Beware The Kraken – Mythical Nail Art

The Kraken Nail Art

Below the dark waters, moving between the shadows, a dangerous creature lurks. Beware, the Kraken! They say it is large enough to swallow ships whole.


Beware The Kraken wall quotes

While this legendary sea giant has been the subject of many tales and poems for centuries, now its myth is depicted across my nails. Today’s nail art includes a whole lot of cool stuff, like a fabulous indie polish with magical flakies, foil stamping, and last, but not least, my personal favorite – jelly polish.


As you might have guessed, this week The Digit-al Dozen nail art theme is Mythical Creatures. Should be fun, right? I’m predicting we’re going to see a mix of the ones frequently depicted in nail art, along with some unique ones too. Either way, it’s exciting!

For my first design, I chose to go out to sea to visit the very large, fabled cephalopod called the Kraken. What’s funny is that I would have continued my life on this planet never knowing about such a beast had it not been for nail polish collecting. You see…

The Kraken happens to also be a stunning nail polish from Supernatural Lacquer. Not knowing what one was, I was intrigued for sure. Embarrassingly, I admit google-ing before placing my order.

Now tell me, have you ever heard of the Kraken before? Yes? Okay. So, it’s just me that learns things about life from her nail polish adventures. That’s okay. I’m comfortable with that. LOL.

In any event, for this nail art, I chose this lovely inky colored polish complete with shimmers and flakie goodies to be the primary ingredient with which everything else coordinates. Not only is this polish gorgeous times infinity, but it applied like a champ too.

The Kraken Supernatural Lacquer nail art

This polish initially came as part of a box set that included an octopus ring with tentacles that wrap around your finger. How cool is that!!

The Kraken Supernatural Lacquer nail art

I believe this is the fifth time I’ve showcased a Supernatural Lacquer polish on the blog so far. Alas, many others are waiting for their debut as well. Suffice it to say, if you like artisan polish that is excellent quality – and better yet if you are a fan of the fantastical world – I highly recommend following this brand on Facebook. While you’re there, consider joining the Polish Idjits SPNL Fan group too. 😉

The Kraken Supernatural Lacquer nail art


Design Details

As already mentioned, The Kraken polish was the starting point for this skittlette nail art design. In brief, it involves different stamping techniques – namely foil stamping, layered stamping, & simple stamping – as well as jelly polish layering.

Below, I describe each of the three nail art segments, followed by close-up pictures.

The Kraken Supernatural Lacquer nail art


  1. Base color: 2 squishy coats of dark teal jelly polish
  2. Stamping: Silver foil stamping polish, then covered with silver foil
  3. Protection: 1 coat of UNT to seal the foil layer
  4. Color wash: 2 coats of another teal jelly polish (less pigmented, made for tinting)

foil stamping jelly sandwich

Ship at Sea

  1. Base color: 2 coats of aqua creme polish
  2. Clouds: tiny sponge with pale aqua polish
  3. Ocean: gradient made with polish brush using two teal jelly polishes (with darker one at tip)
  4. Ship: layered stamping – boat in black first, then sails in white
  5. Waves: stamped with pale aqua polish

ship on ocean jelly gradient layered stamping

The Kraken Polish Namesake

  1. Undies: 1 coat of aqua creme polish (not needed for shorter nails or close-up photos)
  2. Base color: 3 thin, and very easy, coats of The Kraken (teal polish with purple shimmer and multicolored flakies)
  3. Abstract wave pattern: Stamped with dark teal jelly polish
  4. Words: “The Kraken” stamped in white on my thumb

Supernatural Lacquer The Kraken stamping nail art

Overall, I was pretty pleased with these nails. Most of all, I liked the idea of using foil accents under jelly polish again. In person, the tentacle nails looked even more mysterious in different angles under the lights; they would get darker and moodier.

The jelly gradient ocean on the ship nail has lots of depth too. Some days, I seriously wonder if I could live on jelly polish alone. It’s just that I love them so much. Tell me, do you have a favorite type of nail polish formula?

The Kraken foil stamping nail art

Polish Palette

Nail Polish

  • Supernatural Lacquer | The Kraken
  • Zoya | Cynthia
  • China Glaze | Aquadelic
  • Wet Paint | Aquagirl
  • Picture Polish | Sky


  • Moyra | Foil Polish for Stamping in Silver FP.03
  • Daily Charme | Silver Foil (from Nail Art Foil Paper Bundle)
  • Hit The Bottle | As Black As Night, Snowed In
  • Clear Jelly Stamper | Plate: CjS LC-11
  • Uber Chic Beauty | Plates: Mini Nautical, 12-02, Mermaid Life
  • Moyra | PiXL Clear Stamper No. 12


  • Supernatural Lacquer | Sticky Base Coat
  • KBShimmer | Clearly On Top
  • UNT | Ready For Takeoff (used to protect foil)
  • Vapid | Catsuit Liquid Latex
  • Clear Jelly Stamper | Dual Pretty In Pink Brush

Stamp Plates (click image to view larger)


What are your thoughts about these nails? Do you like wearing teal on your fingertips?

The Kraken nail art octopus tentacles ocean ship waves


Never Mind The Sharks, Beware of The Kraken!

In the photo below, you might see what I mean about how moody the tentacle nails could look. My middle fingernail shows a shift in light away from directly shining on the foil.

The Kraken Supernatural Lacquer nail art

And, then taking these nails outside in the sunshine reminds us that even if the skies are clear and things seem peaceful, the Kraken could still be hiding below.

The Kraken Supernatural Lacquer nail art


So, tell me – are you excited about the Mythical Creatures theme? Do you have a favorite one you hope to see?

Meet you back here for the next design in the Digit-al Dozen theme week. Until then, I’m signing off…

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