Swatch Spotlight – What’s Up Nails Blossom Flakies

whats up nails blossom flakies

What’s Up Nails Blossom Flakies

In today’s post, I will share my first experience with another kind of nail decoration – loose flakies. These are super intoxicating all on their own and don’t need additional nail art to enjoy wearing them.  It’s all about the flakie fun! Oh – and there’s a video too. 😉

What's Up Nails Blossom Flakies

What’s Up Nails Blossom Flakies

Let’s get all of the preliminary info out of the way first.

Brand: What’s Up Nails

Product Link: Blossom Flakies

Description: Three color shifting multi-chrome flakies packaged chock full in a small container. The colors in Blossom range from fuschia to gold to green – and the shift is super strong.

Application: Easy to use with striking results. The flakies can be applied over regular polish or gel polish without any extra need for special tools or products. They can be set on the nail with just your the finger, but it’s less messy to use a small brush, eyeshadow applicator, or whatever you have handy.

What's Up Nails Blossom Flakies

Today I’m showing how these look over a black base, but since these flakies are opaque, you could use them over any color.

Now, on to the really fun stuff. Let’s see how they look in motion.

Before we jump in…just a couple quick notes:

  • I chose to cover my nails completely with the flakies, but they also look stunning when placed either randomly or cascading in a gradient by using a smaller brush than I wield in the video .
  • These flakies are super thin and fragile. You do not need any pressure at all to apply them – just gentle pats until they are flat on your nails. Very easey peasey!

What’s Up Nails Blossom Flakies Video

To be clear, this was my very first experience with these flakies. Consequently, I did more rubbing motions with my brush than actually required and switched up my approach for the remaining nails. Again, rubbing or burnishing is not necessary with these flakies.

What's Up Nails Blossom Flakies

Detailed Steps

As a reference, the following steps are what I used to get the results pictured.

  1. Peel-off base coat – UNT | Ready For Takeoff
  2. Black soak-off gel polish – Finger Paints | Easel Down The Road
  3. Gel top coat – Finger Paints | Soak-off Top Coat
  4. Loose flakies – What’s Up Nails | Blossom Flakies
  5. more top coat to seal in the flakies

Because I was using gel polish, I cured the black gel polish and used the subsequent tacky surface for the flakies to stick to. If you use regular polish, simply add the flakies before the polish is dry but still tacky.

What's Up Nails Blossom Flakies

It’s pretty amazing to see all three color shifts on one nail!

What's Up Nails Blossom Flakies What's Up Nails Blossom Flakies

Instant color hypnosis – am reduced to a drooling puddle in no time flat, I tell you! Once I got these under the camera, I couldn’t stop taking pictures. Which is not really unusual for me. However, what was different was that after taking the first couple test shots – I completely forgot to stop and clean up my hands like I usually do. I was just too excited!!

Shopping Information

What’s Up Nails is a company I often shop with – in fact, they’re in my Kimett Recommends list too. Most of us can purchase these flakies directly from their online store. And for the lucky ducks that live in the Southwest, they also have a physical store in Arizona. Someday I hope to visit. The only question will be whether or not to leave my credit card at home. LOL. But seriously, I would recommend signing up for their newsletter to hear about sales and new products too.

What's Up Nails Blossom Flakies

In case this wasn’t enough…

How about a couple pictures outside of the studio. Well – you know I couldn’t resist taking and sharing more. Notably, this first one will not win any photography awards. In fact, it was taken with my cell phone in bathroom lighting – but look at the color shifts!!

And, here’s an outdoor shot taken in the sunshine – totally mesmerizing!!

What's Up Nails Blossom Flakies

In summary, I was super impressed with the quality of these flakies by What’s Up Nails. The colors in Blossom are fantastic. The container is full of enough flakies to do tons of manis. I think I’m going to have to get some of their other colors too. Knowing me, I’ll go back and forth between using regular flakie polish toppers and these loose flakies depending on my mood. Personally, I’m glad for the choices and can understand why this option is best for nail technicians.

Now…I’d love to hear what you think. Have you ever tried flakies like these before?  Do you like the colors in Blossom? If you liked them, you’ll be glad to know I’ve got even more pictures with these stunning flakies with a little nail art coming up in the next post. Stay tuned.


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**Nothing to disclose. Products in this post were purchased by myself.