Green Smoosh + Cactus Stamping

Hello there. Welcome back! And, just for you, I’ve got a little bit of smoosh nail art in fresh green hues, decorated with plump cacti.

green smoosh with cactus stamping nail art

My fingers are crossed…that you can tell that these are cacti shapes in the design. In hindsight, my idea for stamp placement might not have been such a good one. Either way, I’ll be interested to hear your reactions in the comments!

In addition to sharing pretty colored nails – which is plenty reason enough to be here actually – these nails are also my part of something special this week. Can you guess what?

A Digit-al Dozen Birthday Party

In January, we had two members who celebrated their special day. Tangent alert: Yes – I know it’s now February. You see, the party was earlier this week when the calendar still officially read January, but I wasn’t able to attend. Sad face. I’m sending many apologies to the girls for being so tardy.

Now, moving on to the important message…

»»»» HAPPY BIRTHDAY to CourtneyPolished Lifting, and BrethilDruid Nails!! These artsy ladies picked this pretty cactus wallpaper as this month’s theme.

esta home cacti wallpaper

Click photo for image source

Once again, I’m truly sorry to the girls for being so late with this post. Life throws us lemons sometimes. Last month, I got hit with a whole dang lemon tree. Regardless, while I scurry to catch up with all things normal and good, I hope you’ll have a look-see through the mani party at the end of this post.

And to Courtney and Brethil – I’m sending belated, but very happy wishes for your Birthdays! 😉

Design Details

While there are several techniques that could work for this design, using watercolors or inks included; I chose to start with a smoosh base for the nail art. It’s been too long since we’ve seen any smooshing around here, so it NEEDED to be done. Alas, I’ve been itching to recreate one similar to this watery blue smoosh done coincidentally for another Birthday party a bit ago.

First, Smoosh That Base

green smoosh nail art base

Personally, I think it shows that my smoosh touch is a bit, well, out-of-touch. This was still the case, even after I remembered to re-read this post as a reminder of things that work well making smoosh nail art.

Don’t get me wrong, I mostly like this one, especially as a background for stamping. On all of my nails except the ring finger, I got nice soft watery patterns – which was my goal. Cacti are such good water keepers – and well, our inspiration photo was based on a watercolor painting.

What do you think? Would you wear all green smoosh nail art?

green smoosh nail art

Don’t forget the drop cloth…

If you’ve made one, you know that smooshes can be quite messy. Having some kind of cuticle/skin protector can be very helpful. Especially when using a dark or staining shade such as green. I tried a new product today by Ribbits Stickits that worked really well. Since the product label matches today’s color scheme, I couldn’t resist including it here.

As a side, I recently noticed that I’ve built up a small army of these liquid latex products. Would you be interested in a comparison post by chance?

Next, add the stamping

After the smoosh was dry (with topcoat), I thought about hand painting the cheery lil’ cactus for a hot minute. However, to save time, I went with good ole’ stamping instead. Besides, I have been meaning to use the cactus/floral stamping plate from Creative Shop. (Plate image further down.)

green smoosh and cactus stamping nail art

Testing, 1-2-3, Testing

Since I followed my own advice and tested many different polish combinations for my smoosh, I now had lots of the green smoosh blobs on my mat. They were dry and ready for testing stamping combinations. Nerd alert: I peeled one up to include in the product picture.

Okay, where was I? Oh yes, the stamp tests. I compared three stamping options: white only, black only, and the shadow stamping that I ultimately chose. I think I made the right choice when considering the theme. The white only option would have matched better – but it was hard to pick out the details in photos. The black only looked really nice – but since the inspiration didn’t have any black, I chose to go with the shadow stamping as the best of both worlds kinda thing.

creative shop 18 cactus stamping plate

Practice Makes…Better

As I eluded in my opening, this stamp image might not have been the best choice. If I had stamped in just black or even dark green, it would have been more recognizable. Also if I used more of the image, that would have helped. Alternatively, I think it would be really great as for a reverse stamping decal filled in with colors that distinguish the different cacti.

My lackluster shadow stamping placement aside, I’m happy to report, both the plate and the stamping polishes cooperated beautifully for me. I had zero issues picking up the image – even in the dry winter air. However, as you can see, I need some more practice with the shadow stamping placement though.

All in all, it is a reminder of my previously adopted mantra  – Done Is Better Than Perfect. 😉

Polish Palette

green cactus nail art supplies

Smoosh Nail Art
  • Revlon | Posh
  • Zoya | Josie
  • Rica | Summer Mint
  • Loaded Lacquer | Coconut
Stamping Nail Art
  • Creative Shop | Plate 18
  • Hit The Bottle | As Black As Night, Snowed In
  • Clear Jelly Stamper | The Big Bling
Basic Manicure Tools
  • Fab Ur Nails | Angular Kolinsky Clean-Up Brush
  • Ribbits Stickits | Un-frog-gettable Cuticle Cover, scent: Punch Frog
  • Pretty Serious | All Your Base
  • Love, Angeline | Le Topcoat


Creative Shop Stamping

As with so many of the plates from Creative Shop – I see myself using every image on this one too! So many stamps, not enough nail time…LOL.

Additionally, it is now even easier to purchase these plates as many stockists around the world carry them now – check out this page for my recommendations. Also, if you want to do the Facebook thing, you can follow their page for helpful info.

Creative Shop Stamping Plate 18 Cactus Floral

And, we’re back with the nail art. If picking a favorite, I chose the thumb. For the same reason as oftentimes, the larger canvas space is more forgiving with design placement.

cacti stamping nail art

I’m looking forward to smooshing again soon. It is so satisfying to squish the polishes around!

shadow stamping cactus nail art

Okay, gals and guys, it’s time for me to continue reclaiming lost time. I’d really love to hear your thoughts about these nails. It’s fascinating to hear how you see the nail art. I usually see all the things I wish were better – at least for the first 24 hours or so. Often, the longer time passes they grow on me more. Does that happen to you too?


Till Next Time,

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