversation…

Polish Palette

While I was shopping Narmai’s store, she was offering grab bags as part of a blog sale. Along with a ton of goodies, my bag included the mermaid scales – so I had to use them of course! They aren’t available any longer on Twinkled T‘s website, but there are many other similar loose flakies if you’re so inclined to try this look yourself.

I’ve listed everything below used for these mer-nails. It was a lot of fun playing with new-to-me things like stamping gel and glow powder. Oh – I just have to include here that the powder container from Daily Charme is super thought out – it has a transparent cover under the lid with small holes, think spice bottle, so that you don’t waste too much powder. Nifty!

Nail Art

  • Madam Glam | Purplexed
  • Twinkled T | Mermaid Scales
  • Wildflowers Nails | White Stamping Gel
  • Daily Charme | Blue Glow Powder
  • Uber Chic Beauty | Stamp Plate: Mermaid Life


  • UNT | Ready For Takeoff
  • Finger Paints | Gel Polish Soak-Off Top Coat
  • Madam Glam | No Wipe Top Gel
  • Wildflowers Stamper
  • Q7F Kolinsky England No.14 Brush
  • Make-up Brush
Uber Chic Beauty Mermaid Life

A Mermaid lover’s dream stamping plate!


Kimett Recommends: If you’re looking for awesome nail art supplies – make sure to visit my page for shopping recommendations!


Let’s Sea More Nails!

Phew – that was a bit of rush to get all the details out there and still get to the surprise reveal without too much time treading water. So, let’s enjoy a few more pictures in calmer seas…

mermaid purple scales nail art

Another look at the mermaid scales – slightly different angles of lighting show the flakies’ impish hide and seek charm.

mermaid purple scales nail art

And again with Shelly –

mermaid purple scales nail art

Glow Buddies

glow in the dark mermaid nail art


Okay, my friends…time to tell me what you thought of these day and night mermaid nails. Do you like wearing GITD nails? Do they scare you while laying in bed at night, too? Oh, that’s just me then. Ok. Anyway, it’s time for me to wrap up this post now.

What are you going to do next? Me? I’m going to enjoy a delicious Mermosa while I check out all the great nail art from the other ladies below…

Image from Thortful greeting cards

Till Next Time,

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