Butterfly Dreams Stamping Nail Art with Dixie Plates DP 10

butterfly stamping nail art dixie plate dp 10

Back at again with another Digit-al Dozen does Stamping week post. Yesterday was all about the layers. Today I wanted to highlight a different benefit that stamping nail art affords. In one word – speed.


When you’re pressed for time, stamping can be a quick and effective way to spruce up a plain manicure. And, if we’re lucky it looks like it took longer than it did. If it weren’t for this blog, I would happily let folks think I spent lots of time on these nails. But, alas, I’m not here to fool anyone. Just to share pretty nail art designs. That’s all. 😉

butterfly stamping nail art dixie plate dp 10

So, without much fuss, let’s get into it…

The focus of this design started with a jelly/glitter polish that is really dazzling. Now maybe this one isn’t for everyone, but I really love it.

CrowsToes – Shoot The Butterfly

crowstoes shoot the butterfly glitter jelly polish

I’m not sure of the maker’s intention, but I prefer to think of using a camera to shoot the butterfly.

This polish is one of my favorite formulas from this brand – a delicious jelly that with each coat serves up just the right amount of glittering surprise. For this nail art though, I did use a coat of a black creme for undies to prevent visible nail lines. Of course, you’ll get to see pictures galore, both glossy and matte. They’re waiting for you a little bit down the page, following the featured stamping products discussed next.

Design Details

Once I had a few coats of Shoot The Butterfly on my nails (yes, just painted on – no sponging or glitter fussing needed), I reached for a stamp plate from a brand that is quickly becoming a favorite of mine – Dixie Plates. The negative image of butterflies seemed perfect to go with this polish, don’t you think?

Dixie Plates – DP 10

dixie plates stamping DP 10

Previous posts with Dixie plates: Knitted Gnome 2.0, Green/Black Marble, Sea Glass Mosaic


Another Aussie brand that I’m smitten with is the stamping polish maker, Hit The Bottle. This love affair began with what is now my all-time favorite black stamping polish and is blossoming rapidly.

Overall, the combination of plate and stamping polish was a dream to use. For the first time in a long time, each time I stamped was a once and done. No pickup problems at all. Perfect when time on the clock isn’t plentiful. Like during the Digit-al Dozen week!

You can find links to all these brands in the one-stop shopping page: Kimett Recommends. Note: Like many artisan-made polishes, CrowsToes polish is available to buy during scheduled store openings only – it’s best to visit their Facebook page and sign up for email notifications.

To recap, here’s the list of everything used for today’s nail art:

Polish Palette

  • Polish My Life | Commando
  • CrowsToes | Shoot The Butterfly
  • Hit The Bottle | A Flock Of Seagulls

Stamping Plate

  • Dixie Plates | DP 10


  • Clear Jelly Stamper | The Big Bling
  • UNT |Ready For Takeoff
  • Bundle Monster | Smudge Free Top Coat
  • Essie | Good To Go
  • B2 Lacquer | B Matte

butterfly stamping nail art dixie plate dp 10

So far I’ve shown you the final look after the matte top coat. Now, feast your eyes on the glorious glossy glitters…

butterfly stamping crowstoes glitter

Not only are there orange and white glitters – reminiscent of monarch butterflies – but there are also a smattering of rainbow holographic glitters just peeking out here and there to say Hi!

butterfly stamping crowstoes glitter

Aren’t these glitters a cheery addition to the dark polish?

butterfly stamping crowstoes glitter stamping

Stamp Chat

Another note to mention for all you stamping lovers – this was my first time trying out Bundle Monster’s No Smudge Top Coat. I can tell you that it works! I wasn’t overly careful when applying it and still, no smears in sight! Now, just because, I did play with it on my silicone mat and if you keep brushing over any polish, stamping or otherwise, it will eventually cause it to become wet again and smear – but it took like 10 or more brush strokes. So, unless you need more than a few, it seems pretty foolproof. I found that it didn’t give that finished appearance I like so I did apply a coat of regular top coat over it for these pictures.

bundle monster no smudge topcoat

And, once again, with matte top coat added for the final look:

butterflies glitter matte nails

butterflies glitter matte nail art stamping

For a quick and simple look, I really enjoyed these! The unusual combination of black and grey with a butterfly design really appeals to my non-traditional nature. How about you? What did you think of these?

I hope you enjoyed today’s simple look as much as other more intricate designs I often share. Gotta mix things up! And, as always, thank you so much for visiting my little nail space today and every day!!

Till Next Time,

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