Update: Blog News & Sale

Hi there. Remember me? I  have missed blogging very much. And before any sad assumptions come to mind — let me say this quick – I’m NOT leaving. It’s just that I had some shit times to get through. But, I’ll be back. 

In this post:

  • Catch up — personal update
  • Looking Ahead — nail art on the horizon
  • Time for a Blog Sale — reduce stash in preparation for moving
  • Till Next Time — What’s been up with you?


Catch Up

It’s been a rough patch for sure since I posted this update.  The last 6 months have included trips to the Emergency Room, numerous tests and appointments. My physical abilities and mental outlook reached new lows. Friendships have suffered. Isolation and pain have been relentless companions. And, talk about feeling out of control – I’m going through menopause. With it has brought the usual fuss, but also trouble with insomnia and increased endometrial pain.

Mostly, I haven’t been myself. Like at all. I had lost any desire to play with nail polish. Creativity was completely locked away.

But…the clouds are beginning to clear.

Without jinxing things, I’m pretty sure the worst is behind me. I’m still staring at a calendar full of medical appointments, unfortunately. The difference is that I think I’ve finally found a better primary care doctor. After striking out a few times, it seems this doctor is suited to manage my complicated health and get me going on the road back to relatively better days.

Looking Ahead

Guys! My list of nail art ideas is SUPER DUPER long!!! 

And, I’ve really missed finding happiness and escape in doing nail art. 

Since I’ve been on this blogging hiatus, I’ve managed to keep the length and shape of my nails in decent condition. All the breaks have happened to my non-photo hand thankfully. But, yikes, my cuticles need some extra TLC. I admit to having slacked off with hand and nail care. So…give me just a little bit and soon I’ll be comfortable sharing photos again.

Having said that…the current reality is that I’ll need to relax with plans for any kind of regular nail art blogging schedule. It’s going to be very important going forward, in the short term at least, that I keep pressures at bay. Including my own ambition to frequently create and share complicated nail art designs. But, hey, simple can be just as enjoyable, right?! And as time goes on, I hope to work out the kinks and adopt accommodations to bridge the gap between what I want to create and what I can physically create.

Time for a Blog Sale

Also, as it happens, there some are changes in the air for Mr. Kimett and I. We are beginning to plan for another house move. We both roll our eyes and groan when thinking of physically moving the contents of my craft room. Over these six years, I’ve never parted with anything. So…

I’ve come up with a plan to reduce the physical space that my hobby will need going forward. Despite my inner hoarding instincts, I’ve come to look forward to whittling down my nail polish and nail art supplies. I feel confident in knowing what kinds of nail art I’d like to keep making and what kinds I’ve moved on from.

For all of these reasons, I have started setting up an online blog sale. (Besides, a little extra cash will help with blogging costs.) Thanks to mobile technology, I can “run” it while laying flat — especially helpful on the days when my spinal nerves are being crushed hard and sitting is impossible.

My goal is to get these goodies into my fellow NPA’s hands before we hold a physical tag sale at our house and sell it to strangers. I’m shooting for providing lots of individual items, including hard-to-find and discontinued polishes. I know there are lots of collectors out there. I’ll also have grab bags for great deals. There will be lots more too – stamping plates, nail art supplies, blogging things like photography accessories, and more.

Right now, I’ve only just got a handful of items listed. I considered waiting to pull the trigger….but Halloween is upon us. And inevitably Christmas too. So, I’ve rummaged through my stamping plates for those holiday themes and put them up on the site now before it’s too late. 

The blog sale is set up with a shopping cart and the option to pay for things through PayPal. I did this to be convenient, but not because I want to be hands-off in any way.


Note about shipping: I’ve noticed that the shipping calculator is a bit finicky and often comes up with a price too high. In those occasions, if you do place an order through the cart, I will issue back a credit when I can safely ship the orders for less.

Start Here: Blog Sale – Main page

I’ve added some buttons and links to contact me throughout the website, but however, you choose to do it — email, instant message through Instagram or Facebook, etc. — please reach out with any and all questions.

EDIT 10/8/19: The blog sale was a success!! But, it is now closed. (all links in this post have been removed)

Till Next Time

Lookin’ forward to it!!!

In the meantime, I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to!! And, if I’ve missed your nail posts on Instagram, Facebook, blog — please tell me. Leave a couple links, if you want. 😉