Reverse Stamping Over Orangeblooded

WooHoo!! After too long, it feels good to have something to share with ya’. So here it is– An everyday kind of look. No specific theme or message. Just a pretty glitter polish and a simple pattern that’s colored to match.

CrowsToes polish with reverse stamping nail art using Emily de Molly plate

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First thing’s first

Since I’m very rusty at putting nail art together I kept things simple. My plan was to reach into the polish drawers, pick a focal polish and let a design come together from there. 

What polish did I pick out? It is an intriguing jelly/glitter combination called Orangeblooded by CrowsToes Nail Color.

Oh yeah. Remember that glittery beauty from my Butterfly Dreams post? Well, this is another fabulous polish by the same brand.

crowstoes indie nail polish orangeblooded

Polish backstory:

Those of you nail polish lovers who’ve been collecting for a few years or so, may remember the instant hit by CrowsToes that was called Finally, It’s Hoodie Time! A polish inspired by a favorite sweatshirt and made to celebrate the arrival of cooler Fall weather. That polish was distributed thru an Indie polish group that is defunct now. To myself and many others’ glee, CrowsToes re-released it as Orangeblooded and it is now a stock item in her store

It is an awesome jelly polish with tons — I mean tons — of glitters swimming in it. Even though as a jelly the color builds nicely on it’s own, I chose to wear “undies” underneath.

I used one coat of an opaque navy polish as the polish undies.  Then I applied three thin coats of Orangeblooded on top. Just brushed it on. No dabbing or placement needed.

crowstoes nail color orangeblooded

Orangeblooded by CrowsToes 
Even with solid polish undies, there is still depth in the dark blue squishy goodness.  It envelops the glitters in its pretty blue ooze quite beautifully. 
Kimett Kolor nail art graphic reverse stamping navy and orange

Nail the Detail

As a coordinating polish, I chose a fiery red-orange crelly for my pinky. I also chose to wear opaque polish undies under this one too. Just to keep things consistent.

Next, I picked out a stamping image that had enough space to allow the glitters to peek through as well as a pattern that I could color in with the complementary colors.

For the stamping, gold seemed like a good accent color that would stand out in the blue & orange party.  

Tip #1: To keep the colors true, use undies when reverse stamping.

I know it takes extra time, but it’s worth using a layer of polish undies to make the reverse stamping pop over a dark background. So, I painted the reverse side of the stamping first with the orange crelly and then again with the opaque orange polish undies. I briefly thought about using white as the undies but I think some would have shown through no matter how careful I painted. Using the orange undie worked out just fine.

Tip #2: Instead of making a decal, use foil glue.

In preparation for applying the reverse stamping, I used a thin layer of nail foil glue. Once that was completely dry, it made transferring the images super easy. If you don’t have any foil glue, you can apply a sticky base coat instead.

Of course, everything is sealed up with top coat. Fini.

CrowsToes polish with reverse stamping nail art using Emily de Molly plate

Do you like them? I don’t know what the shapes in the stamping pattern are supposed to be if anything. But in the colors I used, they remind me of Chinese lanterns.

Remind me again…what is reverse stamping?

I know I get confused with all the different terms thrown around the nail art globe. So, I thought I would share what I’ve found to be the best description of what reverse stamping is. This is written by an admin for the Facebook group Leadlighting & Reverse Stamping (Colored In) Nail Art Group. They are a great group with TONS of helpful info if you’re looking to join – I recommend it.

“Reverse stamping: This means coloring in an image from what will be the back side. It doesn’t matter what you use to color in with (polish, acrylic paint, watercolors, powders or anything else you can think of) there are several ways to do this including but not limited to, directly on the nail or making a decal.”

Everyone has their own interpretations, but I include reverse stamping in the category of Advanced Stamping on my blog. 

What I used:

CrowsToes – Orangeblooded
Orly – Blue Suede (as undies)
Orly – Risque Encounter
Hit the Bottle – Champagne Shifter
Esmaltes da Kelly – Leo (as undies)
Emily De Molly – EDM19
Creative Shop – Holo Glassy Stamper
Foil Glue (not pictured)
Detail art brush (not pictured)

CrowsToes polish with reverse stamping nail art using Emily de Molly plate

An Autumn Mood

The pictures I’ve shown to this point were taken in a lightbox. Since the polish colors are celebrating the season, it seemed only right to also take some pictures outdoors in the Autumn air. 

CrowsToes polish with reverse stamping nail art using Emily de Molly plate
CrowsToes polish with reverse stamping nail art using Emily de Molly plate
CrowsToes polish with reverse stamping nail art using Emily de Molly plate

So, I’m curious — what do think? Do you like these? If you’ve got any suggestions or requests for more nail art designs, please let me know in the comments below.

And…Thanks for sticking around! It feels good to be painting & blogging again. I’ve got a couple busy weeks coming up, but hopefully, I can sneak some more nail art in as well.

Till Next Time,