JAN-FEB-MAR Catch-Up: Nail Art & Update

Hi there. You might have noticed that it’s been very quiet around here lately. Well, let me try to fix that by posting our usual 3-month catch-up. Admittedly, better late than never.

Included are some things not seen on the blog yet, but mostly I just felt that you deserved an update on what’s happening with Kimett Kolor these days.


Blog Update

Blog Update

Although I don’t usually talk too much about things not nail related, I feel that my recent absence needs to be addressed. Unfortunately, I’m having a harder-than-usual time with my health lately. Without going into cruddy details, here’s the scoop: I’ve been hit with some kinda scary, mostly frustrating, health problems recently, including some issues with my heart again. And, because it often pours when it rains this time of year, my chronic pain has been unusually difficult to manage of late.

At first, I was hopeful that my blogging downtime would be just a couple weeks. But, as time goes by, I recognize I need to allow myself more time to heal – including way, way too many doctor appointments on my calendar – YUCK! To be honest, sitting here writing this post is the first “normal” moment in quite a while.

Since I haven’t been physically able to play with nails and blogging activities I wasn’t able to finish last month’s Digit-al Dozen challenge, nor was I able to join this month. I feel very badly to have let my new friends down, but I know they understand. And I hope you do too.

Even though Kimett Kolor doesn’t follow a routine blogging schedule, I get antsy leaving the blog unattended for too long. Having said that, I accept *grudgingly* that I need to extend this unplanned blogging hiatus a bit longer. I can’t say how long it will be until the next post exactly, but I can say that as soon as I know – you will too.

Okay, serious talk, over.

Catch-Up: Posts

This year started off with a bang. We saw quite a few nail art posts and a couple swatch style posts too. Even with my downtime, I think it was still a pretty good bunch of posts. And, you guys continued to floor me with your encouraging comments. THANK YOU.

Jan Feb March Nail Art Blog Posts Kimett Kolor

To recap:

Your turn >>> Tell me your favorites in the comments below.


Color Palettes by Post

Spending way too much time flat on my back can get extremely boring, real fast. Even Netflix becomes a drag after a while.

Playing around with an app on my phone the other day, I made color palettes for each of the posts. I didn’t really have a plan as to how I was going to incorporate them…and admittedly I still don’t. But, since they’re already made — what the heck – I’m sharing them here for fun. In case you want to revisit any posts, there just happens to be a link to each one. 😉


Alrighty – what else is there to catch-up on? Oh yes…

Catch-Up: Socials

Blogging these days also means spending time with everyone on Instagram, Facebook, etc. I’m so grateful for the connections with nail junkies like me all across the globe. It’s enjoyable to share extra little tidbits when I can. Here’s some things that didn’t make it into blog posts:

My first Polish Pick-Up experience

A fairly new, yet instantly popular, Indie shopping experience seems to be working out well. Have you taken part yet? So far, I haven’t done any voting, but I did enjoy my first purchase at the beginning of the year. It was great to be able to get polish from multiple brands in one shopping cart. My order came sooner than estimated – and the polishes are gorgeous!

Polish PickUp January Haul

If you want to see these polishes up close and sparkling, follow this link to my haul video >>> January 2018 Polish Pick-Up Haul Video

A Memorable Sneeze

That moment after which you finally mustered the courage to try glitter placement…and…you find out you love it! Then…you sneeze!!

Glitters, glitters, glitters everywhere. 😝

A small portion of the mess can be seen in this picture from my Instagram:

Glitter Placement Nails Sneeze

Imitation is the highest form of flattery

Not only is it a big-time compliment to see others’ nail designs inspired by one of mine, but it was particularly a welcomed bright spot in an otherwise dreary week when Kimberly posted this nail art design on Instagram:

Inspired nail art by @Kimberz613

Re-creation by Kimberly Youngerman
Posted on Instagram, April 2018
Based on my Sea Glass Mosaic design from 2018

I never thought that my crazy glitters-into-glass idea would be popular, never mind re-created. Really – I can’t gush enough. I love how she did a gradient with jellies to color the glitters (if you’re on Instagram, check out her step-by-step photos). And, doesn’t the design look stunning with black “grout” instead of white? Very, very cool!!


Favorite Find

To finish up this post, here’s a photo that stopped me in my social media tracks recently.

Alessio Franceschetto

Image source: London artist Alessio Franceschetto

I don’t know exactly why, but this image made me think about recycling. Maybe it’s because we just recently observed Earth Day. Of course, for us nail polish addicts, it is important to have a plan for responsible and safe disposal of our empty or unwanted nail polish bottles. While we’re on the topic, I thought I’d share if your local options don’t provide a solution, Zoya runs their nail polish exchange events and I recently saw Color Clutch has an ingenious nail polish recycling solution as well.


As much as I’m wanting to stay and chat some more, I need to get back to recuperating. I hope to see you all in blog-land soon!


Till Next Time,